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视觉艺术分析论文代写 Visual Art Analysis代写

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Visual Art Analysis-presentation



Visual Art Analysis-presentation

Brunelleschi’s Dome and Lantern

视觉艺术分析论文代写 Brunelleschi’s Dome and Lantern:In the city lived the powerful Medici family, which was very influential, wealthy, and creative.


Florence was the most prominent city in Italy in the 15th century.

In the city lived the powerful Medici family, which was very influential, wealthy, and creative. The family manipulated a lot of decision in Florence through manipulation. They controlled and cajoled, persuaded and provoked the people of Florence. At the same period, the city was at war with Milan and the Black Death. When the Duke of Milan died, the war ended with Milan army withdrawal, leaving Florence free. The city decided to build an artistic building to be used for the baptistery.

There was a competition in 1401to make pairs of bronze doors where Lorenzo Ghiberti won over Brunelleschi (George, 2016). He fled to Rome after his loss in making the baptistery doors. In Rome, he studied the ancient structures and building and returned to Florence for the competition to build the dome on the top of the cathedral. The baptistery became the most recognizable work of Brunelleschi and monument of the city as well as a symbol of Florence power and beauty.


佛罗伦萨是 15 世纪意大利最著名的城市。  视觉艺术分析论文代写


1401 年有一场比赛制作成对的青铜门,洛伦佐·吉贝尔蒂 (Lorenzo Ghiberti) 战胜了布鲁内莱斯基 (George, 2016)。他在制作洗礼堂门失败后逃往罗马。在罗马,他研究了古老的结构和建筑,并返回佛罗伦萨参加在大教堂顶部建造圆顶的比赛。洗礼堂成为布鲁内莱斯基最著名的作品和这座城市的纪念碑,也是佛罗伦萨权力和美丽的象征。

Filippo Brunelleschi was an Italian architecture and engineer born.  视觉艺术分析论文代写

He was born in 1377 in Florence and died in 1446 (George, 2016). Brunelleschi was born second of the three boys in his family. He trained as a goldsmith ad sculpture. Later in his career, Brunelleschi rediscovered the principles of linear-perspective construction which an ancient Greek and Roman civilization. Besides his discovery capabilities, Brunelleschi was a sophisticated engineering and statics problem solver. Brunelleschi is revered for his artistic work of the early Renaissance architecture. Most of his work depicted creativity and complexities.

His most remarkable work is the dome at Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. The abilities were exhibited in the construction of Florence cathedral where he invented machines used in the development that owed many. The temple was constructed with a dome overlooking the roof and a lantern at the top that was used to illuminate the interior to the temple. The construction began in 1296, and the nave was completed in the 14th century. The problem started in 1418 at the development of the vault above the octagon. Many architectures tried to solve the problem at no vail until Brunelleschi came from Rome.


Filippo Brunelleschi 是一位出生于意大利的建筑和工程师。  视觉艺术分析论文代写

他于 1377 年出生于佛罗伦萨,并于 1446 年去世(乔治,2016 年)。布鲁内莱斯基出生在他家三个男孩中的第二个。他接受过金匠广告雕塑的培训。在他的职业生涯后期,布鲁内莱斯基重新发现了古希腊和罗马文明的线性透视结构原理。除了他的发现能力之外,布鲁内莱斯基还是一位复杂的工程和静力学问题解决者。布鲁内莱斯基因其早期文艺复兴时期建筑的艺术作品而受到尊敬。他的大部分作品都描绘了创造力和复杂性。

他最杰出的作品是佛罗伦萨圣母百花大教堂的圆顶。这些能力在佛罗伦萨大教堂的建设中得到了展示,在那里他发明了用于开发的机器,这归功于许多人。寺庙建有一个圆顶,可以俯瞰屋顶,顶部有一个灯笼,用于照亮寺庙内部。建筑始于 1296 年,中殿于 14 世纪完工。问题始于 1418 年八角形上方拱顶的开发。在布鲁内莱斯基来自罗马之前,许多建筑都试图解决这个问题。


Brunelleschi came up with the design of the dome, the machinery necessary for the construction, and the lantern crown as well as its literal tribunes.

The officials favored his models and hence was awarded the contract though alongside his archrival Lorenzo Ghiberti. The structure was completed in 1436 and consecrated. After the successful completion of the dome, Brunelleschi became the most prominent architect in Florence. As a result of his ingenuity, he became famous with influential Medici Family and was charged to design San Lorenzo which is now referred to as Old Sacristy and Basilica of San Lorenzo. Until today he remains famous for his success in electing the legendary and elaborate Florence cathedral.


BRUNELLESCI 提出了圆顶、建筑所需的机械、灯笼冠及其文字论坛的设计。

官员们偏爱他的模特,因此与他的主要竞争对手洛伦佐·吉贝尔蒂(Lorenzo Ghiberti)一起获得了合同。 该结构于 1436 年完工并被祝圣。 圆顶成功落成后,布鲁内莱斯基成为佛罗伦萨最著名的建筑师。 由于他的聪明才智,他在有影响力的美第奇家族中声名鹊起,并负责设计现在被称为圣洛伦索旧圣器收藏室和大教堂的圣洛伦索。 直到今天,他仍然闻名于他在选举传奇和精心制作的佛罗伦萨大教堂的成功。

However, Brunelleschi’s was influenced by the artistic movement of the time.

It is argued that his actual work was influenced by classical elements in the 11th and 12th century Tuscan Romanesque Proto-Renaissance structures such as San Miniato al Monte (Foraboschi, 2016). He was able to solve the problem at the baptistery after visiting Roman to learn about constructions. Thus, although he was ingenious in his work, he was viewed as to have profoundly dependent on the local forms of architecture and construction. Much of his works displayed the aura of medieval Roman principles in construction though used time techniques in facades. Thus, it can be said that his art was a reflection of an artistic movement in Romanian time but altered through creativity and that time machineries. However, he had a vision for art and scientific approaches based on ideal human concepts.


然而,布鲁内莱斯基的作品受到了当时艺术运动的影响。  视觉艺术分析论文代写

有人认为,他的实际作品受到了 11 和 12 世纪托斯卡纳罗马式原始文艺复兴时期建筑中古典元素的影响,例如圣米尼亚托阿尔蒙特(Foraboschi,2016)。 在拜访罗马学习建筑之后,他能够在洗礼堂解决这个问题。 因此,尽管他的作品很巧妙,但人们认为他深深依赖于当地的建筑和建筑形式。 尽管在外墙中使用了时间技术,但他的大部分作品都展示了中世纪罗马建筑原则的光环。 因此,可以说他的艺术是罗马尼亚时代艺术运动的反映,但通过创造力和时间机器而改变。 然而,他对基于理想人类概念的艺术和科学方法有远见。


Brunelleschi was a revolutionary and intuitive architect with unmatched good sense and taste for principles of the classical art of antiquity.The hospital of Innocenti depicted all these aspects with its facades, which though borrowed from medieval principles gave a different look compared to medieval buildings. The ancient art was subordinated by the new styles of facades that imitated them to retain the classical air. The walls used delicate and elegant details from ancient art in terms of modular, construction, geometry proportion, and asymmetrical planning. Notably, Brunelleschi did not depart from the traditions of buildings but used conventional machinery and interpretation of antique designs and arts to model his versions.


尽管如此  视觉艺术分析论文代写

布鲁内莱斯基是一位具有革命性和直觉的建筑师,对古代古典艺术的原则有着无与伦比的敏锐嗅觉和品味。Innocenti 医院用其外墙描绘了所有这些方面,虽然借鉴了中世纪的原则,但与中世纪的建筑相比,外观却有所不同。 古老的艺术受到模仿它们的新风格的外墙的影响,以保留古典气息。 墙壁在模块化、结构、几何比例和不对称规划方面使用了古代艺术中精致优雅的细节。 值得注意的是,布鲁内莱斯基并没有背离建筑的传统,而是使用传统机械和对古董设计和艺术的诠释来塑造他的版本。


Foraboschi, P., (2016). The central role played by structural design in enabling the construction of buildings that advanced and revolutionized architecture. Construction and Building Materials, 114, 956-976.

George, E. (2016). The Renaissance. Cavendish Square Publishing, LLC.


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