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Definitions of stress

北美心理学论文代写 The meaning of this is to approach surpassing expectations as being a one-off unique happening as opposed to being a practice.

Stress is the response of the body to a variation that involves a physical, rational or emotional adjustment of reaction. It results from any circumstances or thoughts that make a person feel aggravated, irritated, nervous, or apprehensive. It is caused by a pre-existing factor or stressor. It results from an imbalance between demands and resources. The individual that is undergoing through stress finds it impossible, to cope with the demands made on them, or hazards to their well-being.

According to Brian Luke Seaward, stress is the inability to cope with the observed, real or imagined risk, to a person’s psychological, physical, expressive and divine welfare, which results in a succession of physiological rejoinders and adaptations. This definition implies that stress is a complicated phenomenon that affects the whole person as it turns the body into a battlefield for the mind games of the mind (Seaward, 2006).


压力是身体对涉及身体、理性或情绪反应调整的变化的反应。 它是由任何使人感到恼怒、烦躁、紧张或忧虑的情况或想法引起的。 它是由预先存在的因素或压力源引起的。 它是由需求和资源之间的不平衡造成的。 承受压力的个人发现无法应对对他们提出的要求,或对他们的幸福造成危害。

根据布赖恩·卢克·西沃德 (Brian Luke Seaward) 的说法,压力是无法应对观察到的、真实的或想象的风险,对一个人的心理、身体、表达和神圣福利造成的一系列生理反驳和适应。 这个定义意味着压力是一种复杂的现象,它会影响整个人,因为它会将身体变成心灵游戏的战场(Seaward,2006)。

Seaward explains that there are numerous connotations and definitions that are founded in different human conditions perspectives.

He further explains that with the swift economic, ecological and technological alterations the global village has resulted into being a more stressful place to dwell in thus requiring that people should learn and train the effective stress-management techniques to assist them to sustain a sense of equilibrium in people lives even though there are strong waves of change. 北美心理学论文代写

He claims that, stress is to be understood through the perceived or interpretation, of what seems to be a threat to a person, which in another case might be beneficial, to a different person. Therefore, to him stress can be either positive or negative according to how an individual perceives a situation. He argues that not all forms of stress are unsuitable stress as some stress if considered considerable stress. He points out that sometimes people undergo stress, to stay and live a healthy life (Seaward, 2006).


SEAWARD 解释说,有许多含义和定义是建立在不同的人类条件视角下的。



How Stress Shows Up On My Life?

As a foreign student studying a bachelor’s degree in the US, I have experienced a stressful life for the time I have been residing here. I have been undergoing through difficulty challenges that a person encounters, more so, when they visit a novel country, leave alone when they live there. I moved from Saudi Arabia in 2009, and I intend to go back to my motherland once I finish my degree. Stress in my life arises because I am I a far away land from my family.

This is the first time my life that I have been separated from my family for such a lengthy period, and I find it challenging to cope. I have never before been separated from my family, whom I dearly love for long periods, and this stresses me a lot. Furthermore, here unlike my homeland nation, where my family could always visit me in school regularly, it is difficult for them to fly and visit because of the laws of immigration. Therefore, it frustrates me that the only period available to encounter my family again, is after finishing my courses, which is such a long time.


压力如何影响我的生活? 北美心理学论文代写

作为一名在美国攻读学士学位的外国学生,我在美国居住的这段时间里经历了紧张的生活。我一直在经历一个人遇到的困难挑战,更重要的是,当他们访问一个新的国家时,当他们住在那里时就别管了。我是 2009 年从沙特阿拉伯搬来的,我打算毕业后回到我的祖国。我生活中的压力之所以出现,是因为我是一个远离家人的地方。


Additionally, I am finding my college life to be frustrating as the system of study here varies from the one I was accustomed to in high school, in my country.

According to Seaward, college stress can be detrimental to the student who may find it hard to balance themselves with the demands made on them (Seaward, 2006). College life is relentlessly and highly stressing me as I am constantly facing heavy workloads concerning my homework, assignments and examinations.  北美心理学论文代写

This leaves me always anxious as I strive to ensure that I accomplish all this within the stipulated time, something that I always find depressing.  I am constantly worried that, if I do not finish my assignments and coursework, or do it well, I will attain deplorable grades, something that will not only disappoint me, but also my parents, who regard me highly, and have high expectation from my studies. Because of these expectations from my parents and lecturers, I am under continuous stress as I struggle to attain success so as I will not dishearten them.



根据 Seaward 的说法,大学压力可能对学生不利,他们可能会发现很难平衡自己与对他们提出的要求(Seaward,2006)。大学生活给我带来了无情和高度的压力,因为我经常面临家庭作业、作业和考试的繁重工作量。


Moreover, I am under heavy stress, which results from my being in a strange environment, with a new language, and the prospect of making new friends all again.

Seaward acknowledges these factors as part of the reasons that cause stress to college students.  He explains that the move from dependence on their parents to being independent on their own is bound to be stressed (Seaward, 2006). I find the American way of living strange uncomfortable to live which as complicated my adjustment to this new environment.

This is because, whereas, in Saudi Arabia, we used to live as a family in a proximity environment, my current atmosphere is exceptionally different, as the only close people I have, are my new friends. Even, the friends I have we are not in constant contact, as sometimes our schedules are not the same, thus in most cases I am left alone.   北美心理学论文代写

Being on my own, I am always under intense stress, as I am not used to the loneliness I am subjected to, since, at home, there was always someone around, to chat with or joke making me feel joyous. Since my friends or campus roommates have their own lives to enjoy, I am lacking the aspect of my parents who were always looking out for me always making me feel loved and treasured.  The situation I am in is highly stressful as these happenings are gone, leaving me frustrated and depressed.

Besides, learning and speaking English is another challenge that puts me under immense stress. It frustrates me, when I struggle to convey myself in the language. I am always confident when I am conversing in my native language, but since most of my studies are carried out in English, I find it a little bit difficult to understand concepts, communicate, write and argue in this language something that has vastly dented my confidence.



Seaward 承认这些因素是给大学生造成压力的部分原因。他解释说,从依赖父母到独立自主的转变必然会受到强调(Seaward,2006)。我发现美国的生活方式很奇怪,让我很难适应这种新环境。




It is not because of lack of using English, but it is a little bit difficult because it something new to study in language that I have never used heavily before.

It is stressful that apart from taking English classes, which I am yet to master, all my lectures are also carried out in English. This frustrates me because I always have to study with a dictionary, to comprehend concepts. It is also annoying that sometimes when I am speaking the listener does not understand me or find it hard to get what I’m trying to say because I have an accent.

I am always a skeptical person; this has also contributed to my stressful life. Mostly I tend to consider the dark side of everything I hear, learn, spot or what happens around me. I have possessed this attitude since when I was young and in my current situation, it is getting worse. I worry even when something positive is happening as I always find something negative.  北美心理学论文代写

Even, when the chance when what is in the dark side happening I still keep on worrying causing me anxiety and stress. I experience this situation for example when I’m about to form alliances with fellow students. This constant worry stresses me as I am not comfortable in believing that the results of what I do will be positive, more concerning my course results. Even when I am confident that I have performed well in an exam, I worry that I might fail which stresses me immensely.






Frozen stage (before the class)


Before embarking in taking this class, I was a lost student in this college that is in a foreign land, with complicated and strange people and culture. This led me to be in a desperate mode as I had lost all optimism in life as I was constantly suffering from homesick feeling.  Although I constantly performed well and excelled in college, I was far from being happy concerning my life. My loneliness was taking a toll on me, and although regularly called my family and friends back in Saudi Arabia for long hours I immensely missed being at home with people that I knew and loved.  However, I had managed to make few friends in the US, but most of them were from my country.

Moreover, I was not as free with them as I was with my former friends back at home. Furthermore, the prospect of forming new friendship in a strange environment is a demanding aspect as I find it had to trust strangers, some of which I may not meet after my graduation. Most of my friends are natives, whom I matured with, and I know a lot about them, while some of my college students are people I met in class or campus social gatherings and formed an alliance.  北美心理学论文代写

I am always a skeptical person and sometimes find it impossible to trust new friends before knowing them well, including their likes and dislikes. This has resulted in my having a few friends in college, which adds to my frustration, more so when they are not around, as I am frequently feeling lonely. Furthermore, since I moved here, I had no intimate relationship. The last relationship I had was in Saudi Arabia, which ended before I came to the US.


冻结阶段(课前)  北美心理学论文代写





I am a veritable companion when it comes to relationships. Back at home, I had a marvelous relationship with my parents, siblings, the extended relatives as well as friends.

I immensely enjoyed these relationships, which brought me immense happiness, as I was always encircled by people that treasured me, and supported me, whenever I was in problems. My parents are lovely people to be with, and I have a substantial affiliation with them.

They have always been supportive of whatever I wanted to achieve and were always alongside me all through my life journey. They highly regard me, and take joy in my success, which was the chief reason, as to why they allowed me to pursue my education abroad, even though they were to miss me, in their lives for some time. My siblings look up to me as their role model because I’m the oldest son in the family. Moreover, my friends in Saudi Arabia were also terrific people to be with as we constantly use to visit each other and play together as well as go to the movies together something we did during most weekends.  北美心理学论文代写

Currently, in my relationship phase I am at the independent as well as the intra-dependent phase. This because although I live on my own in campus thus being independent, I still rely on my parents, to sustain me financially for upkeep, as I still do not have a stable job. Several of the acquaintances that I make in my current situation are people that I meet within college. Nonetheless, I have limited friends in my current situation but several casual acquaintances whom I meet while in group assignments or entertainment joints within the campus.







I normally drink too much as much of my drinks are comprised of energy drinks. Also, I really have a serious issue when it comes to drinking water. I always forget to drink water and as a result; I only drink small amounts of water. Sometimes, I totally forget drinking water because I drink other sparkling drinks. Since I normally wake up late, I usually do not take breakfast. I always eat a quick snack for lunch and mostly eat fast foods for my supper.  北美心理学论文代写

I am not always selective of low fat foods, as between my busy schoolwork and my stressful life; I end up eating the readily available foods. Although I do not take enough water per day, I usually eat fresh fruits, but I do not eat many vegetables; thus, I believe that my nutrition is unbalanced. This has caused my body to be always exhausted, and my mind was always chaotic and unclear. I believe that one of the reasons of my mind unclearness is nutrition condition. My mind was always vague with so many thoughts that I hardly thought and memorized things clearly. Moreover, my sleeping pattern involved sleeping up late and sometimes even forgoing my sleep to read for exams. This has highly affected my nutrition as I don’t eat meals on their time and caused meals skipping.






I am not conceited or satisfied of my body, and I always think negatively about it. Since I moved to the US, I have worked out very few times, and I did not participate in recreational activities such as hiking, biking, yoga or skiing. It is because I always feel lazy going outdoor, and also none of my few friends motivate me to go. I sometimes go to the gym and plan to go in regular basis, yet I fail after one week passes.



我不自负或对自己的身体感到满意,我总是消极地思考它。 自从搬到美国后,我很少锻炼,也没有参加徒步、骑自行车、瑜伽或滑雪等休闲活动。 那是因为我在户外总是觉得很懒惰,而且我的几个朋友都没有激励我去。 我有时去健身房并计划定期去,但一周后我就失败了。


Goals are set for different perspectives in life. Goals range from finance, health, games and every person realizes and comprehends the supremacy of setting goals. Years have elapsed where by specialists and gurus have indulged and explained the worth of prioritizing goals and objectives. In this framework of thought, authors and speakers have put down novels and volumes as well as creating courses that teach people about goal setting.  北美心理学论文代写

There are many reasons, which instigate people not to set goals in their lives. Unbelievably, this is not definite due to lack of education.  Every seminar or conference usually has a point of setting goals to act as a guideline of achieving something. A relative example is this course that has several learning objectives.  This subject has been widely mentioned for many years now. The subject of goal setting might be tackled in detail, at times just as a mention, but it is virtually constantly present. Moreover, almost every instance it portents an orgasmic groan ranging about 80 percent of the eager audience. People say that they do not set goals due to lack of time.


目标  北美心理学论文代写


有很多原因促使人们不在生活中设​​定目标。令人难以置信的是,由于缺乏教育,这并不确定。每个研讨会或会议通常都有一个设定目标的点,以作为实现目标的指导方针。一个相对的例子是这门课程,它有几个学习目标。这个话题多年来一直被广泛提及。目标设定的主题可能会被详细处理,有时只是提及,但它实际上一直存在。此外,几乎每一个实例都预示着大约 80% 的热切观众会发出高潮的呻吟。人们说他们没有设定目标是因为时间不够。

Certainly, this might be the cause since they lack the time to set goals or because some have the fear of not achieving the goals.

There is no time to put them down and review them in a regular basis. People do not have the moment and time to alter and modify their habitual and customary actions. This might never be the reason owing to some statistics featured by Nielsen Media Research Company. The statistics put forward that the US standard person has 28 hours on TV weekly.  北美心理学论文代写

The number in Britain was depicted to be much advanced at 32 hours weekly. Consequently, even if persons assigned a kind one hour for evaluating and modifying goals each week plus allowing half an hour of watching TV programs daily, ample time would still be there to guarantee that a person would never miss his or her favorite programs! A majority of persons never believes or considers what they hear. People do not deem and believe what is trained to them. There is the lack of trust that they would accomplish extensively more than they are presently accomplishing in their current ventures, merely by setting goals.




英国的这一数字被描述为每周 32 小时。因此,即使每个人每周分配一个小时来评估和修改目标,再加上每天允许半小时看电视节目,仍然有足够的时间来保证一个人不会错过他或她喜欢的节目!大多数人从不相信或考虑他们所听到的。人们不相信也不相信他们所接受的训练。缺乏信任,即仅仅通过设定目标,他们会取得比目前在当前企业中取得的成就更多的成就。

This is not astonishing. Every person is a creature of his or her own circumstances.

Every person forms convictions based on past encounters and the surrounding people. If one has people in his surrounding who never have goals and objectives, it follows that he will feel skeptical or are not motivated with them. Some people merely set mistaken goals.

These people establish goals that they believe they should set. They place goals that their relatives, peers, teachers, boss and lecturers desire them to set. They place goals that they imagine they crave but that they do not. Setting the mistaken goals will probably see the desired achievements and efforts become unsuccessful. Moreover, even worse than that a person could thrive in accomplishing something that he in reality did not desire. Reaching the wrong mountaintop after exhausting an entire life is not a pleasant encounter. There is every possibility that the person will throw himself directly off it again!  北美心理学论文代写

When people try something and fail, they tend to give up. This owes to the humiliation fear or contrast with other persons who have done well. Fear paralyzes many individuals not to take action. Fear instigates virtual inaction and makes almost every person continue with habitual actions. Laziness is also a factor that has to emerge in the goal setting perspective. Goals call for energy, and without it, a person will not take a single stride towards its achievement. The majority of individuals do not set goal owing to laziness.






They never say they are lazy but are too busy doing their other goals.

Setting goals will instigate a person to do things external of his placate zone. Setting large goals might take an extensive and a long way outside that one is incapable of work comfortably. Setting goals plus following the set dreams could take an unimaginable journey and hard work. In the present society, people desire everything at a go. The present society is an instant satisfaction and a short-term civilization. If people desire something, they buy it right there and instantly without the conviction of not having money. If a person wants something, he or she will get a loan and buy it immediately.  北美心理学论文代写

People are usually attentive on the present circumstances in life. Live in the present world and pay later. They have the mentality of living in the present and are never concerned about the resultant issues. Goal setting needs a concentration on the future. A person is obligated to save for his or her retirement, as opposed to blowing the additional cash on sweepstake tickets and trusting in a lighting hit, thinking about a wedding day but never contemplating on the matrimony as a whole, having a crash diet but never idealizing about the training essential to be a healthy individual. This attitude now is never the excellent manner to set ambitions. The ‘I want it now’ perspective has no concern about goals. This perspective will be blustered about in life by the storms of desire and wish and immediate gratification.




人们通常会关注生活中的现状。活在现在的世界,以后付款。他们有活在当下的心态,从不关心由此产生的问题。目标设定需要着眼于未来。一个人有义务为他或她的退休储蓄,而不是把额外的现金花在抽奖券上并相信一闪而过,考虑婚礼但从不考虑整个婚姻,节食但从不理想化成为一个健康个体所必需的培训。现在这种态度从来都不是树立抱负的绝佳方式。 “我现在就想要”的观点与目标无关。这种观点将在生活中被欲望、愿望和即时满足的风暴所吹嘘。

Short Term Goals

My short-term goals are basically seeing a change in my current life in the US. Taking this stress management class was the first serious and right step for a change. Furthermore, I knew that there is something wrong in my life that must be changed. I want to change my whole life and identifying what was wrong in my relationships, nutrition, conditioning would help me a lot since the first key factor of a change to better, is knowing and identifying the problems.

This class and this paper I’m writing are the change! The techniques I learned in this class are the factors that I will use from now on to help me live a better life, a life that I feel satisfied and happy with. Writing the 21-days is an improvement, and my assessment plan is to help me keep track of where I have improved and where I did not.


短期目标 北美心理学论文代写

我的短期目标基本上是看到我目前在美国的生活发生变化。 参加这个压力管理课程是改变的第一个严肃和正确的步骤。 此外,我知道我的生活中有一些错误必须改变。 我想改变我的整个生活,并找出我的人际关系、营养、调理中出了什么问题,这对我有很大帮助,因为改变的第一个关键因素是了解和识别问题。

这堂课和我写的这篇论文就是变化! 我在这门课上学到的技巧是我从今以后将用来帮助我过上更好的生活、让我感到满意和快乐的生活的因素。 编写 21 天是一种改进,我的评估计划是帮助我跟踪我改进的地方和没有改进的地方。

Long Term Goals: (Career and Family Goal)

Career Goal

My desire and paramount goal is to become an accountant and attain a master’s degree and pass the CPA exam in the United States. After this achievement, I look forward to going back to Saudi Arabia. I intend to open my accounting company in Saudi Arabia. This is a long-term goal because I will have to be employed in my native country to get familiar with how things work. Positive contemplations guide to positive outlooks that lead to optimistic actions and optimistic results. It will take many years to open a renowned firm but I am confident that following my instincts and working hard will make this possible. To achieve any of my goals requires an elevated amount of hard work and desire. Corporation with the Saudi Arabian accountants will help me get the right knowledge and acquaintance to start up my office.

Implementation is the only way forward to achieving the above goals. There is no substitute for taking action. I will be checking my progresses every last day of the month. This is in an attempt of keeping track of my accomplishments and having alternative plans always in case of failure. Mentally preparation for success and failure will set me in the correct frame of mind for achievement.


长期目标:(职业和家庭目标) 北美心理学论文代写




Family Goal

Being married is every person’s ambition and dream. The Saudi Arabian culture requires a person to have a family. Life in Saudi Arabia is a communal thing hence starting a family is not a strange issue. It will be strange if one does not have his or her own family. The desire of having a family is my main motivation. Desire is the endeavor of a contained opportunity within a person, looking for expression without a person’s actions and deeds. Marriage is the course by which two individuals who adore each other make their connection public, certified, and everlasting.  北美心理学论文代写

It is the amalgamation of two persons in a connection that supposedly lasts up to death, but in performance is more and more cut short by divorce. I still have to get married because of religion and society expectation. However, I’m still not forced to and that is my desire. There is a deep and remarkable motive for the way the almighty ordered the conception of man a thing that is remarked on all through the Holy book. A person should observe the marriage institution to discover the realization of being human. Marriage is ordered as the amalgamation of a man along with a woman. My goals are tangible and can be seen. The tangible results of my goals are; completing my master degree, being happily married, as well as, having an accounting office in Saudi Arabia. I will know my achievements having attained these goals.





Unfreezing Stage (What I learned in the class)


Before the class on stress management, I had no idea of meditation and its effectiveness on stress management. While meditation offers therapeutic advantages for stress management, it involves practices that dwell on idolatry. As a Muslim, acceptable alternatives should have clinical and free meditational techniques and be devoid of religious association except for meditational praying. I understood praying as a process of focusing and talking to God. I believe that this strengthens and reaffirms the tie between Allah (Creator) and his creations.

However, meditation, which is listening to God, is not common in Saudi Arabia. I have learnt about meditation, and I was immensely pleased. I believe that prayer meditation guides the soul to truth, and it intends to maintain the feeling of spiritual tranquility in social, family, educational and work challenges. From the class, I learnt that meditation does not necessarily involve prayers only, but it is a practice that involves the mind in an induction of consciousness, with the aim of realizing benefits. I learnt that meditation involves inward orientation, which cultivates a feeling of internal stability.  北美心理学论文代写

Many meditational practices exist, and they can be practiced depending on an individual’s preference. Meditation has numerous benefits such as the alleviation of everyday stress, strain and tension. As a student, living in a foreign country has not been easy. It offers a means for coping with life issues because it gives an opening to extract for a while, from the clamor and tumult of everyday life. In the process, it rejuvenates the mind, refreshes the soul and calms the nerves. Therefore, I intend to use it habitually in the future.


解冻阶段(我在课堂上学到的) 北美心理学论文代写






In the whole of my life, I have never been to a yoga class, which I never desired, as it never interested me because of lack of knowledge about it. However, during stress management, I took my first yoga class. As I walked out of the yoga class, I heard myself declare that the yoga classes could transform my life. I liked the yoga session and wished for the next session. Though I was only able to perform half of the required positions, I discovered my body’s sorry state, and my poor mind-body connection. After the first experience, I made the decision to attend yoga each day for three months.

As a bachelor’s student in U.S, from Saudi Arabia, I encounter stressing situations on a daily basis.  北美心理学论文代写

In addition, stress comes up from the loads of college work. Sometimes the environment, friends and language are stressing because it becomes difficult for people’s comprehension between each other. In college, I expend time reading and studying, a process that involves muscles and joints activity.

At the end, I realized that I experienced back and joint pains because of the daily stretches and stress. After the class, I realized that the pain and tension in my muscles had been relieved to some extent. Yoga helps in the achievement of health through the liberation of suffering that result from the cycles of life, at which it creates realization of an identity with the Supreme Deity. Yoga helps in attaining and maintaining perfect spiritual tranquility and insight, while relieving stress and improving the mind-body connection.








Before coming to United States, I had never gone hiking. The first experience was exciting, and, the sight, amazing. I am also planning to go hiking again. I want to go hiking with a group of friends to Aspen. The off-roads driving experience was extremely exciting and enjoying. Before we set out for the hike, we took some of the requirements needed for the activity, which included water, food, a backpack. The professor was our guide in the mountains. 北美心理学论文代写

We also acquired hiking boots, sunglasses, clothes, mi, fire starter and most essentially, a first aid kit. However, the scenery was breathtaking, and the smell of the cactus flowers refreshing. Hiking provided me with an opportunity to withdraw from the hectic academic and social activities. Hiking also enables an individual to have aerobic exercise, which improves cardio respiratory fitness. It improves muscle fitness and lowers the risk of stroke and coronary heart diseases. Importantly for me, hiking reduced levels of stress, which could have resulted to depression and it, improved my sleep quality.






We went biking with the class. It was great, and the views were amazing. Talk about biking in general. Talk about it as much as hiking

Nasal Breathing

Talk about the importance of nasal breathing technique on stress and on health, talk about my experiment and how I liked it. (inhale, hold, then exhale)



During the class, a guy came to the class. He played several songs that he wrote the lyrics of it. He sings on hotels. And do all it takes to make a song from the lyrics to the final production. Talk about the importance of music to reduce stress and in general life of how it changes the mode.  北美心理学论文代写


We went to a spa and took the yoga class( my first) Don’t talk about yoga much since we talked about previously. After the yoga class, everyone was free to do whatever they want on the SPA. So I went to the Jacuzzi with two of my classmates, and then went to the swimming pool. Talk about how I felt relaxed in the Jacuzzi and mention the importance of going to spa (relaxation).

Creative Visualization

Talk about it in general.






谈谈鼻呼吸技术对压力和健康的重要性,谈谈我的实验以及我喜欢它的方式。 (吸气,保持,然后呼气)








Refreezing Stage (After the class)

This is the stage where I’m going to use all I learned in this class! Starting from the wave theory, which organizes my days.


再冻结阶段(课后) 北美心理学论文代写

这是我将使用我在这堂课中学到的所有知识的阶段! 从波浪理论开始,它组织了我的日子。

Wave Theory

My Weekdays Wave Theory

Point 1:

6 AM to 7 AM: I will wake up, get a hot shower, and pray and meditate for 30 mins.

7 AM to 7:45 AM: Prepare and eat my breakfast and head to classes.

Point: 2:

8 AM to 12 PM: I will have my classes.

Point 3:

12 PM to 2 PM: Taking a lunch meal and serving the internet.  北美心理学论文代写

2 PM to 5 PM: doing my homework and studying.

Point 4:

5 PM to 6:30 PM: going to the gym.

6:30 PM to 8:30 PM: taking my dinner with my friends and hanging out with them.

Point 5:

8:30 PM to 9 PM: Pray.

9 PM to 10 PM: my free time to relax, and then go to bed early to avail the 4 stages of REM sleep and brain visualization.




第 1 点:

早上 6 点到早上 7 点:我会醒来,洗个热水澡,然后祈祷和冥想 30 分钟。

早上 7 点到 7 点 45 分:准备和吃早餐,然后去上课。


上午 8 点至下午 12 点:我将上课。

第 3 点:

中午 12 点至下午 2 点:享用午餐并上网。

下午 2 点到 5 点:做作业和学习。

第 4 点:

下午 5 点至下午 6:30:去健身房。

下午 6:30 到晚上 8:30:和朋友一起吃晚餐并和他们一起出去玩。

第 5 点:

晚上 8:30 到晚上 9 点:祈祷。

晚上 9 点至晚上 10 点:我的空闲时间放松,然后早点睡觉以利用 REM 睡眠和大脑可视化的 4 个阶段。

My Weekend Wave Theory

Point 1:

8 AM to 9:30 AM: Wake up, hot shower, breakfast, pray and meditate.

Point 2: (This is not applicable on Sundays, I will spend this time on gym and studying)

9:30 AM to 6 PM: Different activity on each weekend in the mountains (Taking skiing classes, Hiking, Biking, SPA, Yoga, or Taking Music classes)  北美心理学论文代写

Point 3:

6 PM to 7:30 PM: Relax!

Point 4:

7:30 PM to 9 PM: Watch a movie with my friends.

Point 5:

9 PM to 10 PM: Free time then going to bed.



第 1 点:

早上 8 点到 9 点 30 分:起床、洗热水澡、吃早餐、祈祷和冥想。

Point 2:(星期天不适用,这段时间我会花在健身房和学习上)

上午 9 点 30 分至下午 6 点:每个周末的山区活动(参加滑雪课程、徒步旅行、骑自行车、SPA、瑜伽或参加音乐课程)

第 3 点:

下午 6 点至晚上 7:30:放松!

第 4 点:

晚上 7:30 到晚上 9 点:和朋友一起看电影。

第 5 点:

晚上 9 点到晚上 10 点:空闲时间然后睡觉。

The Plan (massage, , music, , journaling ) to relax

I will employ the 21-day plan towards achieving my goals. I intend to concentrate more on my studies and researches in an attempt to achieve my master degree in the United States. Waking up earlier is my intention so that I can carry on my research while the mind is uninvolved. With this in mind, I do not presume to sleep past 11 pm. I will concentrate highly in my classes and reach my lectures earlier and in time than before. Since meditation has become a key act to me, I plan to meditate every day after waking up. Meditation clears cerebral confusion and decreases the amount of sleep that a person requires.


放松的计划(按摩、音乐、日记) 北美心理学论文代写

我将采用 21 天计划来实现我的目标。 我打算更多地专注于我的学习和研究,以争取在美国获得硕士学位。 早点醒来是我的意图,这样我就可以在头脑不参与的情况下继续我的研究。 考虑到这一点,我不认为晚上 11 点以后睡觉。 我将高度集中在我的课堂上,比以前更早、更准时地上课。 由于打坐对我来说已经成为一项重要的活动,我计划每天起床后打坐。 冥想可以清除大脑混乱并减少一个人所需的睡眠量。

Within the 21-day period, Self-Enrichment practices will be imperative to me.

Reading accounting books or listening to accounting podcasts daily will help me gain accounting knowledge. Timeliness as in being on time in everything I do is my main area of concern. Starting my day off on a delayed note will put everything else to be caught up, my timeliness being an inclusion. I will tackle this by being determined to reach everywhere I go early as opposed to being on time.

This program is a self-initiated course whereby I will stick on my actions for 21-days daily. I will change the plan as it becomes a boring routine and an easy task to me. I will deploy this scheme to grow fabulous customs, try out fresh and innovative customs that I might I have not primarily chosen on for trial reasons. The first 21 days procedure will require no commitment since it will just be a try out period. I will read the affirmation I made on class as I will stick on my door to keep me always motivated. (Attachment 5)  北美心理学论文代写

Joe’s Goals are a straightforward yet influential tool to the trailing of my goals. I will track my daily endeavors using Joe’s Goals. Using the easy single page interface, I will put down my daily goals and trail them only with a click. Watching my daily score gage my accomplishments and use unconstructive goals to tackle and conquer dreadful customs that require to be boosted, will be a valid plan of action.


在 21 天内,自我充实的做法对我来说是必不可少的。


该计划是一门自发课程,我将每天坚持自己的行为21天。我会改变计划,因为它对我来说变成了无聊的例行公事和简单的任务。我将部署这个计划来培养神话般的习俗,尝试新鲜和创新的习俗,我可能不会因为试验原因而主要选择这些习俗。前 21 天的程序不需要承诺,因为它只是一个试用期。我会阅读我在课堂上所做的肯定,因为我会坚持我的门,让我始终保持动力。 (附件 5)



In my 21-day plan, I expect to cut down on the energy drinks and focus in drinking more water. My consumption of water had always been in small amounts as before tasking this class I was unaware of the significance and benefits of drinking a lot of water. After taking this class, I have learnt the vitality of water to the human body, as it not only critical for the body metabolism processes, but also vital in the functionality of the body processes. It takes a lot to maintain one’s health as it is integral to a person’s spirit, mind and body.

Thus, nutrition is crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

To avoid being dehydrated, I aspire to take enough water, to facilitate my mental and physical performance. I realize that I am at risk of dehydration since my water consumption rate is low as rarely drink water. I want to ensure that I drink at least 3 liters of water each day as opposed to previously when I used to take small amounts of water.  北美心理学论文代写

Since I’m 190% Pitta and 100% Kapha, I will always consume the food that keep me in balance and shape. (Attachment 1) I also plan to go and shop for fruits always and eat them while in classes and studying. Moreover, I will embark in eating more vegetables than I normally do in my meals because I usually ignore them when they are on the plate. I want to consume a salad and 6 oz of lean protein daily in my lunch. Furthermore, I intend to be taking all the three meals of the day more so breakfast which I usually used to skip. For the other meals, I want to take a lunch meal that is low in fat content and fresh dinner that id full of proteins all through this period.



在我的 21 天计划中,我希望减少能量饮料的摄入,并专注于多喝水。我的水消耗量一直很少,因为在给这门课分配任务之前,我不知道喝大量水的重要性和好处。上完这门课,我了解到水对人体的活力,因为它不仅对身体新陈代谢过程至关重要,而且对身体过程的功能也至关重要。保持一个人的健康需要很多,因为它是一个人的精神、思想和身体不可或缺的一部分。


为了避免脱水,我渴望摄入足够的水,以促进我的精神和身体表现。我意识到我有脱水的风险,因为我很少喝水,所以我的耗水率很低。我想确保我每天至少喝 3 升水,而不是以前我喝少量的水。

因为我是 190% 的 Pitta 和 100% 的 Kapha,所以我会一直吃那些让我保持平衡和身材的食物。 (附件 1)我还计划经常去买水果,然后在上课和学习的时候吃。此外,我会开始吃比平时更多的蔬菜,因为我通常会在盘子上忽略它们。我想在我的午餐中每天吃一份沙拉和 6 盎司的瘦肉蛋白。此外,我打算多吃一天中的所有三餐,所以我通常不吃早餐。对于其他餐点,我想在整个这段时间内吃一顿低脂肪的午餐和富含蛋白质的新鲜晚餐。


Since I relocated to the US, I have not been working out. However, I plan to change this within my 21-day plan. I plan to do work out four times a week within this period. I will perform exercises such as stretching, press-ups, jogging and long nasal breathing exercises among others, these will be integral in warming up my body, facilitate my heart rate, enhance circulation of oxygen and enhance my metabolism. I will also perform muscle-strengthening exercises.

I’m intending as well to participate in other recreational activities such as the several sports competitions that the university gym organizes. Furthermore, I will practice meditation, relaxation and visualization exercises, reflecting on my life. I intend to carry out these activities, within the planned period, ensuring that I have sufficiently rested my body and mind, and relieve me the tension and stress, resulting from my heavy college load and homesickness. Moreover, I will go to a SPA once monthly to have a massage and some relaxation time.


调理 北美心理学论文代写

自从我搬到美国后,我一直没有锻炼。但是,我计划在我的 21 天计划中改变这一点。我计划在此期间每周锻炼四次。我会做伸展运动、俯卧撑、慢跑和长鼻呼吸等运动,这些都可以让我的身体暖和起来,加快我的心率,促进氧气循环,提高我的新陈代谢。我还将进行肌肉强化练习。

我也打算参加其他娱乐活动,例如大学体育馆组织的几项体育比赛。此外,我将练习冥想、放松和可视化练习,反思我的生活。我打算在计划的时间内开展这些活动,确保我的身心得到充分的休息,缓解我沉重的大学负担和思乡之情所带来的紧张和压力。此外,我会每个月去一次 SPA 按摩和放松一下。


The most significant relationship a person will have is the relationship that they choose to have concerning their own self. These results to a person having unconditional love accept and trust their own self as whom they are as an individual. It is only after loving and accepting one’s own self can they then be capable of appreciating, accepting, trusting and unconditionally loving others. We learn from people that we have a close correlation that is highly influential our social life.  It is the people, who possess the capability to teach us something that is valuable that enable us to reflect on ourselves, concerning our capability to love others, who consciously or unconsciously, challenge our frightened positions. 北美心理学论文代写

When we are born, we arrive in this universe, with 100% capability of unconditional love, and being fearless. We are replication of God.  As toddlers, we are mentally, emotionally and physically imprinted by what we perceive, experience, sense or hear until we manage to interpret these experiences when we are older on our own.





However, chief beliefs and perceptions that we experience are projected by our parents, family who are the people we encounter in our first living environment.

These experiences immensely contribute in forming our first childhood experiences, and generate our personality. The personalities that we create ensure that we are gifted to address our personal needs in both our family and the world. I attribute most of the experiences of my life with the incredible relationship that exists between my parents and me. They have highly influenced and shaped the way I perceive and view the planet and how I cope with new groups. 北美心理学论文代写

Since I have not had a relationship for some time now, I plan to meet someone within the college that I will develop an intimate relationship. I plan to make at least two frinedships in each class I’m taking to help each other out and become friends, and I will be the one who go first and introduce. Furthermore, I plan to go out more, meet new people and share experiences and my culture with them.

I want to get rid of my loneliness, by visiting the university organized social gatherings frequently and associating with other students within the college. I expect to have more friends who are diverse and not from Saudi Arabia, but from other regions. And therefore, I will get into one of the university fraternities within the first quarter of next year. I will to visit my new friend and their rooms, exchange ideas, notes and even movies to help me avoid boredom of being alone and practice speaking in English more.


Talk about the

The Fifth Agreement Book (I will write this by myself)









Assessment Plan

I will start on my 21-day plan when I go back to USA once the university starts. I intend to assess the progress after the 21-day by reading the section of the frozen mode, and noticing how much I changed. I will redo the exercises we have done in the class to get to know how much I changed such as the score on wellness profile. I will concentrate highly in class work and reach my lectures in time than before. 北美心理学论文代写

Re-doing my personality profile to see how I changed and to check my balance. I will read my goals, my affirmations, commitments and check of any of them were met or not. This plan is a self-initiated course whereby I will stick on my personality profile in increasing my goal progression endlessly. I will deploy this scheme to grow fabulous customs, trying out fresh and innovative customs. Watching my personality profile to gauge my accomplishments as well as using unconstructive goals to handle unhelpful habits that require to be boosted, will be a valid plan of action.


评估计划  北美心理学论文代写

我将在大学开学后回到美国开始我的 21 天计划。我打算通过阅读冻结模式的部分来评估 21 天后的进度,并注意我的变化有多大。我将重做我们在课堂上做过的练习,以了解我改变了多少,例如健康档案的分数。我将高度专注于课堂工作,比以前更及时地完成我的讲座。


If I fall below my expectation,

I will reduce the toughness of my schedule and will work to know where I fell, and will try to improve it by setting an easier plan. Commitment to my goal is the overriding factor since nothing comes in an easy manner. Keeping an eye on the main goal is what will help me get to where I desire being. Redoing and continual reading of my goals and affirmations will make me attached to my aims and goals and elevate my desire to attain them. Understanding where I failed will help me to note my drawbacks. Therefore, this will help me to gain track and watch my steps again. If I expect nothing from my efforts will make me not to be saddened by any failures.

If I meet my expectation,

I will keep on! That is the goal of this plan, until I find it becoming easy and routinely. After that, I will set up a new plan and add more tasks. People are inclined to slow down after attaining their aims. Thereby, I am fully aware of this conviction and will endeavor to reach new goals and achievements to being a better person. If I meet my expectation I will know I have a successful strategy. Therefore, there will be no disappointments if I meet my expectations. Any accomplishments in the expectations I have meant would not only make me typical but ethical.

If I exceed my expectation,

Great! I will improve my plan and add more tasks to it instantly! Exceeding my expectations will denote that the sole most significant step on my effort to achievement was being focused and desire for excellence. Adding more tasks and effort to the plan will provide opportunity to achieve more goals. I will entirely be a much improved person if I achieve every goal I set. Improving my plan to meet majority of the tasks will help me to sustain my expectations and desires. Getting beyond my expectations is the start of new opportunities or chances in the days to come. 北美心理学论文代写

The meaning of this is to approach surpassing expectations as being a one-off unique happening as opposed to being a practice. This (exceeding expectations) is an introductory outlook and a thing that I will have to follow every day. Exceeding expectations is a practical endeavor that is constantly seeking for a method to convey itself. This is a totally voluntary action and when it turns into being a basis to the manner of thinking has the authority to raise value and turn into being the beginning for new chances.









Attachment 1: Personality Profile


According to my profile, I am 190% Pitta Dosha and 100% Kapha Dosha. This means that I have a controlled digestion, energy production and metabolism. The main function of Pitta Dosha lies in its transformative nature. I also have a light, hot, intense, sharp and penetrating characteristic. The Pitta Dosha principles manifest in a fiery nature in mind and body. Though I am predominantly Pitta Dosha, I also have some Kapha Dosha. The Kapha Dosha governs the body and its structure. This principle holds the cells and forms the fat, muscles, sinew and bone. It has a primary purpose of protecting the body. They have slow, heavy, solid, steady, oily and cold quality. This type has an intact or strong build and exceptional stamina. Their emotional characteristics have a calmness, loving and thoughtful nature.

When I Am In a Balanced Nature (Pitta)

When I am in balance, I have a strong digestion and total sense of exhilaration. I also have a lustrous complexion.



根据我的个人资料,我是 190% Pitta Dosha 和 100% Kapha Dosha。这意味着我可以控制消化、能量产生和新陈代谢。 Pitta Dosha 的主要功能在于其变革性。我也有轻、热、强烈、尖锐和穿透力的特点。 Pitta Dosha 原则体现在身心的炽热本性中。虽然我主要是 Pitta Dosha,但我也有一些 Kapha Dosha。 Kapha Dosha 掌管身体及其结构。这个原理保持细胞并形成脂肪、肌肉、肌腱和骨骼。它的主要目的是保护身体。它们具有缓慢、沉重、坚固、稳定、油腻和冷的品质。这种类型具有完整或强壮的体格和非凡的耐力。他们的情感特征具有冷静、爱心和体贴的天性。

当我处于平衡状态时 (PITTA)


Balancing a Pitta

To balance a Pitta, regular and routine exercise should be maintained. This allows free time during the day. However, caution is required to avoid pressuring the body. It is crucial for a Pitta not to skip a meal, and they should not wait, until famished, to eat. Pitta should also spend time in nature, by hiking, walking in the woods or park, and keep fresh flowers and plants in the office or at home. To maintain a balance, Pitta should also favor crisp colors in their environment and clothing. These colors could include green, blue or silver. They should also laugh frequently and favor aromas that are sweet and cooling. 北美心理学论文代写

When I’m In a Balanced Nature (Kapha)

In a balanced state, the Kapha Dosha has muscular strength, strong endurance, and affection and is dignified and generous. The Kapha Dosha allows for vitality and healthy joints and stamina. It also caters for strong immunity and stability of the mind.

Balancing the Kapha

Kapha Dosha need to follow a regular and daily routine, that involves waking at 6am each morning. They should also avoid sleeping during the day. They should stay warm and shun dampness because they have sensitivity to cold. Kapha needs to perform daily dry massage on the body to encourage circulation. They need to stay in clear space and exercise regularly. The Kapha should use warm and stimulating aromas, which include camphor, cloves, cinnamon, juniper, cinnamon and marjoram. They should also choose bright and warm colors, which include red, yellow and orange.



为了平衡 Pitta,应该保持定期和例行的锻炼。这允许白天有空闲时间。但是,需要小心避免对身体施加压力。 Pitta 不能不吃饭是至关重要的,他们不应该等到饿了才吃饭。 Pitta 还应该花时间在大自然中,远足、在树林或公园里散步,并在办公室或家中饲养鲜花和植物。为了保持平衡,Pitta 还应该在环境和服装中偏爱清爽的颜色。这些颜色可能包括绿色、蓝色或银色。他们还应该经常笑,喜欢甜而凉爽的香气。


在平衡状态下,卡法多沙肌肉发达,耐力强,感情丰富,端庄大方。 Kapha Dosha 可以带来活力、健康的关节和耐力。它还可以提供强大的免疫力和头脑的稳定性。


Kapha Dosha 需要遵循有规律的日常生活,包括每天早上 6 点起床。他们还应该避免白天睡觉。他们应该注意保暖,避免潮湿,因为他们对寒冷很敏感。 Kapha 需要每天对身体进行干式按摩以促进血液循环。他们需要呆在干净的空间并定期锻炼。 Kapha 应该使用温暖和刺激的香气,包括樟脑、丁香、肉桂、杜松、肉桂和马郁兰。他们还应该选择明亮和温暖的颜色,包括红色、黄色和橙色。

Food for Pitta

People with Pitta Dosha should eat food that enhances the balance of their state. These foods include sweet food such as milk, sugar, bread, rice, pasta and butter. They should also eat heavy food such as turmeric, green leafy vegetables and dry foods such as beans, legumes and lentils. Foods that have pungent smell and sour and salty tastes should be avoided. These foods include spicy food, yogurt, oily food and lemon. Pitta athletes can use sweet lemon, pasta primavera, bread and cherry pie to load their carbon. Dairy foods can help in balancing the heat of Pitta. Olive coconut and sunflower oil can be used to pacify a Pitta. Pitta should use less sesame, corn and almond oils because they lead to production of heat. If they must use seasoning, then Pitta Dosha should use cooling and soothing spices such as coriander, fennel and cardamom can be used.  北美心理学论文代写

Foods for Kapha

Foods that balance Kapha nature include light and pungent foods such as ginger, spicy foods, hot pepper and cumin. Bitter and dry foods such as green leafy vegetables and turmeric can also be used to balance the Kapha nature; astringent and hot foods such as lentils, soup and beans, could be used. Kapha should avoid foods such as sweet and heavy foods like milk, sugar, rice, bread and pasta because they aggravate the Kapha nature. Other foods that aggravate this nature include yogurt, salty foods, cheese and lemon.



患有 Pitta Dosha 的人应该吃能增强他们状态平衡的食物。这些食物包括甜食,如牛奶、糖、面包、米饭、意大利面和黄油。他们还应该吃姜黄、绿叶蔬菜等重食物和豆类、豆类和扁豆等干粮。应避免具有刺鼻气味和酸味和咸味的食物。这些食物包括辛辣食物、酸奶、油性食物和柠檬。 Pitta 运动员可以使用甜柠檬、意大利面、面包和樱桃派来装载碳。乳制品有助于平衡皮塔饼的热量。橄榄椰子油和葵花籽油可用于安抚 Pitta。 Pitta 应该少用芝麻油、玉米油和杏仁油,因为它们会产生热量。如果一定要用调味料,那么 Pitta Dosha 应该使用清凉和舒缓的香料,例如香菜、茴香和豆蔻都可以使用。


平衡 Kapha 性质的食物包括清淡辛辣的食物,如生姜、辛辣食物、辣椒和孜然。苦涩和干燥的食物,如绿叶蔬菜和姜黄也可以用来平衡 Kapha 性质;可以使用涩和热的食物,如扁豆、汤和豆类。 Kapha 应该避免诸如牛奶、糖、米饭、面包和面食等甜重食物,因为它们会加重 Kapha 的性质。其他加重这种性质的食物包括酸奶、咸味食物、奶酪和柠檬。

(Attachment 2) Whole Person Living


1. I will study for three hours every day after school

2. I will work on a part time job

3. I will  revise for exams early to avoid reading through the night during exam period  北美心理学论文代写


1. I will watch movie to entertain myself

2. I will go skiing during weekends with friends.

3. I will go hiking and biking

4. I will meet with friends.


1. I will do workout three days a week

2. I will drink at least 8 glasses of water daily

3. I will meditate every weekend



1. I will hang out with friend for an hour immediately after lectures

2. I will visit friends during weekends mostly in the afternoon

3. I will engage in intimate relationship






2. 我会做兼职




3. 我会去远足和骑自行车







1. 课后我会立即和朋友出去玩一个小时

2. 我会在周末去拜访朋友,主要是在下午

3. 我会搞亲密关系


 (Attachment 3) WELLNESS PROFILE

My Total Score: 35.

30-40 Points: Good. You need to pay attention to the missing factors in order to maximize life span as well as quality of life. Remember, quality of life translate into quantity of life.”

I will work on the part which I got few points on and will take the same exercise in 2 months to see how the score will change.

My 4 commitments:

1-Be optimistic and see the bright side.

2-Exercise and train to obtain a well health condition and body.

3-Manage your time better and set the priorities.

4-Don’t fear anything and always look forward to the best.


(附件 3)健康概况  北美心理学论文代写


“30-40 分:好。 您需要注意缺失的因素,以最大限度地延长寿命和生活质量。 请记住,生活质量转化为生活数量。”

我将在我得分很少的部分上进行练习,并在 2 个月内进行相同的练习,看看分数会如何变化。






(Attachment 4) SOUL PROFILE

  1. What are the characteristics you want in your friends?

The traits I look in my friends include; they should be entertaining, honest, responsible, intelligent, young and passionate.

  1. What are my characteristics?

My characteristics include quitting, hardworking and caring.

  1. Who is your inspirational person?

My mother is my inspirational person because she takes care of seven kids on her own since my father is working abroad. She inspires me for her motherly love and commitment to raise her children.  北美心理学论文代写

  1. What is your best mode/zone? And what you do on that zone and how you feel?

My best mode occurs once in two weeks, and when I am on that zone I feel; smiley, calm and flying.

  1. The one thing you want to be better at?

I want to be superior at time organization. I want to improve in managing my time.

  1. What are the things that take out stress from me?

These things include: beach travelling, food, sunshine, my hometown, music, family environment, friends and getting good grades.

  1. The statement I want people to call when I die?

Mohammed will never be forgotten.










(Attachment 4) Mind Body Emotions Spirit Profile


I want to change from being lazy and unhealthy by exercising regularly and eating organic and healthy foods.


I want my chaotic, unclear and desperate mind by continuously praying and meditating.


I want to change my broken emotions by developing relationships with friends and as well as form an intimate relationship.


I want to feel alive, in my current location. I want to change my spirits from back at home and enjoy my life here.










我想在我目前的位置感觉活着。 我想从家里改变我的精神,享受我在这里的生活。

(Attachment 5) Affirmations

1-I’m incredibly smart

2-My life is exciting, challenging, and fun.

3- I can relax and go with the flow and see the bright side.  北美心理学论文代写

4- I love my strong, sharp, healthy body.

5- I’m a handsome man!

I will stick this on my door so I can always remind myself of them.

Family of Origin

Do it please ( it is on the relationships chapter) I answered some of the questions, please complete the rest


(附件五)申明  北美心理学论文代写




4- 我爱我强壮、锐利、健康的身体。




Do it please(在关系章节)我回答了一些问题,请完成其余的


Seaward, B. L. (2006). Managing stress: Principles and strategies for health and well-being.

Boston, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

Optimal living book


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