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Topic: An Analysis of Arc of Justice and The Role Racism Played in Transpiring Events


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种族歧视essay代写 The author follows the story of Dr. Ossian Sweet, who waste grandson of a slave. He worked hard and through sheer efforts and talent

Introduction 种族歧视essay代写

The Arc of Justice is a book that has been written by Kevin Boyle. It depicts the problems caused by hate crime and the resulting issues because of racial discrimination and superiority, in Detroit during 1925. The author follows the story of Dr. Ossian Sweet, who waste grandson of a slave. He worked hard and through sheer efforts and talent was able to complete his education at the Howard and Wilberforce universities. Having completed his studies, he became a qualified physician, and started his own practice at Black Bottom where he resided as well. However, the neighborhood was crumbling, and was full of black people and immigrants who were facing harsh times during that time.种族歧视essay代写

Eventually Dr. Ossian Sweet got married and realized that it was time to move on to a better neighborhood, where his family may have an ideal life. So, they decided to move to an all white neighborhood. And as is common from the stories of the past, he learned the hard way that the people of color were not easily accepted by the white people, especially in an all white neighborhood. The neighborhood they chose to relocate to was Garland Avenue, which was situated on Detroit’s west side. However, having heard stories about mobs attacking those families who dared to move outside of a black neighborhood and into Garland Avenue, Sweet decided to have his brother and a couple of his friends stay over on the first night in their newly bought house.


介绍 种族歧视essay代写

《正义之弧》是凯文·博伊尔 (Kevin Boyle) 所著的一本书。它描绘了 1925 年在底特律由仇恨犯罪引起的问题以及由于种族歧视和优越感而导致的问题。作者讲述了 Ossian Sweet 博士浪费奴隶孙子的故事。他努力工作,通过纯粹的努力和才华,他能够在霍华德大学和威尔伯福斯大学完成学业。完成学业后,他成为了一名合格的医生,并在他居住的 Black Bottom 开始了自己的实践。然而,这个街区正在摇摇欲坠,到处都是当时面临艰难时期的黑人和移民。

最终 Ossian Sweet 博士结婚了,并意识到是时候搬到更好的社区,他的家人可能会在那里过上理想的生活。所以,他们决定搬到一个全白人社区。正如过去的故事一样,他艰难地了解到有色人种不容易被白人接受,尤其是在全白人社区。他们选择搬迁到的社区是位于底特律西侧的加兰大道。然而,在听说暴徒袭击那些敢于搬出黑人社区并搬到加兰大道的家庭的故事后,斯威特决定让他的兄弟和他的几个朋友在他们新买的房子里过夜。

What transpired afterwards was a chain of events which would eventually change the future and the way blacks were treated by the white people. 种族歧视essay代写

Ossian Sweet had provided the men staying in his house with weapons in case a mob attacked and his worst fears came true. In the middle of the night, they were attacked by a mob of white neighbors who were angry that a family from a different race had dared to move to their neighborhood, and starting attacking the house with stones. In order to retaliate and scare the mob away, the men in Ossian Sweet’s house opened fire, which resulted in injuring one man, and the death of another. And thus, the story begins for the struggle to fight for what was right and to defend oneself when faced with adverse charges. As a result of this chaos, Ossian Sweet and his brother were charged with the murder if the man who was killed during the mob fight and thus begins the case.种族歧视essay代写


In my opinion, the Sweets were right in their stance to defend themselves,

because of unfounded and illogical racism, they were forced to live a night of terror which resulted in an accident. Had they actually done something that harmed the people in their neighborhood and the residents had taken up arms against them, then it would have made sense for this line of action, but to attack somebody just because they are of a different color and race, is something that should not have been undertaken by anybody.

“Good words will not get my people a home where they can live in peace and take care of themselves. I am tired of talk that comes to nothing. It makes my heart sick when I remember”, (Eic Foner, American History 3rd Edition). Sadly, due to hate crime, primarily based on racial discrimination, these events unfolded, and The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) decided to the support the Sweets and hired Clarence Darrow, known as the Great Defender as their attorney (Boyle, 233).



Ossian Sweet 为住在他家的人提供了武器,以防暴徒袭击而他最担心的事情成真。半夜,他们遭到一群白人邻居的袭击,他们对一个不同种族的家庭敢搬到他们附近感到愤怒,并开始用石头袭击房子。为了报复和吓跑暴徒,Ossian Sweet 家的人开火,造成一人受伤,一人死亡。因此,故事开始于为正义而战并在面临不利指控时为自己辩护。由于这场混乱,Ossian Sweet 和他的兄弟被指控犯有谋杀罪,如果在暴徒战斗中被杀的人因此开始此案。

在我看来,Sweets 为自己辩护的立场是正确的,因为毫无根据和不合逻辑的种族主义,他们被迫过着一个恐怖的夜晚,导致了一场事故。如果他们真的做了一些伤害他们附近人民的事情并且居民拿起武器反对他们,那么这种行动是有道理的,但是仅仅因为他们的肤色和种族不同而攻击某人,是任何人都不应该进行的事情。 “好话不会让我的人民有一个可以安居乐业和照顾自己的家。我厌倦了毫无意义的谈话。当我想起时,它让我心痛”,(Eic Foner,美国历史第 3 版)。可悲的是,由于仇恨犯罪,主要是基于种族歧视,这些事件发生了,全国有色人种协进会(NAACP)决定支持甜食并聘请了被称为伟大捍卫者的克拉伦斯·达罗(Clarence Darrow)作为他们的律师(博伊尔,233)。

“Frederick Douglass, who had encountered racism even within abolitionist ranks, considered Lincoln a fundamentally decent individual. 种族歧视essay代写

“He treated me as a man,” Douglass remarked in 1864, “he did not let me feel for a moment that there was any difference in the color of our skins,” (Eric Foner, 1877). However, not everybody is like Lincoln, and this can be seen by the fact that the mob assembled on the very first night of the Sweets stay in their new home and started attacking them without any valid reason (Boyle, 168). Due to this the resulting incident transpired.种族歧视essay代写

Secondly, there was immense bias in the arrests made of the sweets and the accusations that were made against them (Boyle 267). What is interesting to note is that, even though there was a mob who attacked them and they were simply defending themselves from the attackers, the ones who were actually arrested were the sweet brothers. In order to address this issue, Darrow made sure that the jury consisted of mostly white men, who were all related to immigrants in one way or another, thereby, making it easier for them to relate (Boyle, 267).

And finally, during the course of the case,

it is made evident that the case hinges heavily on the relations between races and the political climate that was there in Detroit those days instead of pivots of facts of law (Boyle, 217). Even though legally a person had the right to defend his family and his property if they were in imminent danger, because Ossian Sweet and his family were black, they were asked to stand on trial (Boyle, 186). Like his idol Henry Clay, Lincoln saw government as an active force promoting opportunity and advancement. Its “legitimate object,” he wrote in an undated memorandum, “is to do for a community of people, whatever they need to have done, but cannot do for themselves.” (Eric Foner, 13)种族歧视essay代写

And thus, I would like to conclude by stating that because the Sweets family could not defend themselves, they had to seek outside help in order to win a case which would pave way for the future. Additionally, the brothers were let go based on evidence and were acquitted which was a small victory against the racial injustice that was done against them.


即使在废奴主义者的队伍中也遭遇过种族主义的弗雷德里克·道格拉斯 (Frederick Douglass) 认为林肯从根本上来说是一个体面的人。种族歧视essay代写

“他把我当人看,”道格拉斯在 1864 年评论道,“他一刻也没有让我觉得我们的皮肤颜色有什么不同,”(埃里克方纳,1877 年)。然而,并不是每个人都像林肯,这可以从以下事实中看出:在 Sweets 的第一个晚上聚集的暴徒留在他们的新家中,并在没有任何正当理由的情况下开始攻击他们 (Boyle, 168)。正因如此,才发生了这起事件。

其次,对糖果的逮捕和对他们的指控存在巨大的偏见(Boyle 267)。值得一提的是,虽然有一群暴徒袭击他们,他们只是为了抵御袭击者,但真正被捕的却是这对甜蜜的兄弟。为了解决这个问题,达罗确保陪审团主要由白人组成,他们都以某种方式与移民有关系,从而使他们更容易建立联系(博伊尔,267)。

最后,在案件审理过程中,很明显,案件在很大程度上取决于种族之间的关系以及当时底特律的政治气候,而不是法律事实的关键(博伊尔,217)。即使在法律上,一个人在面临迫在眉睫的危险时有权捍卫他的家人和财产,但因为 Ossian Sweet 和他的家人是黑人,他们被要求接受审判(Boyle,186)。像他的偶像亨利·克莱一样,林肯将政府视为促进机会和进步的积极力量。他在一份未注明日期的备忘录中写道,它的“合法目标是为一群人做任何他们需要做的事情,但不能为自己做。” (埃里克·方纳,13 岁)

因此,我最后想说的是,由于 Sweets 一家无法为自己辩护,他们不得不寻求外部帮助才能赢得一个为未来铺平道路的案件。此外,兄弟俩根据证据被释放并被无罪释放,这是反对针对他们的种族不公正的小胜利。

References 种族歧视essay代写

Kevin Boyle, Arc of Justice, A Saga of Race, Civil Rights, and Murder in the Jazz Age, retrieved 24-10-18.

Eric Foner, The Fiery Trial, Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery, retrieved 24-10-18


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