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Nurse Leadership

Kashina East

Nurse Leadership

医学论文代写 Her contributions to the health care system in England is still rewarded as she provided a system that was general and took care

Mary Seacole- Biography

Mary Seacole was a British Nurse and a businesswoman, who worked for bettering the healthcare system in England. Her contributions to the health care system in England is still rewarded as she provided a system that was general and took care of the essential component of the Healthcare system of that time. During the first Crimean war, she introduced the idea of mess tables with comfortable quarters, which she believed makes the well-dressed people (the Generals) understand the critical aspects related to life and death.医学论文代写

Seacole was not a professional Nurse, as she was related to the business of Herbal medicine, in many ways, she tried to lessen the sufferings of people with the use of herbal medicine but remained unsuccessful for many long (Seacole 2005). Her inspiration for the nursing started when she first set up the hotel near to a hospital, where she believed that she can take care of the wounded and can look after topping her business easily. Her autobiography Wonderful Expenditures was one of the earlier autobiographies ever written and mention her experiences with the patients during the war times (Seacole 2005).


玛丽·西科尔-传记 医学论文代写

Mary Seacole 是一名英国护士和一名女商人,她致力于改善英国的医疗保健系统。她对英格兰医疗保健系统的贡献仍然得到了回报,因为她提供了一个通用的系统,并照顾了当时医疗保健系统的基本组成部分。在第一次克里米亚战争期间,她提出了带有舒适宿舍的餐桌的想法,她认为这能让衣着光鲜的人(将军们)了解与生死相关的关​​键方面。

Seacole 不是专业护士,因为她与草药业务有关,在很多方面,她试图通过使用草药来减轻人们的痛苦,但长期未能成功(Seacole 2005)。当她第一次在医院附近设立酒店时,她对护理的灵感就开始了,她相信在那里她可以照顾伤员,可以轻松照顾自己的生意。她的自传《Wonderful Expenditures》是有史以来较早的自传之一,其中提到了她在战时与患者相处的经历(Seacole 2005)。


Mary Seacole’s Philosophies

Seacole was primarily a businesswomanbusinesswoman and wanted to introduce the herbal medicine concept in England of that time. Her knowledge of the herbals and their use made her a professional nurse. Though in the start, she avoided the direct contact with patients and other professional nurses, she had to take over the administrative control of a hospital, near to her business place in the Crimean war.医学论文代写

In the times of war, she presented herself for the voluntary services and started working for a full shift in the hospital (Robinson 2019). As she served for a very short period as a professional nurse, but her philosophies were related to the reflexive aspect of the nursing. Her experience suggestssuggests that she presented herself as a voluntary nurse as she was not able to see the suffering the prisoners of war and other injured were going through. Given this critical nature of the wartimewartime, she presented her service to the hospital she had witnessed for a very large part ofof her life (Robinson 2019).


玛丽·西科尔的哲学 医学论文代写

Seacole 主要是一位女商人,她想在当时的英国引入草药概念。她对草药及其用途的了解使她成为一名专业护士。虽然一开始,她避免与患者和其他专业护士直接接触,但她不得不接管一家医院的行政控制权,该医院靠近她在克里米亚战争中的营业地点。

在战争时期,她参加志愿服务并开始在医院全班工作(Robinson 2019)。由于她担任专业护士的时间很短,但她的理念与护理的反思性方面有关。她的经历表明,她以一名志愿护士的身份出现,因为她无法看到战俘和其他受伤者正在经历的痛苦。鉴于战时战时的这种关键性质,她向她见证了她一生中大部分时间的医院提供了服务(Robinson 2019)。

Professional Contributions

During the Crimean war that lasted for three years, Seacole provided her services to a local hospital. Her professional contributions were related to working on the methods of minimizing pain and regaining strength. Her working experience showsshows that given her expertise in herbal medicine, she wanted to expand the use of herbal treatment. Many of her contributions are related to introducing the new models of administrative structures for nurses (Ramdin 2005).医学论文代写

At the times when Seacole was working as a practisingpractising nurse, she worked on enhancing the administrative authority of the nurses as she believed that the nurses should take care of their own affairs. In the times of the Crimean war,, she introduced many different ideas to compensate the nurse’s ion order to lower the working pressure from them. at one place in her biography, it mentions that the “long working hours of nurses cannot be compensated with monetary benefits rather with providing them suitable sources”.


专业贡献 医学论文代写

在持续三年的克里米亚战争期间,Seacole 为当地一家医院提供服务。她的专业贡献与研究减轻疼痛和恢复力量的方法有关。她的工作经验表明,鉴于她在草药方面的专业知识,她想扩大草药治疗的使用范围。她的许多贡献都与引入护士管理结构的新模式有关(Ramdin 2005)。


Work Experience

Seacole travelled to Central America for furthering her work on herbal medicine. Some believe that during these times. Seacole practisedpractised nursing for the first time however, some records mention that she started practisingpractising nursing with the start of the Crimean war in 1853. These were the times of intense pressures and she could not restrict herself from helping the poor prisoners of war and other critical patients (Ramdin 2005). After the end of the war in 1856, she resumed her workwork in 1860 when she served in a hospital near to her business centrecentre.医学论文代写



Seacole 前往中美洲继续她在草药方面的工作。 有些人认为,在这些时期。 Seacole 是第一次从事护理工作,然而,一些记录提到她在 1853 年克里米亚战争开始时开始从事护理工作。 那是一个巨大的压力时期,她无法限制自己帮助贫困的战俘和其他危急的人 患者(Ramdin 2005)。 1856 年战争结束后,她于 1860 年在她的商业中心附近的一家医院服务时恢复了工作。

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