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历史essay代写 Most citizens of the United States learn during their school days that their country was at one time “a new nation, conceived in liberty

Essay Question Option A

Most citizens of the United States learn during their school days that their country was at one time “a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” (Gettysburg Address, 1863). Over the years, the people of America, have tried to uphold the dream of the new nation that was spoken by Abraham Lincoln, however, it is common knowledge for most of the people that many of the minorities were initially not given equal rights and they had to fight for their survival.

These included people of many races, such as African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Jews and even women. Each had to fight for their rights and break through the social norms that had been built around them in order to secure a future that granted them the rights that they deserved. Each of the said parties used non violent methods in order to obtain the rights that they did not posses, and most of them initially believed that the only way they would be recognized by the majority party, is to work hard and become recognized by the white people. Eventually that led to people gaining more and more education so that they could improve their vocational skills, while at the same time, get involved in policy making and with law making authorities and bodies, so that representation could start becoming equal in some manner.


作文题选项A 历史essay代写

大多数美国公民在上学期间就了解到,他们的国家曾经是“一个新的国家,在自由中孕育并致力于人人生而平等的主张”。 (葛底斯堡演说,1863 年)。多年来,美国人民一直努力维护亚伯拉罕·林肯 (Abraham Lincoln) 所说的新国家的梦想,然而,大多数人都知道,许多少数民族最初没有被赋予平等的权利,他们不得不为他们的生存而战。


The focus of this paper will be on African Americans, Native Americans, and Women, to see if the methods used by them to obtain equal rights were similar in any manner.

The aforementioned tactics are those that were commonly used by the African Americans to obtain rights, and with that the Native Americans followed suit as well. In the earlier years, Native Americans did not like being associated with the civil rights movement, however, they did take a leaf out of the African American’s books, and followed in their footsteps by learning how to communicate with their non-Indian counterparts.历史essay代写


In 1964, Native Americans got the chance to head over to New York to represent their tribes and speak out about the problems they were facing. That is when they spoke about the issues they had and how their elders might have made mistakes along the way (Native American Power, 1964). Just like the African Americans, they too were oppressed and faced intense discrimination by the whites, and thus they stood up against the injustice being done. Native Americans also used militant activities such as protests, demonstrations, walk-ins, sit-ins, and confrontation with the government representatives, they wanted to get their rights and so that is what they did.

When it comes to women,

many of the women who felt that they were not being given equal or fair rights decided to stand up for themselves by voicing their opinions. Their methods were also peaceful in nature as they went for public protests and petitions that made women from all walks of life to come together and stand on common ground with men. Initially it was very difficult as most men were of the opinion that a woman’s place was in the home, whereas, women wanted to be treated equally, provided the same opportunities, and considered for their talents instead of their gender.历史essay代写

All in all, the methods used by the three parties discussed in this paper, were quite similar as all of them wanted to go about a peaceful way, yet were determined to face the adversity head on in order to bring about a positive change for themselves.




1964 年,美洲原住民有机会前往纽约代表他们的部落并说出他们面临的问题。那是他们谈论他们遇到的问题以及他们的长辈在此过程中如何犯错的时候(Native American Power,1964)。就像非裔美国人一样,他们也受到白人的压迫和强烈歧视,因此他们站出来反对所造成的不公正。美洲原住民也使用激进活动,例如抗议、示威、步行、静坐和与政府代表对抗,他们想获得自己的权利,这就是他们所做的。



总而言之,本文所讨论的三方所用的方法,都颇为相似,都想走一条和平的道路,但都决心直面逆境,为自己带来积极的改变。 .

Essay Question Option C

Slavery was one of the key elements that contributed to the development of America and the United States. It was common in the 17th and 18th centuries and was commonly practiced in the colonies. African slaves were used to produce crops such as tobacco, wheat, and cotton which allowed the nation to become an economic powerhouse (American History, 1998).

The roots of slavery can be traced back to 1619 when a Dutch ship docked at the Colony of Virginia, brought along 20 African slaves. They proved to be a much cheaper, and hard working labor, so the concept of slavery was introduced and throughout the 17th century, Europeans used them to produce many items that would make them rich and result in a thriving economy. It is estimated that approximately 8 million able bodied men and women were brought as slaves to America from Africa, resulting in a plentiful supply of slaves for the colonies.历史essay代写

Slavery is what laid the foundation of the economic prosperity that was experience by the colonies, however, eventually, there came the issue that people started linking slavery to the oppression they themselves felt in the American Revolution and thus began the journey to free the slaves. Even so, it cannot be denied that it was because of the salves that American people were able to prosper so much and business men able to earn great amounts.


作文题选项C 历史essay代写

奴隶制是促成美国和美国发展的关键因素之一。这在 17 和 18 世纪很常见,并且在殖民地普遍实行。非洲奴隶被用来生产烟草、小麦和棉花等作物,使该国成为经济强国(美国历史,1998 年)。

奴隶制的根源可以追溯到 1619 年,当时一艘荷兰船停靠在弗吉尼亚殖民地,带来了 20 名非洲奴隶。事实证明,他们是一种更便宜、更勤奋的劳动力,因此引入了奴隶制的概念,并且在整个 17 世纪,欧洲人用它们来生产许多物品,使他们变得富有并导致经济繁荣。据估计,大约有 800 万身强力壮的男人和女人从非洲被带到美洲作为奴隶,从而为殖民地提供了充足的奴隶。


However, in the north, slavery was never widespread and by the beginning of the 19th century, slavery was officially abolished in the northern states.

With the development of the cotton gin, the need for slaves significantly reduced and thus came the revolution that was much needed to free the slaves. By the middle of the 19th century, America had started expanding westward which led to the debate upon whether or not slavery should be prevent along with the abolition movement which led to a bloody civil war.历史essay代写

With the Union Victory, over four million slaves in America were freed, however, it is said to date that slavery had a very important role to play in the development and prospering of the colonies and eventually the overall country. On September 22, 1862, Lincoln issued a preliminary emancipation proclamation, and on January 1, 1863, he made it official that “slaves within any State, or designated part of a State…in rebellion, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free.” (American History, 1998)


然而,在北方,奴隶制从未广泛存在,到 19 世纪初,奴隶制在北部被正式废除。

随着轧棉机的发展,对奴隶的需求显着减少,因此出现了解放奴隶所急需的革命。到 19 世纪中叶,美国开始向西扩张,引发了关于是否应该防止奴隶制的争论,以及导致血腥内战的废奴运动。

随着联邦胜利,美国有超过 400 万奴隶被释放,然而,据说迄今为止,奴隶制在殖民地乃至整个国家的发展和繁荣中发挥着非常重要的作用。 1862 年 9 月 22 日,林肯发布了初步解放奴隶宣言,并于 1863 年 1 月 1 日正式宣布“任何州内的奴隶,或州内指定的一部分……叛乱,从那时起,永远自由。” (美国历史,1998)

That was the turning point for the American slaves,

however, the slaves played a huge role in the economic, and political developments within the country which included many civil wars, which ended at the emancipation movement. Abraham Lincoln had a huge role to play in the war and in freeing the slaves as well. When it comes to the social standing, it helped the white people in gaining wealth and earning through their numerous businesses, and it also allowed the economy to grow and helped in expanding westward.历史essay代写

There is no doubt that America has a bloody history and most of it has been built on the lives of slaves that were wrongfully brought in from other countries. Yet, at the same time, the slaves had a huge role to play in the development of the colonies, which eventually merged into the United States of America. It was their hard work and effort that made America an economic hub, and industrialized the nation by becoming one of the first producers of cotton for which the demand I the British colony had spiked. The slaves were then left with no other option but to fight and fend for themselves.





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