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Digital Technology代写 数字技术代写 Case代写

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Digital Technology代写

Digital Technology to Reinstate the Pedal Power: The Case for Ofo

Digital Technology代写 At the height of unprecedented breakthrough in innovation, digital technology is changing the landscape of doing business

Digital Technology代写
Digital Technology代写

Introduction Digital Technology代写

At the height of unprecedented breakthrough in innovation, digital technology is changing the landscape of doing business. which is a trend observed in many sectors of the economy worldwide. Firms are now learning the art of reaching out to millions of customers on online platforms with the help of state of the art technology such as media content and mobile apps.

One of the most notable beneficiaries of the ongoing digital switch to the world of mobile apps is Chinese bike sharing start up identified as Ofo. The company is one of the leading players China’s enveloping public transportation industry billing millions of dollars weekly by providing efficient services in a more sustainable transport service. Commuters can access a bike for hire on an app depending on their location, use the service, and drop it off at a destination of choice.Digital Technology代写

Ofo is using the current digital technological breakthrough to market directly to the customer by offering a viable alternative to automobile ride sharing. With increased traffic congestion in major cities caused mostly by vehicles. the decision to use a bike to manoeuvre and save time is increasingly informing consumer choices. Ultimately, this has contributed to the company’s successful venture.

The Art of Doing Business Digital Technology代写

The cardinal rule of business,

as applied traditionally over time, is to get a potential consumer to opt for certain products or services as compared to similar ones offered by rival firms. With this in mind, it is equally as important to understand. what inspires consumer choice in an effort to forge an effective business plan.Digital Technology代写

In recent years, experts have observed that customers prefer the brand, which speaks to them. Responding to this basic claim, the goal of every marketer should therefore be identifying the thing that drives consumer desire, such that they can understand their taste, fashion, and preferences.

As is evident in current spending patterns,

human needs are both insatiable and limitless; buyers have been seen to make impulsive choices while choosing the product or service they purchase. The important lesson here is that human needs are unpredictable, insatiable, and limitless. which simply means that identifying their desires presents quite the challenge for marketers.Digital Technology代写

Such a complex scenario calls for a comprehensive business strategy for a firm bent on breaking market barriers and making its product a preferable consumer choice. As a result, competing on both local and international market has had some projected difficulties that have seen closure of business, untimely acquisitions, and strategic partnerships.

In the enveloping digital culture,

however, businesses have learned the art of capitalizing on innovative technologies to gain a core competitive edge over fierce competitors. As technology brings the consumer and the business closer and closer. the paradox is that both parties are drifting further apart given the nature of competitive bidding in the present landscape of doing business.Digital Technology代写

The survival of business is currently determined by the ability of a firm to adjust to the changing landscape in an effort to keep up with the emerging trend. It has been proven that having a comprehensive business plan is not enough. there needs to be flexibility within the company to ensure responsiveness to change and the ultimate survival goal.

Dissecting Ofo Digital Technology代写

In recent years,

digital technology has helped boost public transportation by availing services directly to the consumer through ride sharing. Uber has been the leader thus far. However, as the landscape of doing business keeps changing. there has been a newer approach to faster and more efficient movement of people as well as commodities and services.

Given the congestion on the roads helped along by an enveloping Uber culture, there is a growing need for a sustainable alternative. Ofo has identified this business opportunity and is moving in to profit from it. Commuters can now rent a bike within the touch of a button on a media app and dispense with it conveniently.

Meanwhile,Digital Technology代写

company CEO Dai Wei notes that the company is becoming a leader in the industry dominated by fierce rival MoBike but as Wei observes. Ofo has revolutionized the way companies are doing business in China and has its sight set on the global market. Just as the United States has Uber, China now has Ofo, and in rapidly crowding city congested with traffic, commuters have started to prefer flexible and mobile forms of transportation to beat traffic.

The inconvenience of the automobiles has also fuelled the popularity of bike sharing and Ofo is poised to grab this business opportunity for all its worth. It is to be understood that the bike sharing industry is presently crowded with start ups all of whom hope to gain a competitive edge. the nature of competition compares to that of Uber and Didi in the ride-sharing business.Digital Technology代写

However, bike sharing has emerged as more convenient and efficient mode of public transportation given its flexibility. Ofo’s strategy has been offering a viable and sustainable alternative to the present traffic problems.

As one of the most promising start ups in China,

ofo made a significant breakthrough earlier in March 2017 when it gathered an estimated $450 million in a fresh round of investor funding. The most notable sponsors are ride-sharing giant Didi, the investment group ST Global, and CITIC private equity firm. Subsequently. Ofo is now poised to become the company to beat posing significant strategic risk to titans of industry, especially Mobike.

In the increasingly dynamic digital world,

Ofo’s key business strategy has been to capitalize on technology to bring the customer closer to the service. The most essential part of the strategy is partnership with leading companies such as Didi who have been using digital technology to reach out to customer and managed to build a brand reputation while doing so. With time, the company has managed to do business with the help of GPS enabled cell phone apps making it easy and practical for users to locate a bike, pay for it, and leave it at a destination of their choice.

Looking at Ofo’s ongoing breakthrough,Digital Technology代写

it is now becoming increasingly clear that China’s pedal power is back as bike sharing firms continue to partner with mobile apps companies to take back the country to two wheels. Apple’s fallen visionary Steve Jobs believed that the key to successful business is less about destroying the rival and more about finding strategic partnerships to work collectively on a quid pro quo basis for mutually beneficial arrangements.

And in a pervasively competing business world,

firms often have no choice but to collaborate with others. The emergence of Ofo has been described in academic inquiry as a game changer for modern business; it seems like a finely polished version of the Uber model of business. While ‘Uberism’ set the pace for a digital switch, Ofo is now putting the icing on the cake; the latter is faster, more efficient, and more flexible than the former.Digital Technology代写

Chinese commuters are gradually shifting to bike sharing in the place of hiring ride sharing automobiles.A growing number of customers can now unlock Ofo bikes on a wide range of mobile apps, use the services and manoeuvre through automobile traffic before dispensing with the bike at any location.

At the height of the digital switch,

the once humble Chinese start up is on the verge of groundbreaking success by becoming a leader in revolutionizing public transportation by bringing back the two wheels. Mobile apps have been at the centre of this revolution as Ofo makes use of digital technology to meet customer needs by exceeding their expectations.Projected findings retrieved from a recent survey conducted under the auspices of Gallup International indicate that mobile apps are setting the pace for the future landscape.


smart phone users spend up to 89 percent of their time conducting business via mobile apps in one way or the other. The need to satisfy consumer wants has led service providers and potential customers together on a ‘willing buyer, willing seller’ form of arrangement. Technology has seen to it that this interaction is fruitful and mutually beneficial; the customers access a service to fulfil their needs and the firm provides efficient service at a reasonable price.Digital Technology代写

The secret of Ofo’s success is their responsiveness in terms of their remarkable ability to adopt with the changes in the market. Likewise, the company has been seen to value strategic business partnership; quid pro quo helps reinforce such collaborations. As mobile apps keep defining the future of world business, Ofo is getting a fair share of it, which is well deserved given the company’s spirited approach.


The ongoing digital switch has revolutionized the modern landscape of doing business. Media content and apps have become the indicators of a radically evolving society. Likewise, with the extent to which technology will boost or effect spelling technique today, Ofi has Digital Technology代写

Digital Technology代写
Digital Technology代写










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