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澳洲市场营销论文代写 It is observed that ASOS brand is continuously increasing the product prices as compared to the prices of its competitors.

IMC Project Proposal-ASOS


The purpose of the project proposal is to build an IMC Campaign exercise designed or aimed at carrying out an analysis of the company’s promotional, advertising, and integrated marketing communications that ensures that the company achieves its goals of reaching out to the target customers. According to Clemen, R. T., & Reilly, T. 2001, pp 106, the primary objective of building the IMC Campaign is to offer an integrated learning experience aimed at allowing one to apply the concepts and theories in brand marketing. The concepts can also assist one to formulate an IMC plan that can be put in a product portfolio.  澳洲市场营销论文代写

The project is aimed at building on concepts concerning the marketing structure and how a company can set up strategies to enable it penetrate to its customers and also build a complete integrated marketing campaign. The IMC Campaign has three major objectives that can be used to simplify the tasks. The first objective is the target towards the target customers, the second objective is the distribution channel, and the last objective is the focus on competitors or other businesses.

According to Brigham, E. F., & Houston, J. F., 2007, pp 97, preparation of the IMC campaign involves developing IMC communication objectives in line with promotional analysis and a sound understanding of the product’s brand image and corporate strategy. From the communication strategies, it becomes easier to integrate the different IMC components into a single communication plan (Chapin, 2004, pp 99). The brand under consideration in this project proposal will be the ASOS.


IMC项目提案-ASOS 澳洲市场营销论文代写


项目提案的目的是建立 IMC 活动练习,旨在或旨在对公司的促销、广告和整合营销传播进行分析,以确保公司实现接触目标客户的目标。根据 Clemen, R. T., & Reilly, T. 2001, pp 106 的说法,建立 IMC 活动的主要目标是提供一种综合的学习体验,旨在让人们能够在品牌营销中应用概念和理论。这些概念还可以帮助人们制定可放入产品组合中的 IMC 计划。澳洲市场营销论文代写

该项目旨在建立有关营销结构的概念,以及公司如何制定战略以使其渗透到其客户中,并建立完整的整合营销活动。 IMC 活动具有三个主要目标,可用于简化任务。第一个目标是针对目标客户的目标,第二个目标是分销渠道,最后一个目标是关注竞争对手或其他业务。

根据 Brigham, E. F., & Houston, J. F., 2007, pp 97 的说法,IMC 活动的准备涉及根据促销分析以及对产品品牌形象和企业战略的充分理解来制定 IMC 传播目标。从沟通策略来看,将不同的 IMC 组件整合到一个单一的沟通计划中变得更加容易(Chapin,2004,第 99 页)。本项目提案中考虑的品牌将是 ASOS。

Background Information

ASOS is one of the largest online beauty and fashion stores in the UK. Primarily, the ASOS aims at 20 somethings and it is able to sell over 850 brands from its own range of clothing and accessories. ASOS is a global online beauty and fashion retailer offering over 50,000 own and branded label product lines across menswear, womenswear, accessories, footwear, beauty, and jewelry (ISOM, 2012, PP 26). It has a massive warehouse that has ever changing inventory containing a variety of new products brought in every week. ASOS has over 20 million monthly unique visitors from over 160 countries. According to Hawawini, G. A., & Viallet, C., 2011, pp 112, as of December 2013, it had over 7 million active worldwide users. 澳洲市场营销论文代写

ASOS sells its own label as well as other world-renowned brands and gives boutiques and individuals the opportunity to sell pre-worn and new fashion through its marketplace fashion. It not only gives the customers a site to shop but rather an opportunity to create and share inspirations and fashion ideas about trends and outfits and to create their personal styles (Chapin, 2004, pp 56). ASOS also has fashion focused games, news, competitions, and feature articles that are updated daily through social networks and mobile apps. This gives the target customers an online experience that is almost impossible to find anywhere else in the whole world (Hawawini, G. A., & Viallet, C., 2011, pp 109).



ASOS 是英国最大的在线美容和时尚商店之一。首先,ASOS 的目标是 20 种东西,它能够从自己的服装和配饰系列中销售 850 多个品牌。 ASOS 是一家全球在线美容和时尚零售商,提供超过 50,000 种自有和品牌标签产品线,涵盖男装、女装、配饰、鞋履、美容和珠宝(ISOM,2012,PP 26)。它有一个巨大的仓库,库存不断变化,每周都会有各种新产品。 ASOS 每月有来自 160 多个国家的超过 2000 万独立访客。根据 Hawawini, G. A., & Viallet, C., 2011, pp 112,截至 2013 年 12 月,它在全球拥有超过 700 万活跃用户。

ASOS 出售自己的品牌以及其他世界知名品牌,并为精品店和个人提供通过其市场时装销售旧时装和新时装的机会。它不仅为客户提供了一个购物网站,而且还提供了一个机会来创造和分享关于趋势和服装的灵感和时尚理念,并创造他们的个人风格(Chapin,2004,第 56 页)。 ASOS 还拥有通过社交网络和移动应用程序每天更新的时尚游戏、新闻、比赛和专题文章。这为目标客户提供了在全球其他任何地方几乎不可能找到的在线体验(Hawawini, G. A., & Viallet, C., 2011, pp 109)。

The Brand’s Brief History

ASOS was formed by Quentin Griffiths and Nick Robertson in June 2000. It presently has over 4,000 employees and it is the UK’s largest independent fashion and online beauty retailer. ASOS is denoted as an upper acronym despite deprecating the original meaning. The exception only comes in on the way the company logo is presented since it is depicted as having been designed by Ben Lewin (Clemen, R. T., & Reilly, T. 2001In 2001, pp 106).

1ASOS Holdings was admitted into the London Stock Exchange.  In 2004, ASOS introduced its own label for women and in 2005, it launched the ASOS beauty. In 2007, it launched the ASOS magazine as well as the label for men and in 2009, it launched the ASOS outlet, petite, designer store, and the ASOS life. It has its headquarters located in Camden Town in the Greater London House, and its fulfillment centre is based in Barnsley, Yorkshire, having 3,000 workers (Daft, 2010).


品牌简史  澳洲市场营销论文代写

ASOS 由 Quentin Griffiths 和 Nick Robertson 于 2000 年 6 月成立。 目前拥有 4,000 多名员工,是英国最大的独立时尚和在线美容零售商。 尽管弃用了原始含义,但 ASOS 仍表示为上位首字母缩写词。 例外情况仅出现在公司徽标的呈现方式上,因为它被描述为由 Ben Lewin 设计(Clemen, R. T., & Reilly, T. 2001In 2001, pp 106)。

1ASOS Holdings 获准进入伦敦证券交易所。 2004 年,ASOS 推出了自己的女性品牌,并于 2005 年推出了 ASOS 美妆产品。 2007 年,它推出了 ASOS 杂志和男士品牌,2009 年,它推出了 ASOS 奥特莱斯、小号、设计师商店和 ASOS 生活。 它的总部位于大伦敦大厦的卡姆登镇,其运营中心位于约克郡的巴恩斯利,拥有 3,000 名员工(Daft,2010 年)。

Executive Summary  澳洲市场营销论文代写

ASOS is creating a unique and multi-channel shopping experience in which twenty something fashion lovers can share ideas, network, create own style, and shop. ASOS has millions of daily visitors and this makes it ship the latest trends to a variety of customers in over 230 countries. The main ambition for ASOS is to become the number one fashion destination for the global 20-somethings, who are fashion lovers (Hawawini, G. A., & Viallet, C., 2011, pp 104). It sells a properly selected mix of its own label collection and also sells more than 850 local and global brands. It goes beyond just the online store and connect to the fashion focused 20-somethings on social media, through tablet apps, Smartphone, and monthly magazine.

For the 2013 financial year, the sales were 753.8 million pounds with an estimated profit worth of 159 million pounds. In 2012, it reported a jump in before-tax profits from 15.7 million pounds to 30.3 million pounds with sales up to 46% at 495 million pounds (Daft, 2010, pp 96). Fromm, 2007, pp 98, says that ASOS is presently just an online retailer and its major future focus is to become synonymous to fashion for the 20-somethings through the use of Google to search for opportunities and counter threats.

It also plans to use facebook to connect to its target customers across the world. It seeks to measure its strengths and success through the measure of its share of the online traffic, followers in the social media, and its volume of sales. According to Hawawini, G. A., & Viallet, C., 2011, pp 112, ASOS has a way of creating the best experience to its customers and this makes them get back to ASOS every passing day. These include: the most engaging experience, truly global operations, and highly efficient retailing systems.


执行摘要  澳洲市场营销论文代写

ASOS 正在创造一种独特的多渠道购物体验,让 20 位时尚爱好者可以分享想法、建立网络、创造自己的风格和购物。 ASOS 每天有数百万的访客,这使得它能够向 230 多个国家/地区的各种客户发送最新趋势。 ASOS 的主要目标是成为全球 20 多岁的时尚爱好者的第一时尚目的地(Hawawini, G. A., & Viallet, C., 2011, pp 104)。它销售精心挑选的自有品牌系列,还销售 850 多个本地和全球品牌。它不仅仅是在线商店,还通过平板电脑应用程序、智能手机和月刊连接到社交媒体上关注时尚的 20 多岁人群。

2013 财年,销售额为 7.538 亿英镑,估计利润为 1.59 亿英镑。 2012 年,它报告的税前利润从 1570 万英镑跃升至 3030 万英镑,销售额高达 46%,达到 4.95 亿英镑(Daft,2010 年,第 96 页)。 Fromm, 2007, pp 98, 说 ASOS 目前只是一家在线零售商,其未来的主要重点是通过使用谷歌搜索机会和应对威胁,成为 20 多岁的时尚代名词。

它还计划使用 facebook 连接到它在世界各地的目标客户。它试图通过衡量其在线流量份额、社交媒体中的追随者及其销售量来衡量其优势和成功。根据 Hawawini, G. A. 和 Viallet, C.,2011 年,第 112 页,ASOS 有办法为其客户创造最佳体验,这使他们日复一日地回到 ASOS。其中包括:最具吸引力的体验、真正的全球运营和高效的零售系统。

SWOT Analysis


  1. ASOS is a leader in the ever growing market of fashion and accessories.
  2. The brand has a strong base and foothold in major markets across the world such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and the vast United States market.
  3. ASOS has an online distribution channel and proper communication strategies that has a positive implication on the international expansion and sale of the brand (Fromm, 2007, pp 89).
  4. ASOS has a strong and well developed network of international subsidiaries that will enable the company move its products freely across the globe, not only in the UK.
  5. Market leadership: within the UK fashion market, ASOS comes out as the industry leader and this gives it the ability to command a sizeable portion of the global market.
  6. Marketing efforts: a lot of well target campaigns, sponsorships, and promotions enable ASOS expand its brand as well as increasing consumer brand awareness. According to Hawawini, G. A., & Viallet, C., 2011, pp 98, this makes ASOS enjoy a competitive advantage over other fashion companies.
  7. Fresh, fashionable, and strong brand identity.


SWOT分析  澳洲市场营销论文代写


  1. ASOS 是不断增长的时装和配饰市场的领导者。
  2. 该品牌在英国、德国等全球主要市场以及广阔的美国市场拥有强大的基础和立足点。
  3. ASOS 拥有在线分销渠道和适当的沟通策略,对品牌的国际扩张和销售具有积极意义(Fromm,2007,第 89 页)。
  4. ASOS 拥有强大且发达的国际子公司网络,这将使该公司能够在全球范围内自由移动其产品,而不仅仅是在英国。
  5. 市场领先地位:在英国时尚市场中,ASOS 成为行业领导者,这使其能够在全球市场中占据相当大的份额。
  6. 营销努力:许多目标明确的活动、赞助和促销活动使 ASOS 能够扩大其品牌并提高消费者的品牌知名度。根据 Hawawini, G. A. 和 Viallet, C.,2011 年,第 98 页,这使得 ASOS 比其他时装公司享有竞争优势。
  7. 清新、时尚、强大的品牌标识。


  1. Since ASOS is a private retail outlet it has limited sources of generating capital for internal expansion and international growth compared to public corporations. This gives ASOS a competitive disadvantage to its competitors.
  2. Lack of diversification: ASOS has limited diversification in its brands since it only focuses on fashion items that target individuals in their 20s and locking out customers that are out of this age bracket. This makes ASOS miss out on a large portion of profits that it would have gained by considering other individuals in their production and sale.
  3. ASOS’s major focus on a customer base of twenty somethings makes it highly vulnerable if there was to be a drop in the future demands of its brand.
  4. ASOS also has a major weakness of charging above average prices.
  5. Lack of innovation: ASOS is reliant on a narrow product base as it only markets a single branded product. According to Kaye, J., & Allison, M., 2013, pp 94, this gives it a limited opportunity for expansion.
  6. Lack of patent on ASOS brands implies that anybody can copy it.
  7. ASOS has a major challenge of fitting into the present needs of the market due to the ever changing fashion trends. This implies that the ASOS fashion may not fit into the needs of the future generation (Nordmann, 2004, pp 102).



  1. 由于 ASOS 是一家私人零售店,与上市公司相比,它用于内部扩张和国际增长的资本来源有限。这使得 ASOS 在竞争中处于劣势。
  2. 缺乏多元化:ASOS 的品牌多元化有限,因为它只专注于以 20 多岁的个人为目标的时尚产品,并排除了这个年龄段之外的客户。这使得 ASOS 错失了通过在生产和销售中考虑其他人而获得的大部分利润。
  3. ASOS 主要关注 20 多岁的客户群,因此如果其品牌的未来需求下降,它非常容易受到攻击。
  4. ASOS 还存在收费高于平均价格的主要弱点。
  5. 缺乏创新:ASOS 依赖于狭窄的产品基础,因为它只销售单一品牌的产品。根据 Kaye, J. 和 Allison, M.,2013 年,第 94 页,这为其扩张提供了有限的机会。
  6. ASOS 品牌缺乏专利意味着任何人都可以复制它。
  7. 由于不断变化的时尚趋势,ASOS 面临着适应当前市场需求的重大挑战。这意味着 ASOS 时尚可能不适合下一代的需求(Nordmann,2004,第 102 页)。


  1. Market researches show that there is an increasing use of the internet and facebook across the globe. This gives ASOS the opportunity to communicate easily and faster thereby promoting their brand across the globe.
  2. There is also increased number of people who are fashion sensitive in the UK and across the world. This is attributed to the increased interaction of the 20-somethings through social media and through ASOS’s promotional strategies. This has an implication of great sales of the ASOS brand products.
  3. The new shift in culture that promotes modern forms of dressing as opposed to traditional clothing would offer a great opportunity for ASOS as it would sell its modernized products to a wide market.  澳洲市场营销论文代写
  4. There is also the cultural shift in young individuals who have the desire to look smart and fashionable. According to Nordman (2004, PP 112), this is an opportunity to ASOS, which offers brands of such tastes.
  5. Most customers are price sensitive; introducing a high quality brand product with lower prices compared to other competitors would be an opportunity to penetrate the market and reach out to the target customers (Kaye, J., & Allison, M., 2013, pp 68).
  6. Most customers are also sensitive to the outward look and appeal; introducing a brand that is more attractive compared to those of the competitor would give ASOS competitive advantage.
  7. ASOS is still recognized as a new brand in the UK fashion industry and other parts of the world. This gives it room to expand to other major global markets such as Germany and the United States.
  8. ASOS online form of operation has the potential of reaching a large number of customers across the world since the internet makes the world become one global village (Nordmann, 2004, pp 95).



  1. 市场研究表明,互联网和脸书在全球范围内的使用越来越多。这让 ASOS 有机会更轻松、更快速地进行沟通,从而在全球推广他们的品牌。
  2. 在英国和世界各地,对时尚敏感的人也越来越多。这归因于通过社交媒体和 ASOS 的促销策略增加了 20 多岁之间的互动。这意味着 ASOS 品牌产品的销量很大。
  3. 促进现代着装形式而不是传统服装的新文化转变将为 ASOS 提供一个很好的机会,因为它将向广泛的市场销售其现代化产品。
  4. 渴望看起来既聪明又时尚的年轻人也发生了文化转变。根据 Nordman (2004, PP 112) 的说法,这对提供此类品味品牌的 ASOS 来说是一个机会。
  5. 大多数客户对价格很敏感;推出与其他竞争对手相比价格更低的高品质品牌产品将是渗透市场并接触目标客户的机会(Kaye, J., & Allison, M., 2013, pp 68)。
  6. 大多数客户也对外观和吸引力很敏感;引入比竞争对手更具吸引力的品牌将赋予 ASOS 竞争优势。
  7. ASOS在英国时尚界和世界其他地方仍然被公认为是一个新品牌。这为其扩展到德国和美国等其他主要全球市场提供了空间。
  8. 由于互联网使世界成为一个地球村(Nordmann,2004,第 95 页),ASOS 在线运营形式具有覆盖全球大量客户的潜力。


  1. Numerous substitutes across the globe.
  2. Rise of competent competitors, which might steal ASOS market share.
  3. Tougher government regulations aimed at frustrating the private sector to the advantage of public corporations.
  4. Low capital requirement to enter the fashion industry may give so many individuals a chance to enter the fashion industry thereby posing threat to ASOS.
  5. Highly intensive competition within the fashion industry is a threat to ASOS.
  6. Easy access to channels of distribution makes it easy for entry into the fashion market.  澳洲市场营销论文代写
  7. There is also the low switching costs of the buyers, which a threat to the existence of the company.
  8. The rise of many “copycats” that produce and sell similar brands may threaten to take the brand share from ASOS. Although the company may win most lawsuits, litigation becomes very expensive and damages very massive.
  9. Many small retail sellers may also be a threat to ASOS since they win the hearts of most twenty something individuals thereby buying their brands. This is a threat to ASOS whose main target is the customer base of the twenty somethings (Ogden, T. E., & Goldberg, I. A., 2002, pp 97).



  1. 全球众多替代品。
  2. 有能力的竞争对手的崛起,这可能会窃取 ASOS 的市场份额。
  3. 更严格的政府法规旨在挫败私营部门,以利于公共公司。
  4. 进入时尚行业的低资本要求可能让这么多人有机会进入时尚行业,从而对ASOS构成威胁。
  5. 时尚行业内高度密集的竞争对 ASOS 构成威胁。
  6. 轻松进入分销渠道使进入时尚市场变得容易。
  7. 此外,买方的转换成本低,这对公司的生存构成了威胁。
  8. 许多生产和销售类似品牌的“模仿者”的崛起可能会威胁到从 ASOS 手中夺走品牌份额。尽管该公司可能会赢得大多数诉讼,但诉讼变得非常昂贵且损害非常大。
  9. 许多小零售商也可能对 ASOS 构成威胁,因为他们赢得了大多数 20 多岁的人的心,从而购买了他们的品牌。这对 ASOS 构成了威胁,其主要目标是 20 多岁的客户群 (Ogden, T. E., & Goldberg, I. A., 2002, pp 97)。

Market Analysis and Customer Behavior

The ASOS experience is entertaining, collaborative, and personalized. The customers (fashion lovers) go to them for conversation and inspiration, and not only to shop but also create their own collections of fashion. Ober, 2008, pp 78, says that ASOS encourages the customers to go to them for all their fashion needs as well as working to deliver a uniform experience across social networks, their website, and devices from ipads and phones to laptops. ASOS seeks to make its brand increasingly personalized and available in every place at all times.

ASOS is also seeking to invest in digital innovation and mobile services to make it move fast to become the global destination for the twenty somethings. It makes its brand a global destination by understanding how customers differ across regions. According to Ogden, T. E., & Goldberg, I. A., 2002, pp 96, this is meant to provide customers with the relevant fashion that would match the season and whatever is going on in wherever they live. It has opened sales offices in various regions lie France, china, Germany, USA, and Australia, which enables it to maintain its overseas business operations. ASOS seeks to deliver the right fashion brand at the right price to the target customers across the globe as well as speeding the supply chain and refine the journey.  澳洲市场营销论文代写

However, ASOS has a major hurdle on how to take payments in the global race.

While debit and credit cards are the favorite modes of payment in the UK, other nations many operate differently. ASOS is working to make their systems friendly for customers wherever they may be located across the world. It has updated its technology so that it is able to handle a variety of character sets such as Russian and Chinese. Adding websites to such languages will enable ASOS communicate to over 90% of the global potential customers.

Sailor, 2009, pp 89, says that ASOS presently stores everything in Barnsley, the UK’s distribution centre, but it is looking into possible ways of distributing to customers across the world. As it grows, it may increasingly need to keep some stock in limited number of countries. Customers often expect a certain level of quality from ASOS brands. In most cases they meet it but in some cases they may fail to. This has prompted ASOS to up its quality in order to meet the customer needs. At the same time, it is planning to start a quality control check on every product as soon as it is made rather than waiting until the product reaches the warehouse. This will enable the resolution of any problem at an earlier stage as well as serve customers with right quality of products (Punch, 2006, pp 56).


市场分析与客户行为 澳洲市场营销论文代写

ASOS 体验具有娱乐性、协作性和个性化特点。顾客(时尚爱好者)去找他们交谈和获得灵感,不仅是为了购物,还可以创造自己的时尚系列。 Ober, 2008, pp 78, 说 ASOS 鼓励顾客去他们那里满足他们所有的时尚需求,并努力在社交网络、他们的网站以及从 iPad 和手机到笔记本电脑的设备上提供统一的体验。 ASOS 力求使其品牌更加个性化,并在任何时候都可以在任何地方使用。

ASOS 还寻求投资于数字创新和移动服务,以使其快速成为二十几岁的全球目的地。它通过了解客户在不同地区的差异,使其品牌成为全球目的地。根据 Ogden, T. E., & Goldberg, I. A., 2002, pp 96 的说法,这旨在为客户提供与季节和他们居住的任何地方正在发生的任何事情相匹配的相关时尚。公司在法国、中国、德国、美国和澳大利亚等多个地区开设了销售办事处,使其能够保持海外业务运营。 ASOS 力求以合适的价格向全球目标客户提供合适的时尚品牌,并加快供应链并完善旅程。

但是,ASOS 在如何在全球竞赛中收款方面存在重大障碍。

虽然借记卡和信用卡是英国最受欢迎的支付方式,但其他国家/地区的运作方式有所不同。 ASOS 正在努力使他们的系统对世界各地的客户友好。它更新了技术,使其能够处理各种字符集,例如俄语和中文。将网站添加到此类语言将使 ASOS 与全球 90% 以上的潜在客户进行交流。

Sailor, 2009, pp 89 表示,ASOS 目前将所有商品都存放在英国的配送中心 Barnsley,但它正在研究向全球客户配送的可能方式。随着它的发展,它可能越来越需要在数量有限的国家保留一些库存。客户通常期望 ASOS 品牌具有一定的质量水平。在大多数情况下,他们会满足,但在某些情况下,他们可能会失败。这促使 ASOS 提高其质量以满足客户的需求。同时,它计划在每件产品制成后立即开始对其进行质量控制检查,而不是等到产品到达仓库。这将能够在早期解决任何问题,并为客户提供合适的产品质量(Punch,2006,第 56 页)。


Customer Evaluation


Men and women aged 16-29


The brand is relevant mainly in towns and the city that has a large number of young professional and fashion sensitive men and women (Ober, 2008, pp98).  澳洲市场营销论文代写


The product is relevant to men who do not want to be left behind by the changing trends in fashion and women who have a taste for new brands in the market and those who get enticed into buying anything trendy that the see their peers putting on (Sailor, 2009, pp 67).


The youths who get influenced by the actions of peer pressure and would not sit back and watch others walk around in attractive trendy wears.








该产品适用于不想被不断变化的时尚潮流抛在后面的男性和对市场上的新品牌有品味的女性以及那些被吸引购买任何看到同龄人穿着的时尚产品的人(水手 ,2009 年,第 67 页)。



Brand Positioning Strategy

A brand positioning strategy need to be clear, unique, engaging, and relevant to the target customers. There is need to deliver a positive emotion to the target customer through the provision of benefits necessary or relevant to every target audience.  Punch, 2006, pp 98, says that for ASOS to meet its target of reaching out to a large number of customers, it should be able to deliver a highly perceived value since the customer is only willing to pay for a brand that meets his or her ever changing needs. ASOS should also be able adopt a marketing and advertising medium that is able to adapt to the changing market conditions and expectations and at the same time echoed  within the business externally and internally.



品牌定位策略需要清晰、独特、引人入胜且与目标客户相关。 需要通过为每个目标受众提供必要或相关的利益来向目标客户传递积极的情绪。 Punch, 2006, pp 98 说,为了让 ASOS 实现接触大量客户的目标,它应该能够提供高度感知的价值,因为客户只愿意为满足其或 她不断变化的需求。 ASOS 还应该能够采用一种能够适应不断变化的市场条件和预期,同时在企业内部和外部产生呼应的营销和广告媒介。

Marketing Mix Strategies

The marketing mix strategy consist of 4ps

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Place
  4. Promotion


No single brand can be able to cover all types of products of women’s wear, men’s wear, infants, and children’s, sport wear, shoes and accessories. The costs of covering such would be too high (Trowler, P., & Society for Research into Higher Education, 2002, PP 68). Similarly targeting all age groups and all price range would be almost impossible and starting up a new product and it becomes immediately popular seems impossible since there seems to be a rise in every product every year. This implies that ASOS can only have a specific target group with its product, which is the twenty somethings. At the same time, it needs to put in strategies that would make the brand expand slowly across the world since no product can ever be formed and become popular immediately.


This is the second “P” part of the strategy. It is observed that ASOS brand is continuously increasing the product prices as compared to the prices of its competitors. This is because ASOS has expanded its brand name and many customers have identified with it and raised their perception and value of the brand. This makes customers buy the brand even if other companies offer the same product at lower prices. According to Trowler, P., & Society for Research into Higher Education, 2002, PP 89, there are two types of pricing: penetration and skimming. Penetration is the most relevant in the case for ASOS since it is an approach whereby a lower price is set but as the demand increases, the price is increased. This strategy is adopted for a competition based pricing in order to achieve customer loyalty. 澳洲市场营销论文代写


Distribution Strategy

Intensive distribution is aimed at reaching all the target customers. ASOS can use the available market outlets such as the social media networks to reach out to a large number of target customers. This strategy is used to ensure that not only the customers in the UK are reached but all customers across the world.

Promotion (Marketing)

This strategy involves adopting measures that would make the brand appealing to the eyes of the customers. Such strategies include: promising great benefits that come with the use of the brand, slogan such as “gives you an international taste of fashion”, theme such as “ASOS for every one wishing to benefit” and value preposition such as “best value for your money”.


营销组合策略 澳洲市场营销论文代写

营销组合策略包括 4ps

  1. 产品
  2. 价钱
  3. 地方
  4. 晋升


没有一个品牌能够涵盖所有类型的女装、男装、婴童装、运动装、鞋履和配饰产品。覆盖这些的成本太高(Trowler, P., & Society for Research into Higher Education, 2002, PP 68)。同样,针对所有年龄段和所有价格范围几乎是不可能的,而且几乎不可能推出新产品并立即流行起来,因为似乎每年每种产品都在增加。这意味着ASOS的产品只能有一个特定的目标群体,也就是二十几岁。同时,它需要制定策略,使品牌在全球范围内缓慢扩张,因为没有任何产品可以立即形成并立即流行。


这是策略的第二个“P”部分。据观察,与竞争对手的价格相比,ASOS 品牌不断提高产品价格。这是因为ASOS扩大了其品牌名称,许多客户已经认同它并提高了他们对品牌的认知度和价值。即使其他公司以较低的价格提供相同的产品,这也会使客户购买该品牌。根据 Trowler, P., & Society for Research into Higher Education, 2002, PP 89,有两种定价类型:渗透和略读。渗透与 ASOS 的情况最相关,因为它是一种设定较低价格但随着需求增加而增加价格的方法。该策略用于基于竞争的定价以实现客户忠诚度。



密集分销旨在覆盖所有目标客户。 ASOS 可以使用可用的市场渠道(例如社交媒体网络)来接触大量目标客户。该策略用于确保不仅可以覆盖英国的客户,还可以覆盖世界各地的所有客户。


该策略涉及采取措施使品牌吸引客户的眼球。这些策略包括:承诺使用品牌带来的巨大利益、“让您拥有国际时尚品味”等口号、“ASOS 为每一位希望受益的人”等主题以及“最佳价值”等价值介词。你的钱”。


There is need to decide on the portion of the IMC budget of the project that would be devoted for communications objective and what portion of the budget would be used for advertising. The total IMC Campaign should be divided into three part objectives:

IMC OBJECTIVE 1: 120 million pounds

IMC Objective 2: 200 million pounds  澳洲市场营销论文代写

IMC Objective 3: 100 million pounds

Objective one addresses the communication plan for the customer market. Objective 2 is for the distribution channel, while objective 3 is for business to business marketing (Trowler, P., & Society for Research into Higher Education., 2002, PP 68). The objectives will then be broken into smaller component uses such as consumer promotions, consumer advertising, frequency programmes, direct marketing programmes, and sponsorship programmes. However, the small component functions should be compatible with the IMC objectives.


建议 澳洲市场营销论文代写

需要决定项目的 IMC 预算部分将用于通信目标,以及预算的哪一部分将用于广告。 整个 IMC 活动应分为三个部分目标:

IMC 目标 1:1.2 亿英镑

IMC 目标 2:2 亿英镑

IMC 目标 3:1 亿英镑

目标一针对客户市场制定沟通计划。 目标 2 是针对分销渠道,而目标 3 是针对企业对企业的营销(Trowler, P., & Society for Research into Higher Education., 2002, PP 68)。 然后将目标分解为更小的组成用途,例如消费者促销、消费者广告、频率计划、直接营销计划和赞助计划。 但是,小组件功能应与 IMC 目标兼容。

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