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Response Paper (Soundtrack)

Question 1: Step into a World (Rapture’s Delight)

艺术论文代写 The message seeks to invite listeners or hip-hop lovers to the world where hip-hop is loved and lived. The love of hip-hop is created by the people

Meaning of the Title

The title of the song by KRS-One is an idea borrowed conceptualize the concept in a song. The message seeks to invite listeners or hip-hop lovers to the world where hip-hop is loved and lived. The love of hip-hop is created by the people who have passion. The lyric conveys a message with the austerity of passion for music combined with talent. It is an invitation to allow ourselves to be taken away by the real beats and lyrics of hip-hop.

Additionally, the title encapsulates what hip-hop culture is to hip-hop lovers. It is a culture of music and style that incorporates several tools and elements such as DJing, Rap, and graffiti as well as break dancing. Hip-hop is also a style of rhythm and rhyming speech that are fundamental aspects of it as an art. Overall, the title by KRS-One, just like other hip-hop musicians is used to capture the audience’s attention and at the same time, a way of self-praise in music prowess and talent. Nonetheless, KRS-One uses the phrase “Step into a world” to refer to all rappers working harder to be better like him in the world that is his making and reigns. He sees no one beating him in his own game, but if any does then it will the end of the day or the rapture.


标题的含义 艺术论文代写

KRS-One 的歌曲名称是借用了一个想法来概念化歌曲中的概念。该信息旨在邀请听众或嘻哈爱好者进入热爱和生活嘻哈的世界。对嘻哈的热爱是由有激情的人创造的。歌词传达了一个信息,对音乐的热情与才华相结合。这是一个邀请,让我们被真正的嘻哈节拍和歌词带走。

此外,标题概括了嘻哈文化对嘻哈爱好者的意义。这是一种音乐和风格文化,融合了多种工具和元素,例如 DJ、说唱、涂鸦以及霹雳舞。嘻哈也是一种节奏和押韵的演讲风格,是它作为一门艺术的基本方面。总的来说,KRS-One 的标题,就像其他嘻哈音乐人一样,是用来吸引观众注意力的,同时也是一种自我赞美音乐实力和才华的方式。尽管如此,KRS-One 使用“走进一个世界”这个词来指代所有说唱歌手努力工作以在他创造和统治的世界中变得更像他。他看不到在他自己的比赛中没有人击败他,但如果有的话,那将是一天的结束或狂喜。

Elements of African Culture in the Song

For decades now, hip-hip has been accepted by the mainstream cultural representation of African Americans. It is, therefore, not just the music but a culture that uses metaphors to express their fashion, art, music, and language. The hip-hop cultural trends have become consistent, ubiquitous, and global and hence is being used as an arbitrary expression of rebellion, in the form of convoluted and changing fundamental elements of the actual culture, and hence coming up with new ways that are owned by the generations from which it was manifested.艺术论文代写


Rap music is verbalized mostly about social, economic, and political issues in the black community. African culture is reflected in KRS-One’s expression of his uniqueness. The approach used by KRS-One became a conventional method of adapting a television and medium visual base to express his fast, fractured, and distorted self-promotion. Rap has given some African-American power to voice the feel presented. Hip-hop offers freedom for disagreement.

Moreover, rap has been perceived as a reflection of racial confusion mixed with cultural innovation in the digital age and marked with social and economic stratifications.

The song by KRS-One is full of content that portrays ego, self-gratification, and competition that is common to Africans and African-American tradition of “toasting” and “signifying.” Also, the rap is built on the importance some Africans tribes have on oral humor, confidence, and derision. Hip-hop music can be compared to “pattin’ juba,” where African-American traded stories with verbal neglect in verse while creating their rhythm by chest-whacking and thigh-slapping. Over time, common words wittingly and creatively were developed such bad to refer to good and chick about a woman to facilitate share communication and as a survival mechanism during the time of slavery.艺术论文代写

Comparatively, KRS-One song and other subsequent hip-hop music such as Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg (Still D.R.E) and The Notorious B.I.G. (Big Poppa) have unique similarities that represent the African culture. They all wear oversized clothes labels and at some points flexing bare and tattooed body muscles. The culture originates from the times of Black radio DJs in the 1950s. It was also prominent at the time of Black nationalists “H. Rap” Brown.


歌曲中的非洲文化元素 艺术论文代写


说唱音乐主要是关于黑人社区的社会、经济和政治问题。非洲文化反映在 KRS-One 对其独特性的表达中。 KRS-One 使用的方法成为改编电视和媒体视觉基础来表达他快速、破碎和扭曲的自我宣传的传统方法。说唱赋予了非洲裔美国人一些表达所呈现的感觉的力量。嘻哈为分歧提供了自由。

此外,说唱被认为是数字时代种族混乱与文化创新混合的反映,并带有社会和经济分层的标志。 KRS-One 的歌曲充满了描绘非洲人和非裔美国人“敬酒”和“象征”传统的自我、自我满足和竞争的内容。此外,说唱建立在一些非洲部落对口头幽默、自信和嘲笑的重要性之上。嘻哈音乐可以比作“pattin’juba”,在这种情况下,非裔美国人在用诗句中的口头忽视来交换故事,同时通过拍胸和拍大腿来创造他们的韵律。 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .随着时间的推移,常用词有意识地和创造性地发展得如此糟糕,以至于指代女性的好和小鸡,以促进分享交流,并作为奴隶制时期的一种生存机制。

相比之下,KRS-One 歌曲和其他后续嘻哈音乐如 Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg (Still D.R.E) 和 The Notorious B.I.G. (Big Poppa)具有代表非洲文化的独特相似之处。他们都穿着超大号的衣服标签,有时还会展示裸露和纹身的身体肌肉。这种文化起源于 1950 年代的黑人电台 DJ 时代。在黑人民族主义者“H.说唱”布朗。

Question 1: Run DMC’s My Adidas

Statement Made by Run DMC

Run DMC is praising Adidas’ shoes. Although they were merely fans but not official endorsers of the brand at the time of the song release, they received an overwhelming response to the tune that they ended up being endorsed as the brand reps of Adidas. At the time of performance, Simmons ensured the company representatives were at the concert to prove to them the impact of hip-hop on brand sales. At the time of production, the song was used as a strategy to position hip-hop as a funky marketing possibility. Run DMC were awarded $1.5 million for endorsing Adidas, and were included in the production of a line of trending sneakers there were emblazoned with their logo.艺术论文代写

Therefore, Run DMC used a combination of approaches to attract attention and deliver the message to the audience. They used the term “sneak” that was synonymous with being a thief or committing a felony. Tun DMC intended people to know that not everyone who wore no-lace trends was a crook. At that time, Dr. Dre had released the song “Felon Sneakers” that depicted that wearing Adidas sneakers with no laces was a popular trend. The trend came from prison when prisoners were issued with sneakers with no laces because they could have been used as weapons. The felons continued with the pattern even after release and spread the fad in the cities. It is at this time sagging became famous from jailbirds.


问题 1:运行 DMC 的 My Adidas 艺术论文代写

RUN DMC 发表的声明

Run DMC 称赞阿迪达斯的鞋子。虽然他们在歌曲发布时只是粉丝而非品牌的官方代言人,但他们最终被代言为阿迪达斯的品牌代表,对这首曲子反应热烈。演出时,西蒙斯确保公司代表出席音乐会,向他们证明嘻哈对品牌销售的影响。在制作时,这首歌被用作将嘻哈定位为时髦营销可能性的策略。 Run DMC 因支持阿迪达斯而获得 150 万美元的奖金,并参与生产了一系列印有阿迪达斯标志的潮流运动鞋。

因此,Run DMC 使用了多种方法来吸引注意力并将信息传递给观众。他们使用的“潜行”一词与成为小偷或犯下重罪同义。 Tun DMC 希望人们知道,并非所有穿着无蕾丝潮流的人都是骗子。当时,Dr. Dre 发布了一首歌曲《Felon Sneakers》,描绘了穿着不系鞋带的阿迪达斯运动鞋是一种流行趋势。这种趋势来自监狱,当时囚犯被发给没有鞋带的运动鞋,因为它们可以用作武器。即使在释放后,重罪犯仍继续这种模式,并在城市中传播时尚。正是在这个时候,下垂从监狱里走红了。

Run DMC Song as a Culture of Hip-Hop

On the other hand, the song was a continuation of hip-hop culture. The song has beat that rhythm with DMC vocals and dance moves. They are also wearing baggy clothes and large neck chains that rap musicians use as a form of expression. The song also has the four common elements of hip-hop culture, including MCing, DJing, Breakdance, and Graffiti.艺术论文代写

Moreover, rapping is the main component of the DMC song as it is to the hip-hop culture. Rap is a combination of DJing and MCing. Together are used to create vocal expression and the music that the artist rap to. The music consists of various elements, including making noise, drum beats, and clapping, among other creative background noises. Graffiti, on the other hand, is a form of hip-hop culture expression and is used on the background and fore screen as the music flow. Besides, there is breakdancing through which the artist shows his/her innovativeness in hip-hop expression. Most importantly is the style of clothing that DMC adopted and which has a strong relationship with hip-hop culture. Though costing is not a significant component of the music culture, in DMC’s song, the type of cloth played a substantial role in expression especially towards praising Adidas brand.


将 DMC Song 作为 Hip-Hop 文化运行 艺术论文代写

另一方面,这首歌是嘻哈文化的延续。这首歌用 DMC 的人声和舞蹈动作打破了这种节奏。他们还穿着宽松的衣服和宽大的颈链,说唱音乐家将其用作一种表达方式。这首歌还拥有嘻哈文化的四大共同元素,包括MCing、DJing、Breakdance和Graffiti。

此外,说唱是 DMC 歌曲的主要组成部分,就像嘻哈文化一样。 Rap 是 DJing 和 MCing 的结合。一起用来创造声音表达和艺术家说唱的音乐。音乐由各种元素组成,包括制造噪音、鼓点和鼓掌,以及其他创造性的背景噪音。另一方面,涂鸦是嘻哈文化的一种表达形式,用于背景和前幕作为音乐流动。此外,还有突破性的舞蹈,展示了艺术家在嘻哈表达上的创新。最重要的是DMC采用的服装风格与嘻哈文化有着密切的关系。虽然成本计算不是音乐文化的重要组成部分,但在 DMC 的歌曲中,布料的类型在表达方面发挥了重要作用,尤其是在赞美阿迪达斯品牌方面。

The Era of Hip-Hop and Corporate Marketing

Run DMC’s song help bridge the gap that existed between hip-hop and the corporate world. He is considered one of the most iconic rap group in history and received overwhelming fashion recognition and created corporate and hip-hop relationships after the hit “My Adidas.” With the song, the group marketed the brand to hip-hop lovers. It made sneakers the real status symbol, and hence Adidas signed them as the brand representatives. The partnership was a great success that other musicians developed their wear labels, including Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliot, and Kanye West. Since then hip-hop and street fashion became synonymous. The relationship between hip-hop artists and corporate marketing was fostered, and other musicians like Mike WiLL Made-It – 23 ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J; Macklemore x Ryan Lewis & “WINGS”; and Wale – The White Shoes produced songs praising brands of their choice or some sponsored to market particular brand.艺术论文代写



Run DMC 的歌曲有助于弥合嘻哈与企业界之间存在的鸿沟。他被认为是历史上最具标志性的说唱组合之一,在热门歌曲“我的阿迪达斯”之后获得了压倒性的时尚认可,并建立了企业和嘻哈关系。通过这首歌,该集团向嘻哈爱好者推销了该品牌。它使运动鞋成为真正的身份象征,因此阿迪达斯将其签为品牌代表。此次合作取得了巨大成功,其他音乐家开发了他们的服装品牌,包括 Snoop Dogg、Missy Elliot 和 Kanye West。从此嘻哈和街头时尚成为同义词。嘻哈艺人与企业营销之间的关系得到了培养,其他音乐家,如 Mike WiLL Made-It – 23 ft. Miley Cyrus、Wiz Khalifa、Juicy J; Macklemore x Ryan Lewis & “WINGS”;和 Wale – The White Shoes 制作了赞美他们选择的品牌或一些赞助营销特定品牌的歌曲。


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