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The Brain in Love

演讲观后感代写 We were requested to listen to one of the talks that were shared with us. And I listened to the study by Helen Fisher on the brain in love.


We were requested to listen to one of the talks that were shared with us. And I listened to the study by Helen Fisher on the brain in love. She studied to check what happens to the brain in love and was able to determine. That people who are madly in love with each other show signs of activity in the central most part of the brain. This helps in developing intense feelings. And that part of the brain, which is focused on profits and losses also becomes highly active. We start calculating what needs to be done and based on the gains we expect the brain’s activity in the central region increases.

The talk mostly stressed on the actions of the people when they said they were in love. And what the brain activity represented. According to Helen, people who said they were in love, actually showed increased activity in the central region of their brain. Instead of people who said they were not in love. In fact, even people who had been in love and broke up due to one or more reason showed signs of activity in the central part of their brain showing just how much they are in love. Even after years of marriage, people who said that they were still in love were correct since. That central region of the brain was active even at that time.


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我们被要求听与我们分享的其中一个演讲,我听了海伦·费舍尔 (Helen Fisher) 关于恋爱大脑的研究。她学习检查恋爱中的大脑会发生什么,并且能够确定。那些疯狂相爱的人在大脑的大部分中央显示出活动的迹象。这有助于发展强烈的感觉。大脑中专注于盈亏的那部分也变得非常活跃。我们开始计算需要做什么,并根据我们预期中央区域大脑活动增加的收益。


After hearing, what Helen Fisher had to say about the topic in question, I found her delivery to be a bit try.


She did try to add a little bit of a humor in between her readings of what famous personalities have said or how, many people have acted over the years. However, I still found her to be quite boring and at times found my attention to be shifting to other things. Therefore, I feel that she could have done a lot better. Seeing the topic in question is not only interesting but also intriguing.

It is fascinating to see how any people behave when they are in love, and the one common factor is the activity within the central part of the brain. There were many examples which she could have quoted, the poem she read, was also somewhat dry, or perhaps her delivery was simply uninteresting. Because I did not find myself glued to the screen or her talk. Which I mostly am whenever I listen to any of the topics from Ted Talks.

One of the most interesting things that I learned from this talk on the other hand was that no matter how you are. If you feel in love then the activity in the central region of the brain is similar as well. And that this is the desire which makes you want to spend the rest of your life with one particular individual and not the other.


听完海伦·费舍尔 (Helen Fisher) 对相关话题的看法后,我发现她的表达有点尝试。  演讲观后感代写


看到任何人在恋爱时的表现令人着迷,其中一个共同因素是大脑中央部分的活动。她可以举出很多例子,她读的诗也有些枯燥,或者她的表达只是无趣。因为我没有发现自己一直盯着屏幕或她的谈话。每当我听 Ted Talks 的任何主题时,我大多是这样。


The theories and ideas which were presented in the talk had interesting basis.

Since the talk mostly focused on the central region of the brain. However, it was also mostly philosophical in nature as most of the writings she quoted or read about had philosophy as basis.

Overall, the talk was interesting however, I do believe that it could have been made even more interesting. I myself have experienced being in love, and that is the point when a person feels that he/she can accomplish anything. The motivation level is high, and yes, the degree of willingness to take risk is also high. Because the belief in oneself increases, and the degree of happiness one experiences is also exponentially higher in my experience.



由于谈话主要集中在大脑的中央区域。 然而,它本质上也主要是哲学的,因为她引用或阅读的大部分著作都以哲学为基础。

总的来说,这次谈话很有趣,但我相信它可以变得更有趣。 我自己也经历过恋爱,这就是一个人觉得他/她可以完成任何事情的时候。 动机水平高,是的,愿意冒险的程度也高。 因为对自己的信念增加了,一个人体验到的幸福程度也在我的体验中呈指数级增长。

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