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Critical Essay代写

Critical Essay

Critical Essay代写 Not all citizens agree to all the decisions made and enforced by the government. Ironically, we have learnt





V for Vendetta Critical Essay代写

Not all citizens agree to all the decisions made and enforced by the government. Ironically, we have learnt to be contented with corrupt systems by the implication of the political history we are part of. Insecurities about the government of the day have been part of us as well. However, it is hard to imagine a masked man daring by taking matters on his hand in a bid to change what for long we have thought unchangeable and have been satisfied living with.

However, this man one day declares enough of it all and try to dismantle the established yet failed government for the new era in the country. The book V for Vendetta, the actions by V is an illustration of the history of Guy Fawkes bulletproof idea for the betterment of the society (Reilly 4). Thus, portraying him not as an anarchist but a friend of the society’s wellbeing.Critical Essay代写

V for Vendetta is a comic book by George Orwell, published in 1984. The book was later produced to a movie going by the same name. The book is a perfect replica of modern society albeit in the future, in which the autocratic rulers lead us. In all the episodes, V hides behind the mask of Guy Fawkes who tried to blow the parliament in the 16th century. The book has utilised various stylistic devices like imagery, symbolism, irony, satirical tone which gives the mood and epic of a thrill to the reader.

Critical Essay代写
Critical Essay代写

Mr Guy Fawkes became a famous conspirator in 1605 when he plotted to blow the England parliament.Critical Essay代写

The action by Fawkes was in response to the intensified England official Protestant religion. Fawkes was passionate about the Catholic doctrine. He and his companions thought that by overthrowing the government, the new dawn of Catholicism would rise. Unfortunately, in the process of his endeavour, he lost his life, but the idea of redemption transcended the whole narrative through the action of V.

Perhaps the most profound part of the narrative is found when V choose to distribute the Fawkes Masks to the people. The action was intended for the good of the people but ended bringing detrimental confusion. His decision to distribute the mask was to cause chaos and confusion in the government and symbolically show how it is corrupt. Before the supply of the mask to the mass, V was aware of the repercussions that will follow as the retaliation from the government officials. The use of a lethal weapon by the government force was out of the question. The even worked in favour of V by being able to prove how the government of the day is ready to use any force or violence in order to keep it corrupt regime intact.Critical Essay代写

An example is when the same government failed to listen to the people’s protest and have their interest and culminated this by the intentional killing of a little girl by the police at the bridge. In his defence, the police tried to justify his action by displaying his badge to prove he is a police officer. It was as if the police badge was an honour and privilege to negligently killing the innocent people.

The police thought his authority would let people spare his life,

but it became apparent on the rot that has eaten the very fabric of the government. As such, the people realised how the government has become so insensitive of the public affairs and not interested at making their any life better, hence the need to call for a change. In this regard, the V action was a perfect portrayal of the sacrifice that people have to make in order to lead the demolition of the poor leadership and elect the new and better one.Critical Essay代写

Furthermore, V continued with his good intentions to redeem the people and establish a better society through the torturing of Evey. He chose to torture Evey near his home which resembled a facility used to torture him in the government experiment. Before the torture, Evey had the desire to live without fear of the government, which she said to V. In the bid to end her fear, V took the mater on his hands to torture her. However, Evey was unaware of her tormentor as she thought that it is the same ruthless government she detested.

Although the action may be viewed inhuman from the man like V.,Critical Essay代写

the torture was good for her so that she can learn to live without fear. According to Reilly, “Evey enters the narrative as a possible sidekick for V, you to his I, but throughout the text, she is pushed through the painful process of becoming an I.” Evey experience consisted of shaved head, suffocation through being submerged water and forced to eat the food from the government. It is evident that, even after the torture, Evey could not divulge the information of the V whereabout. Evey confessed to better death rather than betraying V and his quest. The whole episode is a clear depiction of new hope for the people through instilled leadership courage in Evey.Critical Essay代写

The last narration of the book describes V’s manipulative plan to change the oppressive regime. His mission was to turn himself in if Chancellor Sutler is killed. A planned meeting for his capture saws V getting a bullet on the chest. Fortunately, V survived the shoot because he had worn a bulletproof. The bulletproof symbolised the bulletproof idea by Guy Fawkes.

During the turn of event in the scene,

Chancellor was heard telling V, “Why won’t you die?” (Reilly). In his response, he said, “Beneath this mask, there is more than flesh, behind this mask is an idea Mr Creedy and ideas are bulletproof.” (Reilly) V meant the idea, but not himself and the idea is bulletproof, meaning it cannot die. The idea survived and transcended for generations even after the old government was brought down. Additionally, the idea survived even after the death of man V through his mentee Evey.Critical Essay代写

The last narrative represented a great symbolism when the parliament went to a rampage. According to (Reilly) “V destroys it as a way of symbolising the fact that it has already been hollowed out of it original purpose, making the point that ideas cannot be housed in a building, but must instead capture the minds of people.”

The writers point out that the suppression by the government of its people,

deprive the autonomy to make their decisions that make their life better and thus make them complacent and blind to the atrocities within their government. Consequently, as the government tightens its grip on restricting the public freedom, V, on the other hand, was tightening the noose on which to bring down the same government. His plans to destroy the parliament were called for. The book depicts how people took off their masks after the explosion at the parliament. The act shows the birth of the new dawn and a mark new beginning.

At the start of his narration,Critical Essay代写

Orwell gives an overview of the background story of an idea from Guy Fawkes. Unfortunately, the man was captured and killed in his daring plan. His idea was adopted and endured throughout the book. V is the is the man who continued with Guy Fawkes’s bulletproof idea. Mr V became the main character in the book and helped bring out the theme of the book. His action also makes Guy Fawkes live throughout the narrative. The idea behind his action is the betterment of the whole London society by giving them hope for freedom of abundant life.

Man V had the devotion to redeem his people from the perennial atrocities by daring his life for it. When man V died, the government he was fighting for freedom also toppled. The end of the book the writer shows the hope that endowed the people when they experienced a rebirth of hope for better life and governance. People took off the mask as a way to the realisation of the new world they have been liberated to. The liberation and new sense of hope were installed through the sacrifice of V and continued through Evey. Evey was mentored and prepared for the task ahead by V himself. Hse signify the undying hope and perpetuation of the fight for a better society. Therefore, it is correct to say that V was not anarchist but a rather freedom and the peace-seeking man who had selfless intention to redeem his country.Critical Essay代写

Work Cited

Reilly, Patrick. George Orwell: the age’s adversary. Springer, 1986.

并非所有公民都同意政府做出和执行的所有决定。具有讽刺意味的是,由于我们所隶属的政治历史的影响,我们学会了对腐败的制度感到满意。当今政府的不安全感也是我们的一部分。但是,很难想象一个蒙面的人敢于处理自己的事情,以期改变我们长期以来一直认为无法改变且对生活感到满意的东西。然而,这个人有一天宣布了足够的一切,并试图拆除该国新时代已建立但失败的政府。 《 V字仇杀队》(V for Vendetta),《 V的行动》一书说明了盖伊·福克斯(Guy Fawkes)为改善社会做出的防弹主意的历史(Reilly 4)。因此,将他描绘成不是无政府主义者,而是社会福祉的朋友。Critical Essay代写
V for Vendetta是乔治·奥威尔(George Orwell)于1984年出版的漫画书。该书后来被制作成同名电影。这本书是现代社会的完美复制品,尽管在将来,专制统治者领导着我们。在所有情节中,V都躲在盖伊·福克斯(Guy Fawkes)的面具后面,盖伊·福克斯(Guy Fawkes)试图在16世纪炸毁议会。该书利用了各种风格手段,例如意象,象征主义,讽刺,讽刺的语气,给读者带来了激动和激动的史诗感。
盖伊·福克斯(Guy Fawkes)先生于1605年密谋打击英格兰议会时成为著名的阴谋家。福克斯的举动是对日益增强的英格兰官方新教宗教的回应。福克斯对天主教的学说充满热情。他和他的同伴们认为,通过推翻政府,天主教的新曙光将会崛起。不幸的是,在他努力的过程中,他丧生了,但是救赎的思想通过V的行动超越了整个叙述。Critical Essay代写
一个例子是,同一政府没有听取民众的抗议,没有引起他们的兴趣,而最终达到这一目的的是警察在桥上故意杀害了一个小女孩。为了辩护,警察试图通过显示其证章以证明他是一名警察来为他的行为辩护。好像警察徽章是过失地杀害无辜人民的荣幸和特权。警察认为他的权威可以使人们度过一生,但是这种腐烂变得很明显,这已经吞噬了政府的本职。因此,人们意识到政府如何变得对公共事务变得如此不敏感,对提高生活质量不感兴趣,因此需要进行改变。在这方面,V行动是人们为领导拆除贫穷的领导层并选举新的更好的领导层而必须作出的牺牲的完美写照。Critical Essay代写
此外,V继续本着良好的意愿,通过折磨埃维(Evey)来挽救人民并建立更美好的社会。他选择在他家附近折磨埃维,类似于在政府实验中用来折磨他的设施。在遭受酷刑之前,埃维(Evey)希望生活在不惧怕政府的情况下,她对伏特说。为了结束恐惧,伏特(V)用手握住了母校对她进行酷刑。但是,埃维(Evey)并没有意识到自己的折磨,因为她认为那是她所憎恶的残酷政府。尽管从像V.这样的男人看来,这一举动是不人道的,但酷刑对她是有益的,因此她可以学会生活而无惧。根据赖利(Reilly)的说法,“埃维(Evey)可能是V的代言人,对V来说是您的助手,但在整个文本中,她都经历了成为I的痛苦过程。” Evey的经历包括剃光头,被淹没的水窒息而死,并被迫吃掉政府提供的食物。显然,即使在遭受酷刑之后,埃维也无法泄露有关V的下落的信息。 Evey承认要更好地死亡,而不是背叛V和他的追求。整集清楚地描绘了通过在埃维灌输领导勇气给人民带来的新希望。

为捕获他的东西,看到V在胸口射出子弹。幸运的是,V因为戴了防弹衣而幸免于难。防弹象征着盖伊·福克斯(Guy Fawkes)的防弹主意。在现场的活动转向期间,听到校长告诉V,“你为什么不死?” (赖利)。他在回应中说:“在这个面具下面,不仅有血肉,而且在这个面具后面是一个想法,克里迪先生并且想法是防弹的。” (赖利)V表示这个想法,但不是他自己,这个想法是防弹的,意味着它不会死。即使旧政府被推翻,这个想法也幸存下来并世代相传。此外,即使在V人通过他的受教徒Evey死后,这个想法仍然存在。
议会横冲直撞时,最后的叙述代表了一种伟大的象征意义。根据(Reilly)的说法,“ V破坏它是为了表示它已经被掏空了它原来的目的的事实,指出不能将思想容纳在建筑物中,而必须抓住人们的思想。”作者指出,政府对人民的镇压使他们丧失了自治权,无法做出使自己的生活更加美好的决定,从而使他们对政府内部的暴行自满而视而不见。结果,当政府加强限制公共自由的控制力时,另一方面,V正在收紧推翻同一政府的绞索。有人要求他销毁议会的计划。这本书描述了议会爆炸后人们如何脱下口罩。该法案显示了新的曙光的诞生和新的开端。Critical Essay代写
在叙述开始时,奥威尔(Orwell)概述了盖伊·福克斯(Guy Fawkes)的想法的背景故事。不幸的是,这名男子在他的大胆计划中被捕并被杀。他的想法在整本书中都得到采纳和坚持。 V是继续盖伊·福克斯(Guy Fawkes)防弹主意的人。 V先生成为这本书的主角,并带出了这本书的主题。他的举动也使盖伊·福克斯(Guy Fawkes)活在整个叙事中。他的行动背后的想法是,通过赋予他们丰富的生活自由的希望,改善整个伦敦社会。男人五有勇气为之奋斗,以挽救自己的人民摆脱多年生的暴行。 V人死后,他为自由而战的政府也垮台了。在书的最后,作者展示了人们在重生希望带来更好的生活和治理时赋予他们的希望。人们摘下面具,作为实现他们所解放的新世界的一种方式。通过牺牲V来建立解放和新的希望,并通过Evey继续前进。 V亲自指导Evey并为即将完成的任务做好了准备。 Hse表示为建立更美好的社会而进行的不懈的希望和永恒的追求。因此,可以正确地说,V不是无政府主义者,而是相当自由和寻求和平的人,他无私地打算赎回自己的国家。Critical Essay代写

赖利,帕特里克。乔治·奥威尔(George Orwell):那个时代的对手。斯普林格,1986年。Critical Essay代写

Critical Essay代写
Critical Essay代写

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