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COSC2473 Introduction to Computer Systems and Platform Technology Semester 1, 2018

计算机系统代写 All assignments will be checked with plagiarism-detection software; any student found to have plagiarised would be subject to disciplinary action.

Assignment Two Option 2

Due Date: Sunday, 27 May 2018 at 23:59

This is an individual assignment that contributes 20% of the total assessment.

Plagiarism 计算机系统代写

All assignments will be checked with plagiarism-detection software; any student found to have plagiarised would be subject to disciplinary action.  Plagiarism  includes submitting code that is not your own or submitting text that is not your    own. Allowing others to copy your work is also plagiarism. All plagiarism will be penalised, there are no exceptions and no excuses. You have been warned.计算机系统代写

所有作业都将通过窃检测软件进行检查;任何发现窃的学生将受到纪律处分。 gi窃包括提交非您自己的代码或提交非您自己的文本。允许他人复制您的作品也是窃。所有窃行为都会受到惩罚,没有例外,也没有任何借口。你被警告了。

General Requirements

This section contains information about the general requirements that your assignment must meet. Please read all requirements carefully before you start.

  1. A penalty of 10% per day of the total marks will apply for each day  late, including weekend. After five days, you will receive zero
  2. If you want to seek an extension of time for assignment submission, you must have a substantial reason for that, such as unexpected circumstances (see more 计算机系统代写 here:http://www.rmit.edu.au/browse;ID=kehn9bz22r41). Reasons such as, unable to cope with study load, is not substantial. Any student wishing an extension must go through the official procedure for applying for extensions    and must apply at least a week before the due date. Do not wait till the submission due date to apply for an

2.如果您想延长提交作业的时间,则必须有充分的理由,例如意外情况(请参阅此处的更多信息:http://www.rmit.edu.au/browse;ID=kehn9bz22r41 )。无法应付学习负担等原因并不充分。希望延期的任何学生必须通过正式程序申请延期,并且必须至少在到期日前一周申请。不要等到提交截止日期才申请延期。


Submissions 计算机系统代写

Before you submit anything, please read through the assignment  specifications again carefully. Check that you have followed all instructions. Also check that you have attempted all parts of all questions.

Prepare the answers to this project

as a single ZIP file for submission. This assignment will include the code you have developed and a written report (this    must be in PDF format).

What Happens Next 计算机系统代写

You will receive your results by 15 June 2017 via RMIT student email. If you didn’t receive your marks or you have questions after you received your marks, please contact the Head Tutor Ying Zhang via email [email protected].


您将在2017年6月15日之前通过RMIT学生电子邮件收到您的结果。如果您没有收到分数,或者收到分数后有疑问,请通过电子邮件[email protected]与负责人张颖联系。

Background 计算机系统代写

One of the most important developments in computing is recent years is the Internet of Things, in which many appliances and machines can be controlled by small micro processors which can be connected to the internet and thus controlled remotely or coordinated as part of a larger “intelligent” system. This project exposes you to some of the basic concepts of IoT devices — a small computer that controls some simple hardware.

This assignment assumes that you have no background in using computer hardware, and thus starts from the basics. The first part of the assignment involves following instructions to do a series of simple tasks with your hardware. The aim of doing these tasks is to learn about the system and the hardware and how to use the various components. In the second part of the assignment you use what you have learnt to build something of your choosing.计算机系统代写

Note: In order to do this assignment, you will need to purchase some hardware which you keep after you finish. This will cost about $50-$70 on average, and you should not spend more than $100. If you do not feel you are able to do this, or do not like this assignment, then you should do the Option 1 instead. You will also need your own desktop or laptop computer to run the development software.

近年来,计算机领域最重要的发展之一是物联网,其中许多设备和机器都可以由小型微处理器控制,这些微处理器可以连接到互联网,从而可以作为大型“智能”的一部分进行远程控制或协调。 “ 系统。该项目向您展示了IoT设备的一些基本概念-一部控制某些简单硬件的小型计算机。
注意:为了进行此分配,您需要购买一些硬件,这些硬件在完成后会保留下来。平均费用约为$ 50- $ 70,您的支出不应超过$ 100。如果您认为自己无法执行此操作,或者不喜欢此作业,则应该执行选项1。您还需要您自己的台式机或便携式计算机来运行开发软件。

System setup 计算机系统代写

In order to use your Arduino system, you need to connect it to install the development environment on your computer. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the videos below:

Windows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XXD6ZXH3nM Mac: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiTdFPV-JT4

In addition, there are a large number of video tutorials available on line that can

guide you through the use of the Arduino system. It is important that you carefully check each of the circuits you set up. Wiring things the wrong way may destroy components.计算机系统代写

Windows:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = 1XXD6ZXH3nM Mac:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = hiTdFPV-JT4

Basics 计算机系统代写

Download the Adeept Ultimate kit for Arduino Mega from the assignment web site.

Note that this set of notes actually refers to the Arduino MEGA, whereas you will be using the Arduino UNO or equivalent. The MEGA simply has extra digital  and analog ports. All projects just use the basic ports that are present on the Arduino UNO.

从作业网站下载适用于Arduino Mega的Adeept Ultimate套件。
请注意,这组注释实际上是指Arduino MEGA,而您将使用Arduino UNO或等效版本。 MEGA仅具有额外的数字和模拟端口。所有项目仅使用Arduino UNO上存在的基本端口。

Part A (5 marks)

Using your Arduino board, and the Arduino development environment software, go through the following exercises from the example files:

  • Lesson 1 BlinkingLED
  • Lesson 2 ActiveBuzzer
  • Lesson 3 Controlling a LED with a

The above 3 projects are not marked, you do them to gain experience using the system.计算机系统代写

  1. (1 mark) Lesson 8 BreathingLED
  2. (1 mark) Lesson 11 LCDdisplay
  3. (1 mark) Lesson 16 Using a thermistor to measure thetemperature
  4. (2 marks) Two more advanced projects (17-33) of your choice. This will partly depend on what hardware you

Each of these projects comes with supplied code. You simply need to compile the code using the development tool, and load it into your Arduino.


Part B (2 marks) 计算机系统代写

Implement a 5 bit Binary Counter.

Your counter should use LEDs to indicate 0 (off) or 1 (on), and count at a predetermined rate at approximately the speed a person can count at.

You can find information about how to build this on the web. Don’t forget to provided references.

Part C (13 marks)

In this part of the assignment you use the skills you have learnt to build something   of your own choice. There are many project suggestions on the web. At minimum, you should use at least one input and one output.

The assessment of this part of the project will be based on:

  • (0 — 4 marks) Number of componentsconnected
  • (0 — 4 marks)Originality
  • (0 — 4 marks) The extent to which you have developed or modified existing code.
  • (0— 4 marks) Project description: Describe what you have done, how you have adapted it from an “off the shelf”

Note, although there are more than 13 marks available, the maximum you can get  for this part is 13. The marking scheme allows you to emphasise one are more than others if you wish.



Project Demonstration and What to Submit

You will need to demonstrate your projects to your tutor in your practical class.  When there is other scheduled tutorial work to do, this will happen in the second  hour of the tutorial.

You need to submit any code that you have developed by the assignment due date. As well as the short description of your project, describing what it does, what you have done, and how you have adapted it from an “off the shelf” solution. Please include the references at the end of your report.计算机系统代写

The due date for your project demonstration is thus your practical in the week that the project is due.

Buying your Arduino starter kit

It is best to buy an Arduino starter kit that includes basic components and such as resistors, leads, LEDs, a bread board, and a number of sensors, as it is more expensive to buy the components individually. There are several different versions of Arduino boards. In order to be compatible with the notes for this assignment you should get an Arduino Uno R3 or equivalent. If you decide to do this assignment, it

is important to order your lit as soon as possible, as it can can between 3 days to one and a half weeks to arrive.计算机系统代写

Ebay is probably the best place to look. It is generally better to look only at  Australian suppliers, even though they may be slightly more expensive, as they can normally deliver within a week. Overseas suppliers may take a month or more to deliver. If you want to buy from a shop, one place is Jaycar Electronics in A’beckett st. They will be more expensive than buying online.

Other Arduino Online Resources

There are many Videos and Tutorials available on the web as well as ideas for interesting projects


最好购买包含基本组件的Arduino入门套件,例如电阻器,引线,LED,面包板和许多传感器,因为单独购买这些组件会比较昂贵。有几种不同版本的Arduino开发板。为了与该作业的注释兼容,您应该获得Arduino Uno R3或同等产品。如果您决定执行此作业,

易趣可能是最好的地方。通常最好只看一下澳大利亚供应商,尽管它们可能会稍微贵一些,因为它们通常可以在一周内交付。海外供应商可能需要一个月或更长时间才能交货。如果您想在商店购物,那么一个地方就是位于A’beckett st。的Jaycar Electronics。他们将比在线购买更昂贵。

Introductory Videos 计算机系统代写

These videos show you how to download and install the system, how to do basic projects and some give an explanation of the electronics.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCxzA9_kg6s Jeremy Blum 14mins, intro, setup blinking LED http://www.toptechboy.com/arduino-lessons/  Paul McWhorter’s home page for Arduino lessons

Lesson 1 — Intro, setup, programming basics, blinking LED, + variations, A bit more explanation of the programming 计算机系统代写

Lesson 2 — more LEDs, program explanation Lesson 3 — 2 LEDs, loop https://www.ardusat.com/lessons/121

Introduction to Arduino, also explains how breadboards work

Project Ideas

These projects range from simple to complex, they are just to give you some ideas  of what is possible.

http://playground.arduino.cc/Projects/Ideas http://www.oddwires.com/arduino-project-ideas/ http://www.electronicshub.org/arduino-project-ideas/

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCxzA9_kg6s Jeremy Blum 14分钟,简介,设置闪烁的LED http://www.toptechboy.com/arduino-lessons/ Paul McWhorter的Arduino课程主页 计算机系统代写
第2课-更多LED,程序说明第3课-2 LED,循环https://www.ardusat.com/lessons/121
http://playground.arduino.cc/Projects/Ideas http://www.oddwires.com/arduino-project-ideas/ http://www.electronicshub.org/arduino-project-ideas/


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