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Rhetorical Analysis essay代写 心理学essay代写

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Rhetorical Analysis essay代写

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Rhetorical Analysis essay代写 Majority of children undergo harsh conditions in their family as they grow, Lynda Barry is not an exception.he harsh conditions

Rhetorical Analysis of “The Sanctuary of School” Rhetorical Analysis essay代写

Majority of children undergo harsh conditions in their family as they grow, Lynda Barry is not an exception. The harsh conditions that children like Barry grew in, as she puts it in her essay “The Sanctuary of School,” depicts school as her “safe haven” where she was free from home worries and fears. Her story is a heartfelt subject of vulnerabilities of children who merely have school as the only option away from the mental tortures of abusive homes.Rhetorical Analysis essay代写

She walks the readers into her shambles of psychological tortures using the chronological narrative of her life by use of rhetorical appeals of pathos to capture her audience attention emotionally. Her honesty forges a bond of trust with her life experiences and the ways she found peace in the school environment. To her, the school represents not just an institution of learning, but also a place she could be content and feel at “home”. A vivid description of how she runs away from home away from her parents’ fights and arguments just to be in school. She explains how she walks out “filled with a panic about needing to get to school.” Her purpose is to encourage support of public school by using her childhood personal experience.


《学校的圣殿》修辞分析 Rhetorical Analysis essay代写


Rhetorical Analysis essay代写
Rhetorical Analysis essay代写



Firstly, she uses ethos rhetorically to capture her readers by identifying the whole narrative as her personal experience when she was seven years old. Rhetorical Analysis essay代写

And secondly, her narrative uses pathos to appeal to the emotions of her readers. Barry explains how she snuck out early in the morning just to be away from her parents. She expresses her fear in the dark only to get hope after nearing school which was her only safe haven.


This touches the reader by creating imagery of the panic she was undergoing in the dark on her way to school, to just be safe from psychological stress and feeling of dissatisfaction. Ultimately, she has utilized logos to point out the logic behind the support of public schools. She justifies to her readers the importance of education and how little was done to support public schools. She was rational in terming how public school children were neglected and considered less important regardless of them needing public schools the most.


首先,她通过将整个叙述确定为她 7 岁时的个人经历,在修辞上使用精神来吸引读者。Rhetorical Analysis essay代写

其次,她的叙述使用悲情来吸引读者的情绪。 巴里解释了她是如何一大早就偷偷溜出去的,只是为了远离她的父母。 她在黑暗中表达她的恐惧,只是为了在接近她唯一的避风港学校后获得希望。

这通过创造她在去学校的路上在黑暗中经历的恐慌来打动读者,只是为了避免心理压力和不满情绪。 最终,她利用徽标指出了支持公立学校背后的逻辑。 她向她的读者证明了教育的重要性以及在支持公立学校方面所做的很少。 她合理地描述了公立学校的孩子是如何被忽视和被认为不太重要的,而不管他们最需要公立学校。

Barry also utilizes literary tools to connect her narrative message.

She uses similes to describe what it is like to watch television when the sound is off. Barry saw the world of early morning like a television with the sound off. The use of repetition as “We watched Steve Allen’s mouth moving. We watched Johnny Carson’s mouth moving.Rhetorical Analysis essay代写

We watched movies filled with…” the writer was trying to sound young and naïve in her childhood experiences. The repeated phrases sound naïve and fit the context of being young. Finally, the writer has used symbolism by seeing school as home, she writes, “We were children with the sound turned off……the only place where we could count on being noticed was at school.” Meaning that they felt happy and appreciated when in school than at home. Most preferred to be in school rather than being at home.Rhetorical Analysis essay代写

Today, there are children like Lynda Barry. Their presences in school with their teachers is the only chance to feel appreciated, get attention and learn family values. Public schools need to be supported with programs for empowering neglected children, better pay to the teachers and school funding. This is because they are the only place neglected children feel at home.






Rhetorical Analysis essay代写
Rhetorical Analysis essay代写

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