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April 8, 2021

Article Summary  


文章摘要代写 In the article, “Is there an adequate alternative to commercially manufactured face masks?A comparison of various materials and forms”

In the article, “Is there an adequate alternative to commercially manufactured face masks? A comparison of various materials and forms”, Teesing et al.

(2020) have attempted to find out the alternative face masks that a population could wear during the shortage of medical face mask using the readily available material keeping in view the effectiveness of the face mask in protection against SARS-CoV-2. For this purpose, the authors have modeled a face mask using the readily available material and compared them with KN95/N95/FFP2. The world is already going through a shortage of medical-grade protective equipment. Many governments have made it compulsory to wear facemasks. To carry out the comparison, a filter is selected from the literature and by finding out the no-woven fabrics.


在文章中,“商业制造的口罩有足够的替代品吗?各种材料和形式的比较”,Teesing 等。 文章摘要代写

(2020) 尝试使用现成的材料找出人们在医用口罩短缺期间可以佩戴的替代口罩,同时考虑到口罩在预防 SARS-CoV-2 方面的有效性。 为此,作者使用现成的材料对口罩进行了建模,并将其与 KN95/N95/FFP2 进行了比较。 世界已经在经历医疗级防护设备的短缺。 许多政府已经强制要求戴口罩。 为了进行比较,从文献中选择过滤器并找出无纺布。

They considered commercial air filter fabric which was considered a viable option.

However, materials that are frequently used in the healthcare system are avoided in order to avoid the shortage of such material in healthcare. The opted material is then tested (Teesing, Straten, Man, & Horeman-Franse, 2020, p. 247). In the methodology, the first step is the particle test. The procedure was based on the baseline measurement where free-flowing air was passed through the particle chamber. This process was repeated three times to make sure that the loose particles which remain adhere to the fabric do not intervene in the filtration measurement.


In this way, the ratio of particles is calculated. The next step of the procedure was a fit test which emphasized that the safety of the mask also depends upon how it fits the face as the mask must be able to prevent the entrance of air from the top and the sides. To proceed with this step, AccuFIT 9000 Respirator Fit test apparatus is used. In this step, they have tested various models such as round, folded, duckbill, and pleated. The next step is a pressure test, hydrophobic test, wash test and determination of needed population compliance (pp. 249-250).


他们认为商用空气过滤器织物被认为是一种可行的选择。 文章摘要代写

然而,为了避免医疗保健系统中此类材料的短缺,避免使用医疗保健系统中经常使用的材料。然后对选择的材料进行测试(Teesing、Straten、Man 和 Horeman-Franse,2020 年,第 247 页)。在方法论中,第一步是粒子测试。该程序基于基线测量,其中自由流动的空气通过颗粒室。此过程重复 3 次,以确保粘附在织物上的松散颗粒不会干扰过滤测量。

这样,计算出粒子的比例。该程序的下一步是贴合性测试,该测试强调面罩的安全性还取决于它如何贴合面部,因为面罩必须能够防止空气从顶部和侧面进入。为了进行此步骤,使用 AccuFIT 9000 呼吸器适合测试设备。在这一步中,他们测试了圆形、折叠、鸭嘴形和褶皱等各种模型。下一步是压力测试、疏水性测试、洗涤测试和所需群体依从性的确定(第 249-250 页)。

It is deduced that quilt fabric with two layers with the filter made up of household paper towels can be a feasible and sustainable choice.

It is the best choice for protecting the population as it is cleanable and widely available. However, none of the masks have been found to pass the fit test due to leakage. Moreover, it is found that masks make up of quilt form are not hydrophobic. Another important finding was that a cotton mask without a filter is not effective enough and does not attain the purpose of preventing the reproduction of the virus. The tests conducting in this study are more precise than the European standards which might not be optimal for SARS-CoV-2. In the end, this study significantly abets the use of commercially manufacturing filters as a substitute for masks (p. 251).


由此推论,用家用纸巾做过滤器的两层被子织物是可行且可持续的选择。 文章摘要代写

它是保护人口的最佳选择,因为它可清洁且可广泛使用。 然而,由于泄漏,没有发现任何口罩通过贴合测试。 而且,发现由被子形式构成的口罩不疏水。 另一个重要发现是,没有过滤器的棉质口罩效果不够好,达不到防止病毒繁殖的目的。 本研究中进行的测试比欧洲标准更精确,这可能不是 SARS-CoV-2 的最佳选择。 最后,这项研究显着支持使用商业制造的过滤器作为口罩的替代品(第 251 页)。

Reference  文章摘要代写

Teesing, G., Straten, B., Man , P., & Horeman-Franse , T. (2020). Is there an adequate alternative to commercially manufactured face masks? A comparison of various materials and forms. Journal of Hospital Infection, 246-253. Retrieved from https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/u/0/?ui=2&ik=3637604d89&attid=0.1&permmsgid=msg-f:1696449452218415565&th=178affc9e2e279cd&view=att&disp=inline&realattid=f_kn8fznyi0&saddbat=ANGjdJ_nxMCODtewjswv1Ul-JQ9q5vLNNMEuxXL-G6IzFRV0eXIGFpis7



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