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Response to Accordion Crime

人文社科essay代写 The American minority groups have rarely been regarded with insight, intuition, and unsentimental condor as Proulx brought



Response to Accordion Crime 人文社科essay代写

Question One

The American minority groups have rarely been regarded with insight, intuition, and unsentimental condor as Proulx brought out in her book “Accordion Crime.” The narrative brought out the cultural baggage that is attitude, behaviors and social life that immigrants bring with them in a foreign nation. The series of events are not just by chance but an intended pattern by the writer to show the plight of the immigrants in a foreign nation which promised them gold but gave pain.人文社科essay代写

The novel is appealing to the reader as it tried to pain the image of immigrants’ experiences when entering a new life away from their home country. Using an accordion, the writer shows how the hope for a better life was shattered by the new dawn of poverty and persecution. In so doing, the writer uses accordion to show a series of events that follow a specific pattern of bad to worse scenarios in search of a better life.





While few become successful other found misery in the land,

they were promised honey and gold. Most of those experiencing hardships in the foreign nation have no option of turning back to where they came from.  To them, it was a wrong turn off even that they have to bear with. Instead of them making fortunes they made them for others as they continue to languish in dire poverty and persecution. One of the Italian immigrants noted that “I came to America because I heard the streets were paved with gold.  When I got here, found out three things: First, the streets weren’t paved with gold; second, they weren’t paved at all: and third, I was expected to pave them.” This is the surprising yet saddening turn of even to the immigrant.人文社科essay代写

Appropriately, the author begins her narrative with immigrants from Sicily. Sicily was the maker of the accordion and ventured with it to New Orleans. He was engraved in his high hopes of accomplishment in his musical career. Upon arrival, he faced by realities of bleakness and harshness of life in Louisiana and thus was forced to do menial works. The New Orleans shattered his dreams and life, but the accordion survived. The accordion traveled from Louisiana to Quebec, and in the transition, it passed through the hands of many immigrants. The accordion connected the immigrants. They were not related, but strings of bloody and grotesque and painful events connected them in the accordion. He was using these pattern of events that followed accordion, Proulx voice to the minorities who came to America with hopes of a better life away from home.



The novel is relentlessly brutal by accordion as the silent narrator,.人文社科essay代写

The presence of racism and prejudice in different ethnic groups warranted poverty and persecution. The author gives a catalog of bloody incidents in a series with some worse than the reader wishes for another actor to be dispatched and while wondering on the turn of events that to befall them. The author also has an annoying way of describing characters, and worse befalls them, thus creating images of them in reality. She paints the painful deaths of accordion bearers that are so disappointing to the reader. However, the cases used Proulx theme of “the land that promises you everything but eats you alive” is brought out.人文社科essay代写

The reason for this response is to give the reader a taste of events to expect while reading the novel. The analysis is important in offering the interpretation that some readers may miss while reading. The analysis gives the reader the meaning of the accordion which if taken it might not mean anything. However, in this response accordion is taken as the miseries and harsh realities the minority groups faced in the 20th century.

Moreover, the essay will incite the feeling of being mindful the others especially the minorities. In this case, being mindful is taken in the context of being caring to the homeless and stranded people in a foreign land. At some point, it is against their will to go away from their home country. So, get someplace in you to be mindful of others and feel joined by the green accordion.人文社科essay代写




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