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Brief Background of Hungry Jacks

市场营销essay代写 Some of the changes that will be made for the target product entail the inclusion of new deli-style baguettes and salad new.


Brief Background of Hungry Jack’s

Hungry Jack’s is Burger King Corporation’s franchise and has been operating in Australia since 1971. The company opened its first store in Innaloo (Perth). Its initial success resulted into quick expansion, with opening of other stores such as Everard Park and Kedron in Anzac High and Queensland respectively. In just one decade, the company had grown into three states with 26 stores (McDonald’s, 2013).


In 1990, changes were made on the franchise contract that allowed Hungry Jack’s to franchise to competitive foods as sole entity business, and the first company to get the third franchise was Broken Hill in 1991.   市场营销essay代写

Burger King at the same time opened its independent stores and franchised some stores under its trademark. However, this strategy was changed and allowed only Hungry Jack’s because of its 3-decade long heritage trade was appropriate to drive the business. Today, the company operates in all states of Australia and has over 340 stores. The company is now an iconic Australian brand, offering quality services and products faster.  A consistent and clear delivery of its corporate vision “Hungry Jack’s Makes It Better” has developed a well-loved and strong brand that has grand future within Australia (McDonald’s, 2013).


阶段1  市场营销essay代写

Hungry Jack’s简要背景

Hungry Jack’s 是汉堡王公司的特许经营权,自 1971 年以来一直在澳大利亚经营。该公司在 Innaloo(珀斯)开设了第一家门店。它最初的成功导致了快速扩张,并分别在 Anzac High 和昆士兰开设了 Everard Park 和 Kedron 等其他商店。在短短十年内,该公司已发展成为拥有 26 家门店的三个州 (McDonald’s, 2013)。

1990 年,特许经营合同发生变化,允许 Hungry Jack’s 将有竞争力的食品作为独家实体业务特许经营,而第一家获得第三个特许经营权的公司是 1991 年的 Broken Hill。

汉堡王同时开设了自己的独立门店,并以自己的商标特许经营了一些门店。然而,这一战略发生了变化,只允许 Hungry Jack’s 经营,因为其长达 3 年的传统贸易适合推动业务发展。如今,该公司在澳大利亚所有州开展业务,拥有 340 多家门店。该公司现在是一个标志性的澳大利亚品牌,可以更快地提供优质的服务和产品。其企业愿景“Hungry Jack’s Makes It Better”的一致而明确的交付已经发展出一个深受喜爱且强大的品牌,在澳大利亚拥有广阔的未来(麦当劳,2013 年)。

Operation Industry:

Hungry Jack’s operates in fast-food industry. Fast-food means serving of foods which can quickly prepared, for instance fried chicken, frankfurters, or hamburgers. This industry comprises of both intangible and tangible aspects, and due to this, the market target/product directly sits at the heart of Product-Service continuum (Walker, 2000).  For our case, the tangible components would be fries, hamburger, Burger or items which are purchased. While the intangible component is are things like, the ability to have burger prepared without pickles, the customer care, and the expected restaurant environment etc.

Product Category:

Hungry Jack’s have developed a number of recipes. They comprise Aussie Burger, Whopper, Cheese Whopper, Whipped Cream, Double Whooper, Cheese Burger and Hamburger. For the purpose of this marketing project we will focus on Whipped Cream topping (McDonald’s, 2013).

Main Competitors:

Hungry Jack’s is a huge fast huge chain in Australia, however its main competitors are the international fast food companies with stores in Australia for example, Pizza Hut and McDonald’s, which offer stiff competition to Hungry Jack’s. On the other hand, a number of new forms of casual dining outlets e.g. Outback Jack’s have lately come up and record rapid growth. 市场营销essay代写

There are a number of whipped topping brands available in the mainstream stores most of which are produced by large players such as MacDonald’s and Pizza Hut. Also, there are dry mixes; however, these do not create direct competition for Whipped Dream.



Hungry Jack’s 经营快餐业。快餐是指提供可以快速准备的食物,例如炸鸡、法兰克福香肠或汉堡包。该行业包括无形和有形方面,因此,市场目标/产品直接位于产品服务连续体的核心(Walker,2000)。对于我们的案例,有形组件将是薯条、汉堡包、汉堡或购买的物品。虽然无形的部分是诸如能够在没有泡菜的情况下准备汉堡的能力、客户服务和预期的餐厅环境等。


Hungry Jack’s 开发了许多食谱。它们包括澳大利亚汉堡、华堡、芝士华堡、鲜奶油、双华堡、芝士汉堡和汉堡包。出于此营销项目的目的,我们将专注于鲜奶油配料 (McDonald’s, 2013)。


Hungry Jack’s 是澳大利亚一家规模庞大的快餐连锁店,但其主要竞争对手是在澳大利亚设有门店的国际快餐公司,例如必胜客和麦当劳,与Hungry Jack’s 形成了激烈的竞争。另一方面,一些新形式的休闲餐饮场所,例如内陆杰克最近出现并记录了快速增长。

主流商店里有许多鞭打顶级品牌,其中大部分是由麦当劳和必胜客等大公司生产的。此外,还有干混;然而,这些并不会为 Whipped Dream 带来直接竞争。

Strengths and Weakness

Based on the sales figures from stores in Perth and Melbourne, about 65% of the Australia’s whipped topping brand is offered in frozen form (tub), whereas the rest 35% is offered in pressurized form (can) (Restaurants Industry Report,  2012).

The strengths of this product are in its distribution channel and market share. It is available in nearly all outlets and has acquired a significant market acceptance. Also, they are supplied with other frozen and refrigerated dairy products.

The lack of variety of this product is its weakness.


  • Customer Intimacy
  • Strong brand
  • Supplier Integration
  • Product Innovation
  • Discounting
  • Location of property


  • Low width and Depth of the product
  • Location of restaurant far from pedestrian traffic



根据珀斯和墨尔本商店的销售数据,大约 65% 的澳大利亚搅打打顶品牌以冷冻形式(桶)提供,而其余 35% 以加压形式(罐)提供(餐厅行业报告,2012 年) .

该产品的优势在于其分销渠道和市场份额。 它几乎在所有网点都有售,并获得了广泛的市场认可。 此外,他们还提供其他冷冻和冷藏乳制品。



  • 客户关系
  • 强势品牌
  • 供应商整合
  • 产品创新
  • 打折
  • 物业位置


  • 产品宽度和深度低
  • 餐厅位置远离行人交通


Market segmentation:

This is the process of subdividing and defining a huge homogenous market into precisely identifiable segments which has similar demand characteristics, wants or needs (Adam, Armstrong, Brown & Kotler, 1998).

It is important for Hungry Jack’s to undertake market segmentation while offering flavoured Whipped Cream Topping because it helps develop a marketing mix which accurately matches customers’ expectations within the targeted segment.

Hungry Jack’s deploys a differentiated marketing strategy in developing various offers for particular market sector. This approach enables the company to meet the needs of customers in every sector, thus improving marketing success chances.

 Market segmentation bases

Demographics:  One of the major population structure changes in Australia is the declining birth rate and increasing population of seniors. This implies that fast-food companies need to market their products and services in a different market targets since most of the existing markets are gradually growing smaller (Callaghan, Mc Coll & Palmer, 2008).

Geographic: As population increases, it also shifts and expands geographically. For Hungry Jack’s this implies that they have to open new outlets and shift locations to sustain the demand.  市场营销essay代写

Psychographic Segmentation entails understanding the opinions, interests and lifestyles of consumers.

Behavioural approach focuses on their relationship with firm or product, for instance light or heavy users, brand switchers of brand loyal (Leslie, 2010).

Hungry Jack’s has based its market segmentation on demographic parameters (and that is the reason why demographic variables are critical to examine. The segments which Hungry Jack’s targets are subdivided into lifestyle and age stage, based on the fact that they are easily identifiable and the wants and needs of consumers closely vary with the demographic elements. Hungry Jack’s primary market targets are teenagers, adults and seniors, however children is the most heavily segment targeted.




这是将巨大的同质市场细分和定义为具有相似需求特征、想要或需要的精确可识别部分的过程(Adam、Armstrong、Brown & Kotler,1998)。

Hungry Jack’s 在提供调味鲜奶油配料的同时进行市场细分非常重要,因为它有助于开发准确匹配目标细分市场中客户期望的营销组合。

Hungry Jack’s 在为特定市场部门开发各种优惠时部署了差异化营销策略。这种方法使公司能够满足各个领域客户的需求,从而提高营销成功的机会。


人口统计:澳大利亚人口结构的主要变化之一是出生率下降和老年人口增加。这意味着快餐公司需要在不同的市场目标中推销他们的产品和服务,因为大多数现有市场都在逐渐变小(Callaghan、Mc Coll & Palmer,2008 年)。

地理:随着人口的增加,它也在地理上发生变化和扩展。对于 Hungry Jack’s 来说,这意味着他们必须开设新的门店并转移地点来维持需求。


行为方法侧重于他们与公司或产品的关系,例如轻度或重度用户、品牌忠诚度的品牌转换者 (Leslie, 2010)。

Hungry Jack’s 的市场细分基于人口参数(这就是人口变量对检查至关重要的原因。Hungry Jack 的目标细分市场细分为生活方式和年龄阶段,基于它们易于识别和需求的事实消费者的需求因人口因素而异,Hungry Jack 的主要市场目标是青少年、成人和老年人,但儿童是最重要的目标群体。



Product Definition

According to Jagdish Sheth (2005) a product is something that satisfies a want or need. A product may not be essentially a physical object; it can include ideas, places, people, services and goods.

It is important for Hungry Jack to understand its service and products offer it would enable the organization to differentiate itself from market competitors and acquire competitive edge. Positioning of the product would be based on usage occasions; benefits offered, attributes, away or against the competitors.  市场营销essay代写

Tender Grill, Tender Crisp, and the Whooper sandwiches are the only Burger King products (trademarks) that Hungry Jack’s sells. The rest of the Burger King trademarks are offered in more generic names for instance, Grilled Chicken Burger, Veggie Burger or Hamburger.

The company’s breakfast menu that was introduced in three states (Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland) in 2005, and in other states late 2006, has very minimal resemblance to breakfast menu of Burger Kings US. Its main breakfast menu (sandwich) is offered on either a wrap burrito breakfast or English muffin as opposed to the hash browns or croissant offered as patties instead of Tater Tots, and the menu also features pancakes (McDonald’s, 2013).

Hungry Jack’s breakfast menu, a combo Bacon Deluxe meal, (famous menu), which is different and unique to Australia


第三阶段  市场营销essay代写



根据 Jagdish Sheth (2005) 的说法,产品是满足需求的东西。产品本质上可能不是物理对象;它可以包括想法、地点、人员、服务和商品。

Hungry Jack 了解其提供的服务和产品非常重要,这将使组织能够从市场竞争对手中脱颖而出并获得竞争优势。根据使用场合对产品进行定位;提供的利益,属性,远离或反对竞争对手。

Tender Grill、Tender Crisp 和 Whooper 三明治是 Hungry Jack’s 销售的唯一汉堡王产品(商标)。汉堡王的其余商标以更通用的名称提供,例如烤鸡肉汉堡、素食汉堡或汉堡。

该公司的早餐菜单于 2005 年在三个州(北领地、西澳大利亚和昆士兰)推出,并于 2006 年底在其他州推出,与美国汉堡王的早餐菜单几乎没有相似之处。它的主要早餐菜单(三明治)提供卷饼早餐或英式松饼,而不是作为馅饼提供的薯饼或羊角面包,而不是 Tater Tots,菜单还包括煎饼(麦当劳,2013 年)。

Hungry Jack’s 早餐菜单,组合培根豪华套餐,(著名菜单),澳大利亚与众不同,独一无二

           (McDonald’s, 2013)

Product Life Cycle

According to Schlosser (2011) a product life cycle refers to the period which begins with the original product design (R&D) and concludes with the withdrawal of that product or service from the market. Product life cycle is characterized with meticulous stages, comprising research and development (R & D), and then product introduction, to maturity, then decline and lastly obsolescence when the product is withdrawn or discontinued from the market.

The critical thing to recall while providing menu items to clients is that customers have a choice. Customers have numerous ways to spend their cash and places (where) to spend the money. Hence, Hungry Jack’s place significant emphasis on creating a menu which consumers wants.  This is can be effectively established through market research. Nonetheless, the requirements of customers do change with time. What is attractive and fashionable today could be discarded the following day. Hungry Jack’s marketing relentlessly assesses customers’ preference.


(麦当劳,2013 年)  市场营销essay代写


根据 Schlosser (2011) 的说法,产品生命周期是指从最初的产品设计 (R&D) 开始到该产品或服务退出市场结束的时期。产品生命周期具有细致的阶段性特征,包括研发(R&D),然后产品推出,到成熟,然后下降,最后当产品退出或停产时被淘汰。

向客户提供菜单项时要记住的关键是客户有选择权。客户有多种花钱方式和花钱的地方(在哪里)。因此,Hungry Jack 非常重视创建消费者想要的菜单。这可以通过市场调查有效地建立。尽管如此,客户的要求确实会随着时间而变化。今天有吸引力和时尚的东西可能在第二天被丢弃。 Hungry Jack 的营销无情地评估客户的偏好。

So as to meet such changes, Hungry Jack’s has phases out old products and introduced new products, and continues to do that.

The company takes lots of care not to severely affect the sales of a product when another choice is introduced, that would cannibalize sales from the old product (trade off). Hungry Jack’s understands that its menu items will differ in popularity and their ability to bring revenue would differ at various stages along their life cycle.

Below is an illustration of how a product goes through a life cycle:

Fig 1 Life cycle of a product


The amount invested and the kind of marketing to be undertaken varies based on the stage that a product is at. For instance, the launch of a new Burger would characteristically entail television as well as other advertisement support. In any given time, Hungry Jack’s would have a product portfolio each at varying lifecycle stage. For the case of our product (Whipped Cream Topping) which its popularity is growing is definitely at maturity stage.



当引入另一种选择时,公司非常注意不要严重影响产品的销售,这会蚕食旧产品的销售(折衷)。 Hungry Jack’s 了解其菜单项目的受欢迎程度会有所不同,并且它们带来收入的能力在其生命周期的不同阶段也会有所不同。


图 1 产品的生命周期

投入的金额和进行的营销类型因产品所处的阶段而异。例如,新汉堡的推出通常需要电视和其他广告支持。在任何给定时间,Hungry Jack’s 都会在不同的生命周期阶段拥有一个产品组合。对于我们的产品(Whipped Cream Topping)来说,它的受欢迎程度越来越高,肯定处于成熟阶段。


Definition of Branding: According to Bateson & Hoffman (2008) branding is the process that entails creating a unique image and name of a product or service in the minds of consumers’ majorly through promotions or advertising initiatives with unswerving theme.  The objective of branding is to establish a differentiated and significant presence within the marketplace, which retains and attract loyal customers (Wansink, 2006).

Marketing and Branding is very critical for Hungry Jack’s to uphold its brand recall with consumers while they are choosing which place to eat. For Hungry Jack’s to maintain connection which the culture of Australia, the company commissioned “Year of the Outback” initiative emphasizing the significance of Queensland’s outback and its primary industry. The company is also the major sponsor of Tidy Towns Australian Awards to keep the country beautiful and make better the local environment (Bartol and Margaret, 2011). The company also generates pleasure with movie-themes, for example Star Wars when one buys kids value products.  市场营销essay代写

The company engages with the broader community. It takes pride through engagement with communities through partnerships, with NGOs, for instance Gorilla Conservation Breeding Initiative based in Taronga Zoo (that strives to establish genetic diversity by way of a captive breeding system). Through their partnership with Keep Australia Beautiful, Hungry Jack’s is engaged in eco-friendly packaging method that inspires the citizens to responsibly dispose their wastes. The company is also one of the core supporters of Australian football codes through positive engagement with national football league teams as well as media channels.



品牌的定义:根据 Bateson & Hoffman (2008) 的说法,品牌是需要在消费者心目中创造独特的产品或服务形象和名称的过程,主要是通过主题坚定不移的促销或广告举措。品牌化的目标是在市场中建立差异化和显着的存在,从而留住并吸引忠实客户(Wansink,2006 年)。

营销和品牌推广对于 Hungry Jack’s 来说非常重要,可以在消费者选择用餐地点时维护其品牌召回。为了保持与澳大利亚文化的联系,该公司委托了“内陆年”计划,强调昆士兰内陆及其第一产业的重要性。该公司还是 Tidy Towns 澳大利亚奖的主要赞助商,以保持国家美丽并改善当地环境(Bartol 和 Margaret,2011)。该公司还通过电影主题创造乐趣,例如当人们购买儿童价值产品时的星球大战。

该公司与更广泛的社区合作。它通过与非政府组织的伙伴关系与社区接触而感到自豪,例如位于塔龙加动物园的大猩猩保护育种倡议(努力通过圈养繁殖系统建立遗传多样性)。通过与 Keep Australia Beautiful 的合作,Hungry Jack’s 致力于采用环保包装方法,鼓励市民负责任地处理废物。通过与国家足球联赛球队以及媒体渠道的积极接触,该公司也是澳大利亚足球准则的核心支持者之一。




Adam, Armstrong, Brown and Kotler (1998) defines price as the consumers’ sum of values that they switch over for the benefits of using or having a product. The main factor that traditionally influenced the choice of the buyer was the price. Lately, non-price elements for example, loyalty programs, give-aways, guarantees, image and services have had a huge impact. Price is critical aspect of the marketing mix, since it is the only component that generates revenue; all the other components generate costs. The three common methods of pricing are cost-based methods, (i.e. the price is developed focusing on the target revenue), the value-based method (whereby the price is developed based on the value perception of the buyers) and the competitor-based method (whereby the price is developed focusing the prices of the competitors).

Our competitors such as McDonald’s since they are the market leader they regularly have specials for instance 2-dollar burger which Hungry Jack’s finds hard to follow.

Hungry Jack’s adopts value-based method of pricing, seeking to offer consumers the best value for their cash. The company being a market follow uses competitor-based method of pricing to follow the trend that our main rival has set when we are able to afford that.  市场营销essay代写

Pricing strategy is an essential component of marketing mix. It comprises price list, and any other payment facility or discount facility available. The pricing strategy also needs to factor in the competitor’s possible reaction concerning the pricing. It is very important because it is the component that determines the profit for the business. The price should consider the supply and demand equation by assessing the pricing demand (Adam, Armstrong, Brown and Kotler, 1998).

Hungry Jack’s pricing strategy is established to attract lower and middle class customers and the impact can be evidently seen in the customer bases that Hungry Jack’s now has. Hungry Jack has some bundling strategies and value pricing such as happy price menu, family meal, combo meal and happy meal among others to boost the overall product sale.


第四阶段  市场营销essay代写


Adam、Armstrong、Brown 和 Kotler (1998) 将价格定义为消费者为了使用或拥有产品的好处而转换的价值总和。传统上影响买家选择的主要因素是价格。最近,忠诚度计划、赠品、保证、形象和服务等非价格因素产生了巨大影响。价格是营销组合的关键方面,因为它是产生收入的唯一组成部分;所有其他组件都会产生成本。三种常见的定价方法是基于成本的方法(即以目标收入为中心制定价格)、基于价值的方法(即基于购买者的价值感知制定价格)和基于竞争对手的定价方法。方法(由此制定价格以关注竞争对手的价格)。

我们的竞争对手,如麦当劳,因为他们是市场领导者,所以他们经常有特价商品,例如 2 美元的汉堡,饥饿的杰克很难跟上。

Hungry Jack’s 采用基于价值的定价方法,力求为消费者提供物超所值的现金。作为市场追随者的公司使用基于竞争对手的定价方法来追随我们的主要竞争对手在我们能够负担得起的情况下设定的趋势。

定价策略是营销组合的重要组成部分。它包括价目表和任何其他可用的支付工具或折扣工具。定价策略还需要考虑竞争对手对定价的可能反应。它非常重要,因为它是决定企业利润的组成部分。价格应该通过评估定价需求来考虑供求方程(Adam、Armstrong、Brown 和 Kotler,1998)。

Hungry Jack 的定价策略是为了吸引中低阶层客户而制定的,其影响可以从 Hungry Jack’s 现在拥有的客户群中明显看出。 Hungry Jack 有一些捆绑策略和价值定价,例如快乐价格菜单、家庭聚餐、组合餐和快乐餐等,以促进整体产品销售。


Distribution Strategy

Place: According to Trout (2001) a place refers to the organization’s image in the mind of the consumers. Fifield (2006) notes that place is fundamental to attracting clients. There are a number of elements to take into account while looking for company’s location. These comprise; who the market target is? Can they be easily accessed from the location? How about the surrounding competition? Is the population surrounding you likely to decline or grow? The image can be developed through price and promotion etc. The exterior and interior design of the premise also are aspects that assist develop this image (Barnhart and Barnhart, 2007).

Hungry Jack’s holds a special place in the minds of consumers. This is because the image is established through promotion. The company is perceived more as a fun place for young people.  市场营销essay代写

The place majorly comprises of outlets and distribution channels of the company. This is viewed to be very critical since the product has to be available for customers as the right quantity, at the right place and at the right time. In Australia almost 50% of outlets are located within 10 minute distance. Hungry Jack’s also provides certain level of happiness and fun to its customers. The company offers value position based on the needs of the customers. Hungry Jack’s provides good abidance, proper hygienic environment, and better services. Currently Hungry Jack’s has begun to offer WiFi (internet facilities throughout their stores) and this is targeted at the younger generation. There are also children’s games for example air hockey. And as children play their games; their parents have quality time in Hungry Jack’s.


第五阶段  市场营销essay代写


场所:根据 Trout (2001) 的说法,场所是指组织在消费者心目中的形象。 Fifield (2006) 指出地点是吸引客户的基础。在寻找公司的位置时,需要考虑许多因素。这些包括;市场目标是谁?从该位置可以轻松访问它们吗?周边竞争情况如何?您周围的人口可能会减少还是增加?形象可以通过价格和促销等方式发展。场所的外观和室内设计也是有助于发展这种形象的方面(Barnhart 和 Barnhart,2007)。

Hungry Jack’s 在消费者心目中占有特殊的地位。这是因为形象是通过宣传建立起来的。该公司更被视为年轻人的娱乐场所。

该地点主要包括公司的网点和分销渠道。这被认为是非常关键的,因为产品必须以正确的数量、在正确的地点和正确的时间提供给客户。在澳大利亚,几乎 50% 的网点都位于 10 分钟的距离内。 Hungry Jack’s 还为其顾客提供了一定程度的快乐和乐趣。公司根据客户的需求提供价值定位。 Hungry Jack’s 提供了良好的遵守、适当的卫生环境和更好的服务。目前 Hungry Jack’s 已经开始提供 WiFi(整个商店的互联网设施),这是针对年轻一代的。还有儿童游戏,例如空气曲棍球。当孩子们玩游戏时;他们的父母在饥饿的杰克那里度过了美好的时光。



According to Gabbott and Hogg (2007) promotion refers to a whole array of procedures and methods through which a company communicates to its market target. It can be achieved through various methods (personal selling, sponsorship, sales promotion, direct marketing, public relations, publicity and advertising).

Promotion is important for Hungry Jack’s because it is deployed to achieve certain objectives such as communicating the benefits of the product, creating awareness, differentiating the company from the competitors and products, creating and maintaining the reputation and overall image of the company, and persuading customers to purchase the offering. The promotional events utilized by Hungry Jack’s assists to effectively communicate with the target market.


第 6 阶段  市场营销essay代写


根据 Gabbott 和 Hogg (2007) 的说法,促销是指公司与其市场目标进行沟通的一系列程序和方法。 它可以通过各种方式(个人销售、赞助、促销、直销、公关、宣传和广告)来实现。

促销对于 Hungry Jack’s 很重要,因为它用于实现某些目标,例如传达产品的好处、提高知名度、将公司与竞争对手和产品区分开来、创建和维护公司的声誉和整体形象,以及说服客户 购买产品。 饥饿杰克利用的促销活动有助于与目标市场进行有效沟通。

The Promotional Mix

Advertisement is geared toward attracting the masses and it reaches a huge number of individuals at ago. Advertisement remains one of the essential instruments of promotion and it is often done through media and billboards. For Hungry Jack’s, the three main aims of advertisement include, making customers be aware of the product, remember the product and feel positive about the product. The correct message is communicated to the right market using the right media. Hungry Jack’s does its promotions via bus shelters, hoardings and television. The company also uses television programs and print ads because they are critical medium of marketing for promotion. Personal selling remains the most effective method for establishing customer’s convenience, preference and actions and because of its personal interaction it allows feedbacks and the necessary adjustments (Fast Food: Special Report, 2011).

In respect to personal selling, Hungry Jack’s employees working in various stores are appropriate for personal interaction, since they are serving customers directly, and therefore face to face interaction and communication is very possible. In Hungry Jack’s stores, these kinds of employees exist, who are assigned for personal selling and charged with the responsibility of directly selling to customers.



广告的目的是吸引大众,而且它在以前接触到了大量的个人。广告仍然是必不可少的宣传手段之一,它通常是通过媒体和广告牌来完成的。对于 Hungry Jack’s 来说,广告的三个主要目标包括:让客户了解产品、记住产品和对产品感到积极。使用正确的媒体将正确的信息传达到正确的市场。 Hungry Jack’s 通过公交候车亭、围板和电视进行促销。该公司还使用电视节目和平面广告,因为它们是重要的营销推广媒介。个人销售仍然是建立客户便利、偏好和行为的最有效方法,并且由于其个人互动,它允许反馈和必要的调整(快餐:特别报告,2011)。

在人员销售方面,Hungry Jack 在各个门店工作的员工都适合进行人际互动,因为他们是直接为顾客服务,因此面对面的互动和沟通是非常有可能的。在 Hungry Jack 的门店里,存在这样的员工,他们被分配到专人销售,并负责直接向顾客销售。

Sales promotion entails activities of promoting the company through organizing different functions, programs, contests, free discount coupon distributions among others, which attracts customers’ attention (Terry, Andrew and Heather Forrest, 2010).

The company also dramatizes offers, provides strong buying incentive, which improves sagging sales and spurs quick response (Peter, 2011). The outlet employees play a considerable function in interacting with the customers. On daily basis they devote themselves to consumers and consumers feeling regarding the brand. Hungry Jack’s fees that before communicating to their clients they should beware of what its rivals are communicating, hence the company develops a beneficial difference between the competitors and themselves.  Direct marketing remains an effective method of promotion and the company uses Kids Clubs as a means of direct marketing. It uses deploys direct marketing is home delivery services whereby the serve their orders directly at homes. The company also has websites that are geared toward preference in view of direct marketing because they normally highlight all their new offers alongside the contact details of your nearest stores.

The company has trademarked the new look fresh slogan, ‘Oh Yeah” that is featured in Television commercials.

Some of the changes that will be made for the target product entail the inclusion of new deli-style baguettes and salad new. Whereas Burger King has improved its logo to become blue crescent within all its markets, the company logo maintains bun-halves logo of Burger Kings (however improved) to reflect a simpler filling and bun motif (Fast Food: Special Report, 2011).  市场营销essay代写

Hungry Jack’s mascot Kid’s club is unique to the Australian market, different from other international companies that deploy the two existing mascot BK kids, such as the Honbatz and Burger King Kid’s Club, Hungry Jack’s has a Kid’s Club offering that is same as the US program. The company provides themed birthday celebrations at its premises alongside Children’s Club menu. The one remarkable difference between BK and HJ kid’s programs is the apostrophe placement in the name: Burger King puts it after “s” while Hungry Jack’s puts it before. HJ maintains a well-built relationship with Perth, with West Coast Eagles (Perth’s first team in the league) being sponsored by the company since they joined the league in late 1980s.


促销是通过组织不同的功能、计划、竞赛、免费折扣券分发等来促进公司的活动,以吸引客户的注意力(Terry、Andrew 和 Heather Forrest,2010)。

该公司还提供了戏剧化的报价,提供了强大的购买激励,从而改善了低迷的销售并刺激了快速响应(Peter,2011)。网点员工在与客户互动方面发挥着相当大的作用。他们每天都致力于消费者和消费者对品牌的感觉。 Hungry Jack 收取的费用是,在与客户沟通之前,他们应该注意竞争对手正在沟通的内容,因此公司在竞争对手和他们自己之间形成了有益的差异。直接营销仍然是一种有效的促销方法,该公司使用儿童俱乐部作为直接营销的手段。它使用部署直接营销是送货上门服务,从而直接在家中服务他们的订单。该公司还有一些网站,这些网站针对直接营销的偏好,因为它们通常会突出显示所有新优惠以及离您最近的商店的联系方式。

该公司已为电视广告中出现的全新口号“Oh Yes”注册了商标。

将针对目标产品进行的一些更改需要包含新的熟食式法式长棍面包和新沙拉。汉堡王已将其徽标改进为在其所有市场中变为蓝色新月形,而公司徽标保留了汉堡王的半面包徽标(但有所改进)以反映更简单的馅料和小圆面包图案(快餐:特别报告,2011 年)。

Hungry Jack’s 的吉祥物 Kid’s Club 是澳大利亚市场独有的,不同于其他国际公司现有的两个吉祥物 BK kids,如 Honbatz 和 Burger King Kid’s Club,Hungry Jack’s 有一个与美国计划相同的 Kid’s Club 产品.该公司在其场所提供主题生日庆祝活动以及儿童俱乐部菜单。 BK 和 HJ 儿童节目之间的一个显着区别是名称中的撇号位置:汉堡王将其放在“s”之后,而 Hungry Jack 则将其放在前面。 HJ 与珀斯保持着良好的关系,西海岸老鹰队(珀斯在联盟中的第一支球队)自 1980 年代后期加入联盟以来一直由该公司赞助。

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