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LSN 2433 – Ecology 


Reducing the Shower Water

环境学论文代写 Besides, we must believe and persistence that we can change our habits if its generate negative impact to the world.  



“There is a water crisis today. But the crisis is not about having too little water to satisfy our needs. It is a crisis of managing water so badly that billions of people – and the environment – suffer badly.”   (World Water council, 2014)

In the UAE the total indoor usage is 356.5 liters. (EAA & RTI 2009) Each drop is important because water is the reason we flourish and for sustainable growth for future generations. So there is a huge challenge to reduce water in the whole world. 环境学论文代写

I chose to save water in showers and baths for several reasons. The main reason is the highest water wastage happens indoors and showers consume around 18% (Conserve Water, 2013). Hence, I hope to start with myself to reduce the use of water when showering and find diverse ways that could help and  encourage my community and I to save water while taking baths. We need to reconsider how we use and value water.


介绍 环境学论文代写

“今天有一场水危机。但这场危机并不是因为水太少而无法满足我们的需求。这是一场水资源管理如此糟糕以致数十亿人——以及环境——遭受严重损失的危机。” (世界水理事会,2014 年)

在阿联酋,室内总用量为 356.5 升。 (EAA & RTI 2009) 每一滴水都很重要,因为水是我们繁荣昌盛和子孙后代可持续增长的原因。 因此,在全球范围内减少水资源是一个巨大的挑战。

我选择在淋浴和浴缸中节水有几个原因。 主要原因是室内浪费最多的水,淋浴消耗约 18%(Conserve Water,2013)。 因此,我希望从我自己开始,减少淋浴时的用水量,并找到各种可以帮助和鼓励我和我的社区在洗澡时节约用水的方法。 我们需要重新考虑我们如何使用和重视水。


The first experiment will be applied as what I do on a usual day, as I do not know any information about the shower wasteful means without any solutions.  This experiment started on Monday 12th May 2014 till Sunday 18th May 2014. While, the Second experiment I will find solution to reduce shower wasteful.  This experiment started on Monday 19th May 2014 till Monday first of June 2014.


实验 环境学论文代写

第一个实验将作为我平常做的事情来应用,因为我不知道任何有关淋浴浪费手段的信息,没有任何解决方案。 这个实验从 2014 年 5 月 12 日星期一开始到 2014 年 5 月 18 日星期日。而第二个实验我会找到减少淋浴浪费的解决方案。 该实验从 2014 年 5 月 19 日星期一开始,直到 2014 年 6 月第一日星期一。


If you want accurate data you must follow specific steps, so for that I put together a simple plan to go through for the whole period.


方法 环境学论文代写


First Experiment 

1-Do research to know the gallons of wastage when taking a shower or bath

2-Create a table to calculate the time spent in the shower

3-Print and hang up the table near a bathroom to remind and encourage me to continue this trial period.  环境学论文代写

4-Put the timer inside the bathroom.

5-Click on timer when I finished removing my clothes

6-When you have finished shut down the timer directly and record time in the table.









Second Experiment 

Use same of first experiment method and application of these solutions to reach my goals to save water in showers.

1-Do research to know the adequate time to take shower

Shower in less than five minutes

2-Shower rather than take a bath  环境学论文代写

3-Use regular shower, not high power shower (South staffs water, 2014)

4-Set the alarm at 4 minutes to stop shower in this time.

5-Put a pail in the shower until water become warm and use this water that I catch to cleaning or watering plant s








4-将闹钟设置在 4 分钟以在此时停止淋浴。


Data  环境学论文代写

First Experiment 


Second Experiment



The charts shows the change in the use of water in showers and baths over the period from 12 May 2014 to 1 June 2014 and I can analyses it to know the measurement of water wastage in my showers.

In the end of the first week I wasted nearly of 417.15 gallons. Unfortunately, that mean I was contribution and reason of the lack of access safe water for the millions of people.

As can be seen from the first chart is the water wastage rocketed to 80.9 gallons on Tuesday, this is because take a shower in high flow around 8.98 minutes that consume 5 gallons /per minutes. Beside take full bath that consume 36 gallons. (Johns River Water Management District, 2004)


On Thursday the graph shows a plummet in the gallons of water usage in showers that reach to approximately 42 gallons.

There is major role to have less gallons in this day that I take two showers rather than take a bath that consume in high flow 5 gallons /per Min and in low flow 2.5 gallons /per Min. 环境学论文代写

On the other hand, when I implemented solution I wasted 329 gallons for two weeks only. While I squandering 154 gallons for only one week that show a huge difference from Waste per week.  As a figure shows that I spend less water in the second week a difference of 20 gallons

On Saturday 24 of May is the highest usage of water by around 34 gallons, because I did not commitment on time and don’t run alarm. While, on Wednesday 21 of May its lower because before I take shower I put in mind to spend less time in shower. Moreover, I recognize that when I take shower before go to the college in the last time that force me to use less time in shower to be in time in the class.


分析  环境学论文代写

这些图表显示了从 2014 年 5 月 12 日至 2014 年 6 月 1 日期间淋浴和浴缸用水量的变化,我可以对其进行分析以了解我淋浴时的用水量。

在第一周结束时,我浪费了将近 417.15 加仑。不幸的是,这意味着我是数百万人无法获得安全用水的贡献和原因。

从第一张图表可以看出,周二的用水量猛增至 80.9 加仑,这是因为以 8.98 分钟的高流量淋浴,每分钟消耗 5 加仑。除了消耗 36 加仑的充分沐浴。 (约翰斯河水管理区,2004 年)

周四,图表显示淋浴用水的加仑数急剧下降,达到约 42 加仑。

在这一天,我洗两次澡,而不是洗澡,以高流量 5 加仑/每分钟和低流量 2.5 加仑/每分钟消耗量,因此减少加仑水量是很重要的。

另一方面,当我实施解决方案时,我仅在两周内浪费了 329 加仑。虽然我仅在一周内浪费了 154 加仑,这与每周浪费有很大的不同。如图所示,我在第二周少用了 20 加仑的水

5 月 24 日星期六是用水量最高的一天,大约 34 加仑,因为我没有按时承诺,也没有发出警报。而在 5 月 21 日星期三,它较低,因为在我洗澡之前,我想花更少的时间洗澡。此外,我认识到上次去大学前洗澡时,迫使我花更少的时间洗澡,以便及时上课。


It was a big challenge for me to monitor my shower time; I was succeeded to fill the whole tables during the period. But I expect greater results rather than what I achieve it. For example, I could not obligation on 4 minutes at shower I think because long time shower become habit and I think it’s difficult to change it in small period. So I will continue in this challenge to monitor my shower time and take maximum 5 minutes.

Moreover, I did not find any interaction of my family except my mother because she always advises us to use less water and preserve what God gave us.

While, the other they do not find a difference if I provision of one liters of water. For example I invite my brother to do the experiment together but he was apologized pretext the lack of time. Because did find any welcoming for my challenge from my family. I insisted to do it and share the result with them besides to give them some facts about water as I studied in the class and what could happen if we continued to consumption the same amount of water.  环境学论文代写

I suggest doing awareness campaign in educational institutions because if we convinced about the risks of waste we can affect our families in easy way. Also, I will recommendation my classmates on their challenge and try to make difference in our community.

If I will repeat the experiment I will involve my nephew and nieces because they ask me about table of measurements and they interacted with me when I told them story that carry the importance of water that let them go to share it with their parent that mean they are sensitive category that is easy to influence them in positive way.


讨论  环境学论文代写

监控我的淋浴时间对我来说是一个很大的挑战。在此期间,我成功地填满了整个桌子。但我期望更大的结果而不是我所取得的成就。例如,我认为我不能强制要求淋浴 4 分钟,因为长时间淋浴已成为习惯,我认为短时间内很难改变。所以我将继续在这个挑战中监控我的淋浴时间,最多花 5 分钟。






Finally, if all of us start with his own to think and apply to maintain even a drop of water and believe that this drop could survive someone the world will not suffer from thirst. Besides, we must believe and persistence that we can change our habits if its generate negative impact to the world.


结论  环境学论文代写

最后,如果我们所有人都从自己的角度出发去思考并申请维护哪怕一滴水,并相信这滴水可以存活下来,世界上就不会口渴了。 此外,我们必须相信并坚持,如果习惯对世界产生负面影响,我们就可以改变它。

Reference   环境学论文代写

EAA & RTI (2009) Demand-Side Management for Electricity and Water Use in Abu Dhabi, June 2009.

Conserve Water. (2013). Showers and Baths. Retrieved May 16, 2014, from Conserve Water: http://www.conservewater.utah.gov/IndoorUse/Bathroom/

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