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The plays代写 thematic代写

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The plays代写





Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

The plays代写 The play, Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller dwells with issues more the unfortunate the suicide of man.


The play, Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller dwells with issues more the unfortunate the suicide of man.  The plays代写

It revolves around the unfulfilled dreams as well as the aspirations of Willy Loman, a salesman, and his eventual failure to realize them. The play revolves around Willy, a middle-class salesman plays as he attempts justifying. And making sense of his life in a world that he finds unappreciative and cruel. The twin issues of identity loss and the inability of human beings to accept change within themselves and their societies are central to Death of a Salesman. The plays代写**成品

His occupation is responsible for shaping his whole outlook and personality on life as influences the way he perceives and relates with his family and society, and his decision in committing suicide (Griffin, p.34). Formerly a successful salesman, he remembers times in the past he used to sell and get enough money to comfortably fend for his family and have a mistress on the side. He traveled a lot selling his wares and what he treasured most was being “well-liked” by everybody. However, it was unfortunate that he lived to see changes around him which left him more vulnerable to life. The plays代写**成品

The plays thematic concerns are succinctly juxtaposed with the issue of the quintessential “American Hero” as explored through a montage of dreams, memories, and confrontations that are comprised in Willy’s last 24 hours. He left his job as a carpenter to be a salesman because he wanted to be more successful like the rest who were born in America; however, he did not succeed in his plan as his path was flaunted with many drawbacks key among them his character disposition (Lessi and Robin p.2).

Willy’s character is flaunted with inconsistencies.  The plays代写

This is evident from Act I, Scene 1 as he labels Biff as a “lazy bum” which he later but contradicts immediately after when he refers to him thus: “And such a hard worker. There’s one thing about Biffs not lazy” (Konig, p. 54). Though Willy’s contradictions may at first confuse the audience they soon become part of his character and there expected. The inconsistencies in character arise out of denial and propensity to re-create and use the past glories to escape reality. The plays代写**成品

It is for this reason therefore that he fails to understand that Biff does not respect him anymore as a result of his affair. Instead of accepting the fact that the relationship is beyond repair, he dwells on the past when he was admired and respected by Biff. It is therefore not a wonder that with the time, Willy degenerates more and more as his problems become compounded.

His irrationality is evident in one of his biggest struggles, his car.  The plays代写

He used to spend a lot of time as a salesman driving around. On returning home after another unsuccessful trip, he used to take his frustration on the car blaming it on his failure to make good sales to meet his financial needs. With the inception of new and better appliances and automobiles. Willy is perpetually struggling to catch-up by getting the latest for his family. The plays代写**成品

Unfortunately, he becomes overwhelmed with time and starts losing his mind in the accusation of material things. What is of great concern to him is the desire to keep up with others with regard to material things and success (Sterling, p.87). It is therefore not a wonder that he constantly mentions the fact that he is short of finances and cannot afford new appliances. He also regrets his failure to go to Africa with Ben who turned out to be very successful.

The plays代写
The plays代写

As the ravages of age afflicted him, he started losing his vigor and ability to travel and selling anything as it was therefore before. This meant a loss of his once glamorous lifestyle coupled with the accumulation of bills and debts. This sudden lifestyle change had a devastating effect on his disposition as he took refuge in his dreams as he kept faith that things will improve.

Willy’s increased desperation in life is exemplified through his inability to deal with machines,his focus on a farm which never flourished, and his hallucinations.  The plays代写

Willy’s words to his sons that “the man who makes an appearance in the business world… is the man who gets ahead. Be liked and you will never want.” (Miller, p. 33) shows his failure to see the need for grittiness in society. Though he upholds glamour and being popular, he fails in finding success leading to his delusional demeanor. This prevents him from accepting the direction Biff’s life was taking. It is also this inability to accept the reality that brings about his death. All these shows how his dreams and hopes were extinguished due to his failure to deal with reality practically.

Willy further retreats in his past as the play progresses.  The plays代写

An analysis of this strain of behavior can be explained as his own way of trying to deny the reality, especially when the reality is too hard for him to cope with (Sterling, p.112). It is for this reason too that he lapses to his past more and more as a way of trying to recreate order in his life. This is evident as the more disastrous and disjointed his life seems to be falling. The more urgent it is for him to come up with a diversion from his to escape the present. The plays代写**成品

For example, after he is fired, he confides in Ben “nothing’s working out. I don’t know what to do” (Konig, p.34). He turns down a job offer by Ben after being convinced by Linda to remain in sales, like Dave Singleman. He becomes more confident as he convinces himself of having made the right decision by turning down Ben’s offer. He trusts that he will succeed just like Singleman. Therefore, his memory has helped in distracting him from the reality of being fired.

The members of Loman’s family are individually living in perpetual denial in them and in others.  The plays代写

This is so much exemplified through the way Loman fails to accept his incapability as a salesman. He instead engages in self-interpretation of the American dream characterized by notoriety and success while all along denying the reality so as to make it. He also fails to acknowledge his shortcomings by retreating into his past which he reminiscences in search of past successes. This is why he reveres in a past memory of a past football game with Biff’ who had promised to particularly create a touchdown for him. Loman cannot hide his pride in telling this event to his clients. The plays代写**成品

As a result of the pride his son has on him, he, therefore, considers himself a hero. His sense of pride is further manifested in his sons, Biff and Happy, who have taken after their father. They deny and manipulate the reality in their daily undertakings which is detrimental. The habit is however exposed when Biff finally accepts being a “phony” just like his father. It is noteworthy that it is only Linda who is able to recognize the denial that has been in Loman’s family (Kovalenko, p.49). Sadly, she helps to perpetuate it by going along with the fantasies in Willy’s life so as to avoid hurting his delicate state of mind.

The subjects of contradiction, denial, and the search for order versus disorder are intertwined in creating an atmosphere  The plays代写

That is euphoric as the audience marvels at a man wasting away due to are denial and resultant mental stability. In this portrayal of Loman, the audience is provoked to take a self-awareness journey into them. The audience can, therefore, relate to Loman’s journey to failure, self-deprecation. And the great regret as these are experiences, they must have gone through in life. However, the lessons learned from the play are very illuminating as the fate of Loman is not unique.  The plays代写**成品

He committed a mistake that irredeemably changed his life and the way he related to others who were closest to him. Despite his many attempts to redeem himself, he tries one final attempt by strongly denying the claim by Biff that both are just ordinary common folks. It is however ironical as the denial gives the play its universality and endurance as Biff tells his father, “Pop! I’m a dime a dozen and so are you!” And Willy replies, “I am not a dime a dozen! I am Willy” (Miller, Act 2, p.105).

The plays代写
The plays代写

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