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COVID-19代写 新型冠状病毒病代写 report代写

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Novel coronavirus’s disease (COVID-19)

COVID-19代写 Novel coronavirus’s disease (COVID-19) spreads rapidly, but it spreads at different speeds in different countries.


Novel coronavirus’s disease (COVID-19) spreads rapidly, but it spreads at different speeds in different countries.So far, countries have implemented various emergency response and policy strategies with different results.

In its new report on Covid-19 and human rights,

the United Nations stressed the use of phrases such as “diseases of foreigners” to describe the virus, saying such remarks could lead to discrimination, xenophobia, racism and attacks(Patrick Wintour,2020).Asian countries and regions first hit by the epidemic have made progress on the basis of coping with previous epidemics such as SARS.

Other countries are learning this, but they have also adopted their own strategies.There may not be the best strategy for everyone, because in countries with different political and health systems, social norms or operating procedures, the effects of measures will vary.There seems to be a lack of consensus among experts and governments on what is most effective, partly due to limited evidence.COVID-19代写


there are some new studies that give us some hints.One of the first measures that many countries tried to prevent the disease from spreading to their countries was to ban travel within and outside a region.A study on Italian restrictions showed that after three weeks, their travel in the affected areas decreased by 50%.

Travel restrictions have effectively reduced international transmission by nearly 80%, which indicates that the ban may be effective when used in conjunction with other interventions.

strategy  COVID-19代写

One strategy that is really effective in blocking the spread of the virus is to keep social distance and minimize social contact by restricting public gatherings and allowing people to stay at home when necessary.

The slowdown in the number of new cases in mainland China and South Korea, as well as the relatively low number of cases in Hong Kong,Singapore and Taiwan have all proved this.WHO officials also said that coronavirus is affecting the fight against other infectious diseases, such as polio(BERKELEYJR,2020).

European countries have learned bitter lessons from the rapid spread of the virus in Italy and have taken measures to alienate society in the first stage of the epidemic.This includes Britain,which has stepped up the initial limited measures.


there is still controversy over whether social alienation should be encouraged or strengthened, and whether social isolation should apply to the entire population or groups at greatest risk.Infectious Disease(2020)claimed the government uses quarantine to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Isolation is aimed at people or groups who have no symptoms but are exposed to diseases.

These choices reflect two main methods: mitigation and inhibition. COVID-19代写

 Scientists at Imperial College London simulated these models in a report to advise the British government’s approach.The purpose of mitigation is to delay the spread of infection so as to avoid the huge peak of medical care demand that may overwhelm the health system.

This was Britain’s initial strategy,

which included encouraging those with symptoms to stay at home and testing and treating only those with moderate or severe symptoms.It is only possible to play a role in countries that have very sound health systems and are able to cope with a sharp increase in mild and severe cases.

But Imperial College’s report shows COVID-19代写

that the NHS will still be overwhelmed by the search for relief measures that will better reduce the death toll from COVID-19 and other causes.Suppression measures include stopping the development of the pandemic in a short period of time to keep the total number of cases at a very low level.  It involves a wider social distance, banning public gatherings and possibly closing schools and other public places even among those with low risk of disease.

This can be done on a voluntary basis or under forced confinement,as has been done in some parts of China, with positive results.however,Rosemary Rossi(2020)said that Bret Stephens, a commentator for the new york Times, was strongly opposed to Friday’s column. He opposed the national blockade imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. In the process, many people considered it an insult to New York citizens.

Consider an ideological experiment COVID-19代写

in which new york’s metropolis is not only its own state, but its own country(Bret Stephens,2020).Under the guidance of changes in disease transmission, it is possible to adopt a comprehensive strategy of intermittent social alienation.This includes relaxing restrictions in a short period of time and observing their effects.  If the number of cases rebounds, the suppression measures need to be taken again.

This may help prevent people from suffering from psychological fatigue caused by these restrictions and thus begin to ignore these restrictions, although behavioral scientists believe that there is no evidence of such problems.But besides the impact on the spread of the disease, there are other factors that need to be considered.

Given that women make up the majority of the health workforce, they may be more vulnerable to infection.The closure of schools may force health workers and other necessary personnel to stay at home to take care of their children.Children from low-income families will not have the same learning resources.

In the coronavirus crisis, beaches have been the focus of political debate. COVID-19代写

Some surfers and others said they did not see the danger of being allowed to return to the water and had been pressuring officials and online opinion polls(Alex et al,2020).The impact of the new coronavirus clearly shows a real aspect of the challenges facing human society at present.

Globalization is not something we want to have, we can ignore it if we want it or not.  Many common problems of mankind will be highlighted continuously. Whether the whole mankind is willing or not will become a destiny community with intertwined interests at some special moments.COVID-19代写

At the beginning of some things,

there may be some differences between advantages and disadvantages, but if you look at things from a distance, you will find that things are not like that at all. We are all in the same shelter surrounded by various risks.  Human society must allocate more attention to those real and potential public crises and refrain from obsessing over other struggles such as geopolitics and ideology.

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