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Portraiture/Self-portraiture and Selfies

肖像艺术论文代写 Mirzoeff expresses the historical representation of identities through portraits and how it has evolved over time.


Summary “How to See Yourself.” By Nicholas Mirzoeff

The first chapter of the essay focuses on the general introduction to the How to See the Yourself. Mirzoeff expresses the historical representation of identities through portraits and how it has evolved over time. Dating his argument from the 17th century, we are able to see the development stages of visual art to it is today for the purpose of personal presentation, self-esteem, and image.

The chapter from the onset explains the modern understanding of self-portraits which has due to technological changes has evolved to digital portrait known as selfies. In this focus on the issue of self-image, the writer gives historical evolution dating back from the 17th century to the contemporary digital world. His approach on the development of portraits to the modern selfies uses specific historical events chronologically with examples to illustrate his major themes. In particular, the major issues covered by Mirzoeff include image, heroism, and gender.


总结“如何看待自己”。尼古拉斯·米尔佐夫  肖像艺术论文代写

文章的第一章重点介绍了如何看待自己。米尔佐夫通过肖像表达了身份的历史表征以及它如何随着时间的推移而演变。从他的 17 世纪的论点来看,我们能够看到视觉艺术的发展阶段,以个人表现、自尊和形象为目的。

从一开始的章节解释了现代对自画像的理解,由于技术变革已经演变为被称为自拍的数字肖像。在对自我形象问题的关注中,作者给出了从 17 世纪到当代数字世界的历史演变。他将肖像发展到现代自拍的方法使用特定的历史事件按时间顺序和例子来说明他的主要主题。特别是,米尔佐夫所涉及的主要问题包括形象、英雄主义和性别。

According to the essay, it is important to know the origin of an idea.

The knowledge of the source to any idea help in visualizing the continuous development over time and appreciate the beauty it has to offer in the current time. Basically, relating the idea to it context is important because only then we are able to contextualize the external effects to the audience in the period of production. By this, we are also able to know the opinions created by the idea.

Mirzoeff believes that when people create an image of themselves, they always have an agenda, whether consciously or unconsciously, which is caricatured view of our own image. Mirzoeff has extensively used pictures of the past events to illustrate and dramatize their contexts in a more view of those images. One of such classical examples is Hippolyte Bayard’s Self-Portrait as a Drowned Man. The image hypnotizes the audience and makes the audience believe what he was not; he was not dead. “Some people even thought that Bayard really was dead.” (Mirzoeff, 44)


根据论文,了解一个想法的起源很重要。  肖像艺术论文代写


米尔佐夫认为,当人们塑造自己的形象时,他们总是有意识或无意识的议程,这是对我们自己形象的漫画化看法。米尔佐夫广泛使用过去事件的图片来说明和戏剧化它们的背景,以更多地看待这些图像。此类经典例子之一是 Hippolyte Bayard 的《溺水者自画像》。形象催眠观众,让观众相信他不是;他没有死。 “甚至有人认为贝亚德真的死了。” (米尔佐夫,44)

The social websites give people platforms for representing themselves in the form of performance.

This, as a result, has created a “visual culture” which according to Mirzoeff is “visual activism.” Other forms of expression include recording and propagation of images that depict the society events such as police brutality, colonial pictures and more. The social media technology has waged war besides exciting the artists and activists. The portraits were used to challenge warfare where it was used to visualize the battlefield and mapping out the boundaries which can be deceiving to the audience. Mirzoeff explains how images were used to control combat. In such instances, Al-Qaeda and Daesh used propagated viral photos to thrive in the war. They used collapsing towers and beheaded men to exemplify their terror activities. The internet has made the world young, urban, wired and hot.

Lastly, Mirzoeff expresses the concern how people need to adapt to the constant changes in the world. According to his argument, the world continually changes things, and the system that we are wired continues to evolve (Mirzoeff, 7). Nicholas state that “None of these changes are settled or stable.” (7) in the world.


社交网站为人们提供了以表演形式表现自己的平台。  肖像艺术论文代写

结果,这创造了一种“视觉文化”,根据米尔佐夫的说法是“视觉行动主义”。其他表达形式包括记录和传播描绘社会事件的图像,如警察暴行、殖民图片等。除了让艺术家和活动家兴奋之外,社交媒体技术还发动了战争。这些肖像被用来挑战战争,在那里它被用来形象化战场并绘制出可以欺骗观众的界限。 Mirzoeff 解释了如何使用图像来控制战斗。在这种情况下,基地组织和达伊沙使用传播的病毒照片在战争中茁壮成长。他们使用倒塌的塔楼和斩首人来证明他们的恐怖活动。互联网使世界变得年轻、城市化、有线化和热化。

最后,米尔佐夫表达了人们需要如何适应世界不断变化的担忧。根据他的论点,世界在不断地改变事物,我们所连接的系统也在不断发展(Mirzoeff,7)。 Nicholas 表示“这些变化都没有解决或稳定。” (7) 在世界上。

The role of portraiture in my own family

The modern families have traditions which were passed on to them by the grandparents. These traditions are important and are deeply embedded in the family and extend from one generation to the other. The children learn these traditions through dramatic stories and portraits archived by our parents. Historically, these photos were placed in a hard-backed album which made them proof of any damages.

As such, these portraits have significant roles in the family. One, these paintings ensured the memories continue to live in the family. These memories include weddings ceremonies, burial ceremonies, family events pictures, and more. Secondly, the portraits is a way of learning the traditions of the family. These traditions are important to observe as they bring the family together while being identified with a particular culture. These traditions found their way to the later generations through portraits which shaded the contexts in which they were painted or captured.

Third, the pictures were used as comparative of the phenomenon in the family. This way, the family compare different periods in its history and how events have continued to change over time. Fourth, archiving portraits was a way of honoring respected people in the family lineage. These were a famous member of the family, and from them, the family history can be traced. Moreover, portraits were also used to show the family fortunes and social status. Traditionally, these photos portrayed the superiority of the family by flouting the treasures they have amassed over the years of hard work.


肖像画在我自己家庭中的作用  肖像艺术论文代写




The cultural significance of selfies

Self-expression and identity through art and design have been the interest of the modern generation. This is mainly owing to the evolution of cameras, internet technologies, social networking. For this reason, selfies have emerged as a replacement for traditional portraits and photos. Selfies mark the trend in the culture of personal identities and presentation. Images are used to communicate to the people on the events and distinguished people. Today these images are used as a way of personal identity and expression in the media.


This form of selfie expression has cultural significance. Through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other social networking sites, people are able to send and save their photos which trace their social and personal life. Accompanying these photos are captions and expression of emotion of the day or an event. Thus, they can be retrieved in the future and be a reference of memories of our past life and activities.

As such, selfies are used as a way of documenting personal, group or family events. This has a far-reaching effect of archiving modern society’s cultures as expressed by individuals at various social and economic levels. This culture will then be accessible and passed on the next generation and to learn the contexts in which each selfie was taken and the opinion attached to them.

In conclusion, both traditional and contemporary world portraiture has contributed significantly in arts and dramatization of culture and social aspects in societies, families, and individuals. Technology, on the other hand, has changed the way portraiture is done, shared and archived. As the world continues to evolve, so is the art and dramatization of personal and societal events.


自拍的文化意义  肖像艺术论文代写


这种自拍表达形式具有文化意义。通过 Facebook、Twitter、WhatsApp 和其他社交网






Mirzoeff, Nicholas. “How to See Yourself.” How to See the World. London: Pelican, 2015. 31-69. Print.


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