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Professional Practice 1

专业反思essay代写 As a foreign student working my way through a Masters in Engineering, I have come to learn and appreciate the essence




Professional Practice Reflection 专业反思essay代写

As a foreign student working my way through a Masters in Engineering, I have come to learn and appreciate the essence of professional values such as integrity and ethics. These are some of the values that will help guide both my personal and professional development throughout my career trajectory.

To achieve this, I have resolved to make a set of milestone goals to shape my focus and discipline. First, I realize that as a foreigner the biggest challenge is communication; this implies that I need to work on overcoming the language and linguistic barriers that confront me. This is likely to be quite challenging but it is important to understand that the cardinal rule of success is having the willingness to learn since practice makes perfect. Ultimately, a good learner always looks to extend their skills by wanting to know more than they already do since they do not want to be taking any chances.


Engineering is a noble course yet it is one of the toughest disciplines in higher education.

By polishing my language, I will be able to communicate professionally with colleagues and instructors. Achievement is all about developing a growth mindset, which is manifested in an individual’s willingness to explore realms way outside of their comfort zones.专业反思essay代写

One of my role models who is also a prominent psychologist Benjamin Barber once said “I don’t divide the world into the weak and the strong, or the successes and the failures…I divide the world into the learners and the non-learners” (Fisher, 2012). I have my mind set on one thing now: I want to be a learner. Communication is crucial in virtually every aspect of life; people must convey messages and decipher meaning, which is only possible if they understand each other well. In the absence of a common language, messages are often lost in translation and the meaning ultimately lost (D’Cruz, 2015). Likewise, I must ensure that I polish my encoding skills to decipher meaning from symbols, which is a requirement in the engineering profession.专业反思essay代写

As my instructor Dr Lear is fond of saying, 专业反思essay代写

integrity is a priceless value in virtually all professions. The next highlight of my professional practice is the essence of ethics and integrity it is to be understood that there is no clear-cut path to ethical decision making. From what I gather, ethics is not merely a question of right or wrong; it is a question of choice and reasonable judgment. The challenge here is to choose diligently. Again, it all comes down to willingness to learn before making decisions. Ethics is all about human conduct and it is largely influenced by theoretical frameworks such as Immanuel Kant’s deontology and Jeremy Bentham’s utilitarianism (D’Cruz, 2015).专业反思essay代写

In professional practice, one must learn to be practical in terms of their expectations as well as aspirations. Most of the times, there is a tendency to view life as though it were a fairy tale where you work hard to get what you deserve. The problem with that line of reasoning is that it makes you idealistic to a fault; it is always important to be prepared for the unexpected, which is what defines character.

There is a saying in West Africa that goes ‘life does not yield what you deserve;

you get what you demand’ (Curzer, 2014). Besides, success is not defined merely by accomplishments rather by the challenges one has had to overcome to be where they are or who they are. These are some of the valuable lessons I have come to learn in the course of my studies here. My ultimate goal in life is to incorporate these lessons and put together a distinctive personal brand.专业反思essay代写

Professional practice also demands that an individual recognizes the power of synergy in teamwork. It is proven that people in teams perform better than when they work separately; this is called synergy. When you bring together people with complementary skills and a wide range of expertise, their efforts and contribution will reinforce the overall productivity of the team. I have therefore decided that being part of a larger community of likeminded colleagues would be good for both my professional and personal development. In view of it all, I have come up with an idea of forming a synergy platform dubbed Yes Youth Can. 专业反思essay代写

This idea was a brainchild of a couple of likeminded colleagues and together we empower fellow youths to ‘dare to dream.’

There are moments when people feel adrift in this life, especially when their efforts do not seem to pay off. This way, people often tend to become frustrated now that they do not see an aspiring future. It is also a story of personal experience but I realized that instead of spending too much time thinking about what I expect from life I could develop formal goals to help in achieving what I desire. Think about it;

would you get up one morning and embark on a major journey without any clear destination? That is how life is like when you lack smart goals not only about career or education but also about your life in general. Yes Youth Can is slated to be launched as part of our career trajectories to help make a difference and give back to the society. I desire to bring meaningful positive change and empower others like me to achieve as much.专业反思essay代写

As I have learnt over the course of my career, leadership is a noble task, which requires commitment and focus. By leading, you inspire others, which is why my leadership platform for Yes Youth Can is ‘leading out loud.’ This form of leadership simply means leadership by example. Fischer (2012) explains that people respond to role models. Therefore, to achieve the desired outcome, I have to be a symbol of what our initiative stands for. For my team to believe that they can break barriers and accomplish their dreams they need to see that I believe it as well. Ultimately, I will help make Yes Youth Can their vision as well, which will inspire true commitment.专业反思essay代写

References 专业反思essay代写

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工程学是一门高尚的课程,但却是高等教育中最难的学科之一。通过完善我的语言,我将能够与同事和讲师进行专业交流。成就全在于培养成长心态,这体现在一个人愿意探索其舒适区域之外的领域的意愿。我的榜样之一,也是著名的心理学家本杰明·巴伯(Benjamin Barber)曾经说过:“我不会将世界分为弱者和强者,也不会将成功与失败分开……我将世界分为学习者和非学习者” (Fisher,2012年)。我现在对一件事立志:我想成为一个学习者。沟通实际上对生活的每个方面都至关重要。人们必须传达信息并解读含义,只有彼此了解得好,才有可能。在没有通用语言的情况下,消息通常会在翻译中丢失,最终失去意义(D’Cruz,2015年)。同样,我必须确保提高自己的编码技能,以从符号中解译含义,这是工程专业的要求。专业反思essay代写
正如我的教练里尔博士喜欢说的那样,在几乎所有行业中,诚信都是无价的价值。我的专业实践的下一个亮点是道德和正直的本质,应该理解,没有明确的道德决策途径。从我的角度来看,道德不仅仅是对与错的问题;这是一个选择问题和合理判断的问题。这里的挑战是勤奋选择。同样,这都归结为在做出决定之前学习的意愿。道德关乎人类的行为,并且很大程度上受诸如伊曼纽尔·康德(Immanuel Kant)的道义论和杰里米·边沁(Jeremy Bentham)的功利主义等理论框架影响(D’Cruz,2015年)。
专业实践还要求个人认识到团队协作中的协同作用。事实证明,团队中的人比单独工作时的表现更好。这就是所谓的协同作用。当您将具有互补技能和广泛专业知识的人员召集在一起时,他们的努力和贡献将增强团队的整体生产力。因此,我认为,成为一个由志同道合的同事组成的更大社区的一员,对我的职业发展和个人发展都是有益的。有鉴于此,我想到了一个形成名为“ Yes Youth Can”的协同平台的想法。这个想法是几个志同道合的同事的心血结晶,我们一起使青年人“敢于梦想”。有时候,人们在此生活中会浮出水面,尤其是当他们的努力似乎没有回报时。这样,由于人们看不到有抱负的未来,人们往往会感到沮丧。这也是个人经历的故事,但我意识到,与其花太多时间思考自己对生活的期望,我可以制定正式的目标来帮助实现自己的期望。考虑一下;您会在一个早晨起床并在没有明确目的地的情况下踏上重要旅程吗?当你缺乏明智的目标时,生活就是这样既可以从事职业或教育,也可以大致了解您的生活。是的,“青年罐”计划作为我们职业生涯的一部分推出,以帮助改变并回馈社会。我希望带来有意义的积极变化,并赋予其他像我这样的人以成就的能力。专业反思essay代写
正如我在职业生涯中所学到的那样,领导力是一项崇高的任务,需要奉献和专注。通过领导,您会激励他人,这就是为什么我的Yes Yes Can Can领导平台“大声领导”的原因。这种领导方式仅表示通过榜样进行领导。 Fischer(2012)解释了人们对榜样的反应。因此,为了取得理想的结果,我必须成为我们倡议所代表的象征。为了让我的团队相信他们可以突破障碍并实现自己的梦想,他们需要看到我也相信这一点。最终,我将帮助使Yes Yes Can Can成为他们的理想,这将激发真正的承诺。


Curzer, H.J. (2014). “Virtues and their Vices.” Philosophical Quarterly 65 (258):108-113.专业反思essay代写

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